50 Rose Tattoos That Are Better Than All Others

If you were thinking that a rose tattoo may be in your immediate future, then you came to the right place. This list has been a long time in the making due to the fact that I wanted only the best of the best on display. High quality rose tattoos aren’t as common as you would think, so I had to search high and low but it gives me great pleasure to introduce to you 50 of the most spectacular rose tattoos in existence. Rose tattoos come in all different shapes and sizes. Pick a style that suits your personality and go from there. And of course, don’t forget to save and share you favorite designs.

A beautiful back piece

Banul has a natural elegance to her work that’s hard to define but impossible to overlook once one becomes familiar with her style. Some of the most beautiful floral designs you will ever see reside on Banul’s Instagram page.

An inverted rose

This tattoo probably wouldn’t have as dramatic of an affect if it weren’t paired with this blonde bob. But that’s not to say it wouldn’t be just as gorgeous on anyone else—regardless of hairstyle. Heavy blackwork with watercolor characteristics makes for an awesome sight.

A cursive stem

“Kings” is what I believe this stem spells out but it’s a little difficult to discern. Black and grey ink flowers have always been more appealing to me than their colorful counterparts. Greyscale inkwork is as timeless as it is beautiful.

Light pink petals

If you came here to look at pretty tattoo designs and instead found yourself at a shading clinic where light and texture seem like they’re being used in place of standard tattooing inks, you’re not alone. I’ll say it, this tattoo looks so good it appears fake a first glance.


Pawel Indulski will go down as one of the best tattoo artists to ever live. This is his attempt at a rose tattoo. Notice the negative space stems, the flawless gradients from dark to light and the overall uber creative composition.

Pink roses

Nando is another one of those uber talented artists who is probably responsible for ending the careers of more than a few inspiring tattooists.

Blackwork beauties

I absolutely love this location. It’s everything a tricep tat is and more—since you never see designs in this location arranged to be viewed from the back. Clusters of flowers can morph into mass confusion as the ink ages, so be warned.

A minimalistic back piece

La Vie En Rose was the signature song of popular French signer during the late 40’s. Paying tribute to a favorite song usually consists of just a few favorite lyrics, which is why this elegant and creative display is a breath of fresh air.

A gorgeous ankle piece

Have you ever fantasized about the perfect ankle tattoo? You wouldn’t want to put it on the side of your ankle, no that’s too yesterday. Instead, spinning it a little farther back would be good. And of course it would need to be a timeless and classy design but you don’t want it to look old right out of the gate, which means a lot of single needle detail is definitely in order. If any of this sounds right, you’d probably be happy with something along the lines of this gorgeous tattoo above.


I don’t know what it is about this tattoo but it reminds me of a bookmark my mom used for about ten years straight. Confining the roses to a rectangular shape is a creative way to add the pleasant aesthetic of straight edges to naturalistic design.