50 Friendship Tattoos For You And Your Bestie

Having a hard time finding a tattoo that’s as perfect as your friendship? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. If you’re lucky enough to have one of those special friendships that transcend time and distance, then the least you can do is get a little ink to celebrate, am I right? Friendship tattoos have always been a fun and popular way to go when considering getting a tattoo. And besides instantly bringing you and your best friend closer together, a little ink between two friends can go a long way in regards to maintaining that friendship throughout the years. We’ve tapped our favorite Instagram artists to bring you 50 of the latest and greatest friendship tattoos. Save your favorites, get inspired, hit up your local tattooist and thank us later.

Matching Calcifer designs

Even though I had no idea what a “Calcifier” was, which means many of you probably don’t as well, this design was just too cute and well executed to let slip through the cracks. Calcifier is a fictional character from Howl’s Moving Castle. And if you don’t what Howl’s Moving Castle is, well, you’re already on the internet.

Minnie and Mickey

If you’re like 70 percent of the people in this world and have an insatiable thirst for all things Disney, matching Micky and Minnie tattoos have probably already entered your mind as possible design candidates. And while you may be tempted to go all big, bold, and beautiful, these crisp minimalistic designs are really where it’s at.

Trees of life

The tree of life has always been a design favorite of mine. Its playfully illustrated leaves and branches have made it somewhat of a symbol to me, and not necessarily one that represents the sacred aspects it was originally intended to but one that represents all that is good in life.


When you have an uber-talented artist at your disposal, the design pool that you can draw from becomes infinitely deeper. Suddenly everyday items like spoons become fair game. And it’s these everyday items that make for quirky and cool tattoo designs—which tend to appeal to best friends looking for a design that’s both fun and unique.

A cat and a fox

The more random, the better. Which is something that tends to be true more often than not in regards to matching tattoo designs. Yes, those cliche designs are cute and some are incredibly meaningful, but new and unique designs are so much more special. Take this cat and fox for example. My guess would be that these animals represent each individual’s personality in one way or another.


The first ever set of friendship tattoos I saw were a pair of diamonds. Now this was decades ago, but I still remember my aunt’s diamond tattoo on her wrist with complete clarity. Well, I never did actually see the corresponding design but I was assured that it did exist. Needless to say, but my aunt’s diamond design, which consisted of no less than 7 small lines, was rudimentary best, and even that’s being kind. My point being, is that tattoos sure have come along ways since the days of mom hearts and ship anchors.


These designs are so adorable that you may be tempted to close your browser and proceed immediately to your nearest tattooist. While these small florals make me feel equally tingly inside, I would urge you to scroll this list to completion as it’s packed full of amazing designs that I guarantee you won’t want to miss.

Gradient crescent moons

No list would be complete without at least a couple of gradient crescent moon designs. If there was a trendy tattoo award given out for the most hip and popular tattoo design of 2018, it would without a doubt be the gradient crescent moon.

Cute hearts

Without my 20/10 vision (which I’ve never had), it’s all but impossible to distinguish what creative wizardry Zihee has encapsulated inside these planetary hearts. But one thing is certain, the amount of potential a design like this has is endless.

I love you

Sometimes it’s best to simply tell it like it is. You love me and I love you and we’re the two best friends that anybody ever had. Notice the font of each girl’s design is slightly different.