50 Tiny Tattoos That Have Everyone on Instagram in a Tizzy

From purely a design standpoint, the quality of a design rarely influences whether a tattoo on Pinterest or Instagram is able to accumulate envious amounts of shares and saves. Photo composition, exposure, luck, and a whole lot of other aspects go into creating a viral image. But for the sake of this article, we’re going to take a look at tattoos that have really excited the social media scene, and would be considered “viral” in anyone’s book. So grab a seat (you’ll only need the edge), and be prepared to take in some of the most popular tiny tattoo designs currently in circulation.


Many people ask me “Are inner lip tattoos painful?” My answer is always yes, since all tattoos are painful in reality, but what they probably want to hear is that they are usually on the low side of the pain spectrum as they relate to various tattoo locations. However, the inner lip is a difficult place to ink and the detail that can be achieved on dry skin doesn’t transition well to the wet slippery surface of the inside of the lip.

A colorful feather

This still was pulled from a video so I apologize if it appears a little blurry. Flower, hook us up with a static snap so we can blast it into eternity on social media!

An eye

Tattoos of eyes always creep me out in the most wonderful way. I always feel as if there’s a personality behind each eye tattoo I see. But for some odd reason I don’t get that vibe from this design. Hmmm.


The easiest and most comfortable place for first-time inkers to get tatted is usually the wrist. Why, I couldn’t tell you. But I’ve noticed that wrist tattoos are incredibly incognito and their ability to easily fly under the radar probably has something to do with it.


Speaking of good places to get inked. How cool is this under-the-chin location? I’ve always dreamt of getting my initials tattooed on my neck (it looks amazing) but then I think about the sad face my mom would give me and I put that dream back on the back burner, for now.


What’s not to like about a series of colorful watercolor hearts? The quality of this snap is desperately lacking but the watercolor nature of the design lends it a little slack.

An artichoke

Artichokes dipped in warm butter is one of my guilty pleasures. However, I didn’t know that artichokes were purple during the early stages of growth, which led to a lot of Googling on my part which in turn stirred up a massive craving.

A paper airplane

In the unspoken race to create the cutest and most loveable watercolor paper airplane tattoo, artists have been pumping out enormous amounts of these designs over the past few years, which means that I’ve seen my fair share. So listen up when I say that this is the best example I’ve seen to date.

A penguin

“You better wrap those bracelets ’cause they don’t come off.” Sorry, just trying to recreate the moment. Who would have thought that a dancing penguin could be such a delightful little tattoo design?


If you’ve got the script, text stem floral designs can be an elegant and attractive way to tattoo a word. I mean, how much cooler is this design than if the word “always” was just sitting there all by its lonesome?