50 Rose Tattoos That Are Better Than All Others

If you were thinking that a rose tattoo may be in your immediate future, then you came to the right place. This list has been a long time in the making due to the fact that I wanted only the best of the best on display. High quality rose tattoos aren’t as common as you would think, so I had to search high and low but it gives me great pleasure to introduce to you 50 of the most spectacular rose tattoos in existence. Rose tattoos come in all different shapes and sizes. Pick a style that suits your personality and go from there. And of course, don’t forget to save and share you favorite designs.

A greyscale back piece

For those of you with your minds set on something more expansive, let it be known that you can go as big as you want without having to add much more to the mix than beautiful rose blossoms. This design features elegantly draped chains which is always a nice touch.

A pink rose

Every girl has secretly fantasized about their own little wrist tattoo. And if you honestly didn’t count yourself among that group prior to seeing this piece, I think it’s safe to say that you’ve now been converted. Any girl that leaves the shop with this little beauty should immediately pick up a few scratchers.

A simple hand piece

Minimalistic beauty at its best right here ladies and gents. The last time I laid eyes upon something this beautiful was in a dream. Rose tattoos are like any other accessory. You choose a style that fits your personality and go from there.

Blue watercolor roses

The watercolor style of design instantly makes everything a little more interesting. This blooming back piece has style for days and is anything but basic. If you’re looking for a floral statement piece, this stunning back piece may be of interest to you.

A blossoming red rose

Red roses are gorgeous no matter how they’re displayed (as long as they are quality of course). So when you line them up like this in their various stages of bloom, things get taken to quite a different level.

A rose in a glass case

If Disney played any type of role in your upbringing, this dying rose displayed in a glass case should evoke waves of nostalgia and joy. Sleeping Beauty tribute tattoos are rarely done better than this. And when I say “rarely,” I mean never.

A large black and grey ink back piece

All tattoos are dotwork in nature, but when artists purposely go out of their way to give a design the impression that it was created by a network of strategically placed dots, it’s known as the “dotwork style.” And this particular style of design definitely suits floral composition. I mean, look at those leaves!

A neck tat

Neck tattoos aren’t for the timid of heart. They’re front and center and unless you live in the Arctic, are going to be on display 24/7 for the world to see. Now if you don’t have a problem with that, in my opinion it’s one of the trendiest locations to get inked.

A single blossom

Get ready for a flurry of forearm designs because that’s what’s on deck. The forearm is a decent sized-canvas and it’s easily viewable—which is why it’s such a popular locale.

Red roses

Another beautiful floral creation by one of South Korea’s most talented young artists. While Aeri’s designs all seem to share one common theme, each and every one of her pieces always seems new and interesting.