50 Mini Lau Tattoos Every Girl Should See

For the sake of your social media accounts, you almost owe it to yourself to save and share each and every one of these gorgeous designs. For most women, ultra feminine tattoo designs are a dream. And when it comes to those particular types of tattoo designs, it doesn’t get any better than what Mini Lau is producing. In fact, when you’re done with this list, I’m fairly confident you’ll have a new appreciation for tattoos altogether. Mini’s soft coloring effects give each and every one of her pieces an elegant and sophisticated feel while still being fun at the same time. Mini is one of my favorite artists, and here’s a few examples why.

A fox

If you’re looking for that statement piece that everyone will be jealous of, then this is it. This adorable fox surrounded by flowers has a lovely almost pastel color scheme to it which just oozes elegance and beauty. Having a tattoo like this will have you seriously questioning your decision to live in a cold climate.

A mermaid

Here we have another over-the-top gorgeous design that you can’t help but stare at in appreciation and amazement. Designs like these are what Mini specializes in, and I can’t overstate how much I look forward to each and every one of her designs.

A colorful dandelion

This concept is a relatively common one, but I’ve never seen anything quite on this level in terms of both scale and sheer beauty. This is one of those designs that just begs to be photographed, as I’m sure it is on a fairly regular basis.

A unicorn

Well, more of a pegasus/unicorn hybrid if you want to get technical. It’s a little pointless trying to come up with words to explain how amazing Mini’s work is since it really does speak for itself. If this tattoo was something I could get tomorrow, I definitely would.

A floral sea turtle

The last time I saw something this beautiful was in a dream. This design will no doubt go down as the most beautiful sea turtle tattoo ever inked. And if Ron Burgundy were to give it an award, it would be for the “Best sea turtle tattoo ever.” Both the cherry blossom and sea turtle are equally stunning by themselves, and when combined, well, you have eyes.

A constellation

I’m not sure what exact constellation this is—if any—but it looks to me like two kids having way too much fun. Constellation tattoos are a dime a dozen, but as usual, Mini just spins them out of the park with her unparalleled style and vision.


Looking for something tiny and beautiful? As you can see, Mini works tiny tattoos with the same skill and attention to detail as her larger works. And no, that’s not an ink stain on that strap—it’s a rain cloud of course.

A dancer

Everything about this design is obviously amazing, but I always find my eyes making their way back to the texture and color of the dress. It’s really quite magical. For girls looking for a dancer tattoo, Mini Lau can hook you up on a level that will have you flush with satisfaction and pride.

A dreamcatcher

Dreamcatcher tattoos are usually pretty complex. But what you’re seeing here is something extra ordinary. Full of color and detail, this design is the epitome of elegant, and more feminine than any other dreamcatcher tattoo you’re likely to come across in your lifetime.

A floral flamingo thigh piece

Don’t let me confuse you, the focal point of this design is without question the beautiful floral bouquet of roses and cherry blossoms. The amount of time I have spent gazing upon this masterpiece of modern ink could have been put to better use, but I’ve always been a sucker for beauty.


If you haven’t noticed, Mini loves doing floral pieces and once you see one you instantly understand why. It’s as if she was chosen by some divine power to create these works of art for the rest of the world to enjoy. These two roses are anyone’s favorite and along with this top, well, you can see why this photo just works so well.

A famous work of art

Klimt’s famous gold-infused paintings are world-renowned. And surprisingly enough, tattoos depicting his famous paintings are more common than you would think. But it’s not too often that we get a watercolor example that makes you question Klimt’s original color scheme. Bravo Mini Lau. Bravo.

A world map

There’s no question that Mini Lau is an amazing tattooist. But I can’t help but notice that she’s quite good at staging photos as well. The composition of a photo greatly enhances a design, no matter what the quality. She’s an artist plain and simple.

A floral thigh piece

Instead of getting a conventional tattoo in a conventional location, why not get a band of delicate flowers across the top of your thigh? I know what you’re thinking, “What’s not conventional about this design?” Well, how many times do you really see women getting tattoos on the top of their thighs?

A blue moon

A faceted crescent moon is a wonderful concept. There are only a few designs these days that I save to my personal folders, but you can bet that this beautiful example is one of them. Mini wasn’t the first to come up with this particular style but she executes it with the best of them.

A tree swing

Despite the fact that it’s currently fall, this tattoo is a depiction of fall, and fall is my absolute favorite season of all. This tattoo really stands out to me for its beautiful combination of color.


This is one of the most beautiful and artistic Alice in Wonderland tattoos that I have ever seen. The faceless aspect makes this design more about the beauty of the design as a whole than Alice herself.


The fact that Mini is able to execute floral works with such variety is something of note. You can tell these lightly-drawn flowers were done by Mini, yet they look so different from many of her other floral designs. It’s always fun to see what she cooks up next—her designs are never boring.

Roses decorating a forearm

One could argue that all of Mini’s work has a watercolor style to it. However, when I see these roses, I can’t help but notice that at times her shading has a very “colored pencil” look to it. She definitely has her own unique sense of style.

A decorative ankle piece

Ankle tattoos have never looked so good. This vertical cosmic alignment provides you with everything you could possibly desire in an ankle piece. Design, detail, color, and lots and lots of style. You can go your whole life and never see another ankle tattoo this beautiful.

Blue birds

Okay, if there is a more feminine, a more beautiful, a more I-absolutely-need-this-now tattoo design that all women will instantly approve of, please let me know. Because as of right now, I don’t think I’ve seen a design with more mass appeal than these three little birds.

Orange to red

Here we have another design similar to the previous one but with a different color scheme and in a different location. This is a great concept that would be well suited as sibling tattoos or to represent children or pets. You can always add another bird to the series.

A rabbit with flowers

Some how Mini managed to make the cutest furry creature in the forest even cuter. This little bunny rabbit has a lovely floral crown and a light grey shade of fur that keeps the focus on the colorful floral crown.

A unicorn

I don’t remember which unicorn design came first, but just one glance at any of her unicorn designs and you can tell that a lot of people are going to be requesting one of their own. In fact, if I had to choose any of her designs for myself, it would be hard to pass up one of these.

A bunny in a floral heart

Mini is the queen of cute. And this bunny is just another number in a long list of designs that prove why she’s earned that title. A gorgeous design in a location that you rarely see used. Small of the back = yes please.


If you haven’t noticed already, Mini has a fascination with balloons. It’s either that, or she’s just so talented at inking them that everyone keeps requesting them—which could very well be the case. This is a bunny in case you were wondering.

A back shoulder dreamcatcher

Here we have another example of what a dreamcatcher can look like when everything comes together. If you know someone who likes dreamcatchers, then you owe it to them to introduce them to Mini Lau’s Instagram page. Much appreciation will definitely follow.

A floral ankle piece

There are rose tattoos and then there are rose tattoos. I don’t have to tell you which one this is. The only thing I’m not certain of here is which part of the design is more beautiful; the blossom or that intricate stem? It’s details like these that make Mini’s work so special.


This isn’t a progression tattoo—it’s simply three stand alone sunflower blossoms, which are all equally adorable. It also demonstrates just how perfect of a location the bicep area is for all your tiny tattoo desires.

A creative crescent moon

I bet you’ve never seen a crescent moon like this before? Neither have I, and I look at tattoos all day so I know you haven’t. It’s totally unique, with falling flower petals and some type of mysterious blue pattern that looks like the stripes on the back of a fish. 

The Little Prince

Based on the 1943 book and its countless adaptations, this The Little Prince tattoo design showcases Mini’s wonderful ability to blend color. Most of Mini’s designs stand out for their color selection, and even though they are almost always subdued, are what make her designs so beautiful and unique.

A cat

I just finished a long list of cat tattoos and I wish I had this one when I started it. Cute, realistic, yet with that aura of Mini Lau fantasy to make it a little more magical.

A floral charm bracelet

Again, it’s incredibly difficult to find the words to describe some of Mini’s designs—they’re just that good. This floral bracelet is a gem of a design, and any girl who isn’t head over heels in love with it may want to pay their optometrist a visit.

A floral compass

Compass tattoos have always been a favorite of mine. In fact, I’m putting together an article right now dedicated to compass tattoos and even though I don’t like to feature a design more than once on the site, you can bet this design will make the final cut.

A single cherry blossom

I’d like to take a moment to thank Mini for having the sense to include close-up photos—which so many artists forgo. Details are the most impressive aspects of most of these micro tattoo designs. And the more details we can observe, the more we are able to appreciate a design.

Small assorted flowers

Many artists are creating tiny floral designs these days. But this scattered assortment of flowers is certainly original. As if a bouquet of wildflowers were dropped onto the skin from above, this design is perfect for those times when you can’t settle on just type of flower.

Moon phases

People are falling in love with these “phases of the moon” designs and it’s easy to see why. These particular designs are almost exclusively illustrated using the watercolor style which compliments the fading aspects of the different phases.

A floral bouquet

One thing that Mini does well is manage color. Many of her most striking designs use a reoccurring mix of color that could be described as one of her signature characteristics. This beautiful bouquet of flowers stands out more for its stunning combination of color than its floral composition.

A Little Mermaid

Another faceless Disney character, another win for Mini Lau. This super fun design is enough to make any Disney fan’s dream come true. Mini’s barely-there technique adds an air of elegance to each of her designs that always keep us coming back for more.

Floral ear designs

Ear tattoos are an interesting concept. I mean, we get eyebrow tattoos so we can stop buying eyebrow pencils. So why not get an ear tattoo so we don’t have to wear earrings? That is, if variety isn’t one of your primary concerns.

A beautiful thigh piece

Calling all flower lovers: When Mini first published this design everyone went crazy for it. It was shared on Reddit and quickly made it to the front page. In fact, I’ve never seen another tattoo get so many upvotes in my life.

Blossoming flowers

Showcasing the various stage of a flower in bloom is a fascinating concept that’s been getting a lot of traction over the last few years. However, usually we see the same flower in its different stages while in this particular design, Mini chose to slip in a lotus flower into the full bloom position.

A little elephant

This tiny ankle tattoo is about as cute as cute gets. Little creatures catching rides on clusters of balloons is something Mini Lau likes to do. Either that or her clients just can get enough.

A corgi

When you love your dog just so, immortalizing him or her in ink is something you just have to do. Doggy tattoos are really popular right now, especially with the level of detail artists are able to achieve these days. This corgi is beautiful, and the white ink sections of the lower body were expertly executed.


Similar to the ankle tattoo featured earlier, this beautiful arrow-kebab is full of planets, moons, and other geometric shapes. Mini’s soft coloring effects give each and every one of her pieces an elegant and sophisticated feel while still being fun.

Never give up

Here we have a beautiful hydrangea flower with a quasi text stem. I always get hydrangeas and lilacs mixed up but thankfully this piece was labeled. Inspirational tattoos never get old, so if you’re thinking about getting a few words of wisdom yourself, ink with confidence.

Another dreamcatcher

Imagine a gorgeous floral tattoo on your ankle that has the added benefit of keeping all those bad dreams at bay. Now imagine that it’s so beautiful that people who don’t even know you ask to take photos of it. No wonder Mini does so many different dreamcatcher tattoos.

A small floral wrist tattoo

If I had to get a wrist tattoo today, this would be it. I’m not a huge fan of rose tattoos but the color, detail, and depth of this miracle of a tattoo have me absolutely obsessed. Definitely saving this design for later.

A pegasus

I was always under the impression that the Pegasus didn’t have a horn. But after a bit of Googling, I found out that many people seem to think otherwise. One viewer commented that this piece “…was everything that I ever wanted.” And I tend to agree with that assessment.

Three little birds

Don’t worry, you won’t have to look at another bird flying across someone’s forearm or shoulder again because this is the last design on the list. All I can think of is that if this was a temporary tattoo, whoever was selling it would make a fortune.