50 Mini Lau Tattoos Every Girl Should See

For the sake of your social media accounts, you almost owe it to yourself to save and share each and every one of these gorgeous designs. For most women, ultra feminine tattoo designs are a dream. And when it comes to those particular types of tattoo designs, it doesn’t get any better than what Mini Lau is producing. In fact, when you’re done with this list, I’m fairly confident you’ll have a new appreciation for tattoos altogether. Mini’s soft coloring effects give each and every one of her pieces an elegant and sophisticated feel while still being fun at the same time. Mini is one of my favorite artists, and here’s a few examples why.


If you haven’t noticed, Mini loves doing floral pieces and once you see one you instantly understand why. It’s as if she was chosen by some divine power to create these works of art for the rest of the world to enjoy. These two roses are anyone’s favorite and along with this top, well, you can see why this photo just works so well.

A famous work of art

Klimt’s famous gold-infused paintings are world-renowned. And surprisingly enough, tattoos depicting his famous paintings are more common than you would think. But it’s not too often that we get a watercolor example that makes you question Klimt’s original color scheme. Bravo Mini Lau. Bravo.

A world map

There’s no question that Mini Lau is an amazing tattooist. But I can’t help but notice that she’s quite good at staging photos as well. The composition of a photo greatly enhances a design, no matter what the quality. She’s an artist plain and simple.

A floral thigh piece

Instead of getting a conventional tattoo in a conventional location, why not get a band of delicate flowers across the top of your thigh? I know what you’re thinking, “What’s not conventional about this design?” Well, how many times do you really see women getting tattoos on the top of their thighs?

A blue moon

A faceted crescent moon is a wonderful concept. There are only a few designs these days that I save to my personal folders, but you can bet that this beautiful example is one of them. Mini wasn’t the first to come up with this particular style but she executes it with the best of them.

A tree swing

Despite the fact that it’s currently fall, this tattoo is a depiction of fall, and fall is my absolute favorite season of all. This tattoo really stands out to me for its beautiful combination of color.


This is one of the most beautiful and artistic Alice in Wonderland tattoos that I have ever seen. The faceless aspect makes this design more about the beauty of the design as a whole than Alice herself.


The fact that Mini is able to execute floral works with such variety is something of note. You can tell these lightly-drawn flowers were done by Mini, yet they look so different from many of her other floral designs. It’s always fun to see what she cooks up next—her designs are never boring.

Roses decorating a forearm

One could argue that all of Mini’s work has a watercolor style to it. However, when I see these roses, I can’t help but notice that at times her shading has a very “colored pencil” look to it. She definitely has her own unique sense of style.

A decorative ankle piece

Ankle tattoos have never looked so good. This vertical cosmic alignment provides you with everything you could possibly desire in an ankle piece. Design, detail, color, and lots and lots of style. You can go your whole life and never see another ankle tattoo this beautiful.