50 Incredibly Cool Neck Tattoos for Men and Women

There’s no denying that neck tattoos are the coolest. I mean, when was the last time you saw one done in taste that didn’t make you want to rush out to your local shop and beg them to fit you in that day? Okay, maybe we don’t all have the same obsession with risky tattoo locales, but it is infectious. So infectious in fact that by the time you’re done scrolling this list we’ll be two peas in one very small pod. Enjoy, and as usual, don’t forget to save and share your favorites!

A grayscale rose

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, black and grey ink florals look awesome on men—no feminine vibes here. But I do have to admit, it’s not too often that you see any other flower besides roses on men.

An ornamental cuff

To decorate your back (and neck) in an extraordinary way, go big and bold with something so original that people will have to strongly resist the urge to copy it. You really can’t go wrong with layers upon layers of tasteful patterns.

A geometric flower

Tattoos that play off of the shape and location of the ear are popular these days. What once was relatively unheard of, has now become almost daily viewing on Instagram. If you’re unfamiliar with the work of Balazs Bercsenyi, let me just say that amazing designs like the one above are all but expected of him.

A space skull

An alien skull to be more precise. This design is cool in the way that all skulls are cool, but then when you take into account the whole extraterrestrial thing a whole new level of awesomeness gets introduced. The three-dimensional nature of the hands is really neat.

A sculpture

Classical art has influenced almost every artist on the planet no matter what medium they work in. Greek sculpture is instantly recognizable—and that’s pretty impressive considering that it’s been almost 3000 years since that particular period of art ended.

A bird

Little birdies are clearly having a moment right now. Whether they’re complex creations of realism or simpler designs like the one above, birds have and will always be a popular design choice among women.

A floral design

If you’ve got your mind set on a neck tattoo but not quite sure what to get, you really can’t go wrong with a beautiful bouquet of flowers—especially if you’re looking for something more feminine in nature.

A mesmerizing neck wrap

The man behind Lewis Ink is somewhat of a genius. He creates these mesmerizing works of magic that are anything but subtle and commonly occupy vast swatches of dermal real estate. His designs are almost always symmetrical and double as mazes for kids with Magic Markers.

An eye

Inal Bersekov is surprisingly good. And by surprisingly good, I mean that when you open his Instagram page, you’re instantly taken aback by how good his work is. If you’re not ready, it can be a little startling. Tattoos of eyes are always impressive when done well—if a little creepy.

A cherry blossom

Adding a little cherry blossom to your neck will instantly make you a more interesting person, and that’s a fact. This particular design inked by the much celebrated Mini Lau has been making the rounds for quite some time now so if you’ve seen it before I apologize.