50 Friendship Tattoos For You And Your Bestie

Having a hard time finding a tattoo that’s as perfect as your friendship? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. If you’re lucky enough to have one of those special friendships that transcend time and distance, then the least you can do is get a little ink to celebrate, am I right? Friendship tattoos have always been a fun and popular way to go when considering getting a tattoo. And besides instantly bringing you and your best friend closer together, a little ink between two friends can go a long way in regards to maintaining that friendship throughout the years. We’ve tapped our favorite Instagram artists to bring you 50 of the latest and greatest friendship tattoos. Save your favorites, get inspired, hit up your local tattooist and thank us later.

Nautical themed best friend tattoos

Whether you and your bestie share a deep love for the ocean, or you just appreciate beautiful things, Cara’s matching nautical designs should be all the inspiration you need to dial a few adorable designs of your own. Heaven-sent would be the only way to describe these designs.

No matter what no matter where

Part of being friends is that you always have each other’s backs no matter what. These tattoos literally spell that out and serve as a bold reminder of what true friendship means. Small illustrations under each section of lettering add a little character.

Friends tattoos

While cast members of the hit sitcom Friends were usually much more than simply “friends,” this is still an awesome design concept for any group of friends looking for an everlasting connection. I’ve done several pieces on friendship tattoos, and despite the thousands of designs I’ve gone through, this is the first time I’ve come across this concept.

Heart-shaped contrails

Heart-shaped plane contrails are super popular right now. So it really doesn’t come as much of a surprise that people are using the concept for best friend tattoos as well. Whether you and your bestie share a passion for travel, or just like the way these playful hearts look, this concept is a cute one that definitely works well for friendship tattoos.

Best friend finger tattoos

My sister, the ultimate trendsetter, has predicted that these little designs will become the most commonly imitated friendships tattoos of 2019. And while I usually tend to agree with her, I’m thinking that this adorable design would be better suited for couple tattoos as opposed to friendship designs.

Love always

In the spirit of transparency, I would like to point out right now that many of the designs on the list are actually sister tattoos and in a few cases couple tattoos. It’s not really a big deal, as the whole point of this list is to expose you to as many design concepts as possible that would be well-suited for best friend tattoos. This is one of those designs that works well across of number of different subject matters.

Our stories will never end

People are getting really good at coming up with best friend tattoos. What used to be a heart split into two halves, has now become poetic corresponding phrases like the ones above. I mean, this design is so inspiring that I feel like writing a screen play or opera (if they still do those). I guess I’ll just settle for calling my bestie.

Matching compasses

Sure, compass tattoos are a dime a dozen, but it’s the way the artist designed these compasses that make them truly unique. And far as concepts go, the compass does a wonderful job of representing a friendship by working the adventure angle as well as the whole “If you’re lost, I’ll help you find your way” motto.

Floral friendship tattoos

Matching tattoos don’t have to be witty, profound, or call upon some shared experience or memory. The fact that they match or even that they were inked together to create a lasting memory themselves is all that it takes. And a couple of matching floral designs are always a safe bet when it comes to best friend tattoos between girls.

Gradient triangles

If staring at both of these designs at the same time make you dizzy, don’t worry, you’re not alone. Abstract creations like the ones above are everything hip and trendy in the world right now. Cute is cute, but cool is cool. Thinking outside the box during the design process usually pays off.


X marks the spot, but it’s also the universal symbol for a kiss. While these designs are probably just designs, or perhaps representative of two friends, I always like to think each design can have multiple ulterior meanings. Isn’t it beautiful how simple two friendship tattoos can be?

Colorful dots

I’ve come across this design a few different times and I have to say, I love it more each time I see it. I’m a minimalist at heart, so dots like these—even without the color—are music for my eyes. So when you add a perfectly selected rainbow of color into the mix, well, let’s just say things get very interesting.

A rabbit and carrot

When it comes to cute, this red-cheeked rabbit and little orange carrot are the very definition. Tiny designs are a popular choice when it comes to best friend designs. They’re concealable, inexpensive, quick, and a lot less of a commitment than a larger design, which is perfect for most, as people who tend to get these types of tattoos are often going under the needle for the very first time.

Tiny red hearts

Speaking of popularity, a matching set of hearts—like the one above—are far and away the most popular theme for friendship tattoos as well as couple tattoos. They’re so popular in fact, that I’d say that one set out of every 10 sets of best friend tattoos are hearts of one design or another.


“Even though all people belong to earth, each of us has very personal feeling about it.” Is what the artist had to say about these designs and I couldn’t have put it any better myself so I’m not going to even try.


Okay, this is a set of couple tattoos, but the concept was so interesting that I wanted you to see it. In addition to being perfect best friend tattoos, matching red and white ink fingerprints are a relatively new trend that always fascinates first time viewers.

A lovely pair of finger tats

Everyone loves a trendy pair of finger tattoos. So if you’re looking for something cute and to the point, a pair of matching “love” tattoos in the right font will instantly make you an Instagram celebrity—or at least get you started on the right path.

Wild and safe

There are times that you can’t help but think to yourself “Why didn’t I think of that first?” This is one of those designs that you’ve seen before if you have any sort of internet presence in your life. I’ll keep you wild. I’ll keep you safe.

Matching friendship flowers

I’m not sure which type of flowers these are, but one thing’s for sure, they do make for good photography. Florals are every girl’s fantasy tattoo, and no one does them better than Nando. In other words, if you can’t decide on what design to get, anything floral will do—especially if it happens to be by Korean tattooist Nando.


Simple, yet elegant and beautiful in a way that makes you want to spend your entire life in a bikini. Matching initials work on so many different levels, which is why we commonly see them in a lot of different contexts. And as is true with any script type design, font is everything.

Matching Calcifer designs

Even though I had no idea what a “Calcifier” was, which means many of you probably don’t as well, this design was just too cute and well executed to let slip through the cracks. Calcifier is a fictional character from Howl’s Moving Castle. And if you don’t what Howl’s Moving Castle is, well, you’re already on the internet.

Minnie and Mickey

If you’re like 70 percent of the people in this world and have an insatiable thirst for all things Disney, matching Micky and Minnie tattoos have probably already entered your mind as possible design candidates. And while you may be tempted to go all big, bold, and beautiful, these crisp minimalistic designs are really where it’s at.

Trees of life

The tree of life has always been a design favorite of mine. Its playfully illustrated leaves and branches have made it somewhat of a symbol to me, and not necessarily one that represents the sacred aspects it was originally intended to but one that represents all that is good in life.


When you have an uber-talented artist at your disposal, the design pool that you can draw from becomes infinitely deeper. Suddenly everyday items like spoons become fair game. And it’s these everyday items that make for quirky and cool tattoo designs—which tend to appeal to best friends looking for a design that’s both fun and unique.

A cat and a fox

The more random, the better. Which is something that tends to be true more often than not in regards to matching tattoo designs. Yes, those cliche designs are cute and some are incredibly meaningful, but new and unique designs are so much more special. Take this cat and fox for example. My guess would be that these animals represent each individual’s personality in one way or another.


The first ever set of friendship tattoos I saw were a pair of diamonds. Now this was decades ago, but I still remember my aunt’s diamond tattoo on her wrist with complete clarity. Well, I never did actually see the corresponding design but I was assured that it did exist. Needless to say, but my aunt’s diamond design, which consisted of no less than 7 small lines, was rudimentary best, and even that’s being kind. My point being, is that tattoos sure have come along ways since the days of mom hearts and ship anchors.


These designs are so adorable that you may be tempted to close your browser and proceed immediately to your nearest tattooist. While these small florals make me feel equally tingly inside, I would urge you to scroll this list to completion as it’s packed full of amazing designs that I guarantee you won’t want to miss.

Gradient crescent moons

No list would be complete without at least a couple of gradient crescent moon designs. If there was a trendy tattoo award given out for the most hip and popular tattoo design of 2018, it would without a doubt be the gradient crescent moon.

Cute hearts

Without my 20/10 vision (which I’ve never had), it’s all but impossible to distinguish what creative wizardry Zihee has encapsulated inside these planetary hearts. But one thing is certain, the amount of potential a design like this has is endless.

I love you

Sometimes it’s best to simply tell it like it is. You love me and I love you and we’re the two best friends that anybody ever had. Notice the font of each girl’s design is slightly different.

Tiny animals

Playground is known for his tiny and playful designs. If your idea of best friend tattoos are small designs similar to ones above, I highly recommend heading over to Playground’s Instagram page for a look see.

Minimalist calla flowers

The calla flower is something I’ve been seeing a lot more frequently as of late. These flowers, which were once practically non existent in the industry, are now popping up in many artist’s portfolios at a rate I can only attribute to trend. Tiny matching calla flowers = yes please!


Here we have another lovely design from Playground Studio in Seoul. These clouds are full of indiscriminate symbols, but again, there’s a lot of potential here as you could replace those random squiggles with just about anything you want.

Cosmic whale

Ever since the first tattooist decided to fill an animal with cosmic goodness, a new trend was born. It’s one of those trends that’s so popular and intriguing that just about every tattooist has sampled it at one point in time or another. When it comes to friendship tattoos, why not get the most beautiful designs you can imagine?

Finger hearts

Tiny finger hearts are the latest and greatest trend when it comes to Instagram friendly finger poses. Seriously, if you’re a girl and can’t figure out what to do with your fingers during your next snap, this will do just fine. It also makes for a really cute couple of friendship tattoos.


Vivo is another one of my favorite tiny tattooists. Her work will do more than just inspire your next tattoo design. It will open you up to a world of ink that you never knew existed. These roses were illustrated in a wonderfully unique way that emphasizes their many layers with a top down view that’s rarely seen. These designs are a great example that even simple doesn’t have to be simple. There is always a creative way to add a little originality to an otherwise unoriginal design.

A sun and moon

They say that opposites attract. And while this phrase is usually uttered with romantic relationships in mind, I find it to be just as true in regards to platonic relationships as well. These sun and moon designs do a nice job of illustrating that “night and day” dynamic that likely defines many friendships.


Because why not? Birds are beautiful creatures and have been popular tattoo designs for as long as tattoos have been around. Birds are also a good way to symbolize two free spirits.

Watercolor sunsets

I can definitely see my best friend and I getting these exact same designs after one too many margaritas during spring break 2000something. I’m not saying that I’d regret these designs with a clear mind, only that tattoos always seem like a good idea after a few drinks.

Geometric hearts

Matching heart tattoos—which I do love so very much—are so cliche that they’re not even really cliche anymore—just expected. Which is why I’m always for a little tweak here and there which can turn an otherwise common design into something far more interesting. Takes these two geometric hearts for example.

Matching Moomin tattoos

I’m not the biggest Moomin fan but I gotta give cute where cute is due. The Moomins are characters is series of books and comic strips created by Finnish illustrator Tove Jansson. And the amount of Moomin merchandise floating around out there could probably outfit a small country indefinitely.

Micro black hearts

Speaking of cliche best friend tattoo designs, here’s another set of hearts that doesn’t try to be original or fancy yet still makes for an adorable design. But we all know that common tattoos are so common just because they are so beautiful.


If you can’t possibly bear the fact that people may not know exactly what your tattoo stands for, then a couple of designs like these will more than do the trick. Best friends forever is exactly what these designs display, and, well, isn’t that the whole point?

Matching Peter Pan tattoos

If you didn’t get a strong dose of Peter Pan growing up, then I truly feel sorry for you. I also feel sorry for the kids these days growing up with so many different animated characters and films that they don’t really get the chance to bond with a character the way they would have if they only had three Disney films to choose from. Nostalgia can be a strong influencing factor when choosing a tattoo design.


Palm trees are fun. And tattoos are supposed to be all about fun so what friendship could say no to a wonderful pair of matching palm tree designs?

Creative leaves

I have to be honest. I’m not really a big fan of the whole half realism half geometric concept. But the way this particular design was executed has me impressed. I’ve been following Fatih Odabas for quite some time now, and each of his designs are always done with class.

Matching unalome designs

Unalome designs aren’t as popular as they used to be but I still seen them from time to time. These decorative designs have a lot going on and the unalome accent really brings everything together.

Playful kitties

Some people are dog people and some people are cat people. These two friends are quite obviously cat people who decided to incorporate their passion into their design. Or not. Either way, these designs just work in a unique and creative way.

Paper airplanes

These are designs that I featured in the sister tattoo article I published last month. However, I couldn’t help but include them on this list as well due to the fact that they’re slowly becoming my favorite duo. Paper airplanes and heart-shaped contrails go together like peanut butter and jelly.

A trio of triangles

Most artists in most countries will not tattoo you if you appear to be intoxicated. So if you and your friends are thinking tattoos, but still want to have a girls night, you may want to get tattooed before you go out, which is entirely possible if you get something simple like the little triangles above.