50 Tiny Tattoos That Prove Small is Supreme

Whether you’re getting your first tattoo or your 50th, tiny tattoos are always a great way to go. Personally, I’m of the belief that the small tattoo designs, whether it be a 100 or just one, are always more appealing than their larger counterparts. Why is this you ask? Well, small tattoos are a lot more practical to get in regards to nearly every aspect imaginable. They’re cheaper, less of a commitment, not as painful, while still being just as satisfying as any larger work. So for any of you considering a tiny tattoo or any tattoo for that matter, here are 50 delightful reason to go tiny.

A hummingbird and rose

There are times when everything just comes together and the composition of a photo pushes the design over the top. This is one of those instances. But that of course doesn’t take anything away from the genius and beauty of this design. Hummingbirds, roses, what’s not to love?

A colorful crescent moon

Be forewarned, there are more than just a couple of these crescent moon tattoos on this list. It couldn’t be avoided. Crescent moon tattoos are about as hot as any tattoo design right now so it’s almost impossible to eliminate them from any list entirely. Colorful crescent moons, especially gradient examples, have been absolutely everywhere this year.

A tiny elephant

Kind of ironic huh? Getting such a small tattoo of the world’s largest land mammal? But then again, it is common knowledge that baby elephants are probably the cutest thing on this earth, so I guess that explains all of the tiny elephant tattoos we see on what seems like a daily basis.

A sunflower

This tiny sunflower tattoo is just one of a pair of matching sunflowers inked by Dragon. Dragon is one of those tattoo artists that makes almost every other tattoo artist look bad. The clarity, the vision, it’s almost like this guy is working in a different medium.

A world map

Just the sight of a world map is usually enough to make me restless. My heart starts beating a little faster, the possibilities start racing through my mind, and the taste of airplane peanuts immediately enters my mouth. I love to travel. And the emotions associated with it are so positive for me that I completely understand why people get tattoos like the one above.

A simple rose

We’re so use to seeing these beautiful detail-packed floral tattoos that make you feel as though you can reach out and grab them they’re so realistic. Yet when I see minimalistic designs like this simplistic rose I can’t help but wonder which design would stand up to the test of time better. I’m going to go with this rose, simply because minimalistic tattoo designs often don’t get the love they deserve.

A grandma

I bet you never thought about getting a tattoo of your grandmother. Maybe her name, but an actual tattoo of her beautiful wrinkly face? I think not. And that’s too bad, ’cause this tattoo is probably cooler than anything you’ll ever have.

Best friends forever

BFF tattoos don’t have to be adorable and matching. In fact, you can just get a single design all by yourself to remind you of a special friendship. And if that sounds like a good idea to you or something that you would be interested in then the design featured above is probably a good place to start.

A book

Girls just love book tattoos. I know, because every time I share one I get tons of requests ranging from “Can you please do a book list” to “Can you design a book tattoo for me?” The second one is of course my favorite because I’m not a tattoo artist nor do I design any tattoos.

A few fish

I read somewhere that fish only have like a five second memory or something ridiculous like that. And while I’m not arguing with that assertion, I am curious as to how they determine that. Do they look at the size of the memory portion of a fish brain or is there some sort of fish memory test?


Words are powerful, and sometimes we need a reminder of where we came from to stay humble, grounded, and sane. This small “home” tattoo was done in a playful handwritten font which leaves little to be desired.

Another crescent moon

Korean tattoo artists have a thing for crescent moons with gradient transitions full of gorgeous colors. These crescent moons are super popular, and it’s easy to see why. Colorful, detailed, and small enough to get on a whim.

A patch of plaid

There aren’t that many tattooists out there inking patches of plaid. That’s why when I first stumbled upon these small slices of heaven I was so excited. As you know, I’m a huge fan of any work that comes out of Sol Studio. When creative barriers get challenged I get all warm and fuzzy inside.

A fairy

One of the most popular designs I ever posted was a tattoo of Tinker Bell. And while this may or may not be Tinker Bell per se, I hope you like it all the same. Because in my opinion, this is a much better overall design.

A simple star

When most people save tattoos on Pinterest or Instagram it’s because they are thinking to themselves “Ya, I can totally see myself getting this tattoo someday.” That’s why even though as much as I like those ultra-detailed realism pieces, I try to feature a fair amount of “everybody” tattoos on the list that you could walk into any studio and own.

A hummingbird in flight

Flowers in bloom. Birds in flight. The animation of objects is a popular trend that I’ve been seeing more and more of lately. What really stands out about this particular design is the location. Top of the shoulder tattoos don’t get nearly the attention they deserve.

A constellation

As anyone that even casually pays attention to the world of tattoos knows, the quality of tattoos in general has gone way up over the past few decades. Now while I’m not arguing this, I would like to point out that the quality of photos has greatly improved as well, which in turn has made tattoo designs appear of higher quality. As this photo demonstrates, a well-lighted and well-staged photo goes a long way.

A finger tat

Flowers are popular, but so are leaves. This little branch of leaves features a surprisingly high amount of detail for such a small design. The varying shades of green and yellow. The brown and yellow edges of the leaves. All of these details make this design more interesting and realistic.

A color bar

This designs demonstrates just how beautiful color is, even when displayed in its most basic forum. These color bars are a neat concept which I first started to notice about 2 years ago. There are only a few artists currently experimenting with this particular design concept but I have a feeling that’s about to change.

A minimalistic heart

Not to say that larger more detailed works of art are unsophisticated or not as stylish, but these super simple tattoo designs are classy AF. A small heart like this can pretty much be placed anywhere and still be the envy of all who see it.

A leaf

Thanks to a lot of very talented tattoo artists these days, practically any object you can imagine can be turned into a beautiful and show-worthy tattoo design. Take this old, half-dead leaf for example.

A cat

So I’m not all too certain what’s going on here but it appears that either some sort of special reflective ink was used or this artist has discovered a unique way to combine colors to give them a luminescent appearance. Either way it looks fantastic!

A dreamcatcher

Mini Lau is the queen of dreamcatcher tattoos. Seriously, if you’re even remotely considering the notion of getting a dreamcatcher tattoo, then even a few seconds scrolling through Mini’s instagram portfolio is enough to make you a believer. The detail she puts into her work make each dreamcatcher a thing of fantasy and opulence.

Dreams come true

You know I’m a sucker for a beautiful script. And Veronica’s dreamy cursive font has definitely won me over. Dreams do come true, especially if those dreams include a getting a gorgeous wandering script tattoo.

Live without regrets

Sometimes a little friendly reminder to live our lives with no regrets is in order. Life is usually full of regrets, if that’s how you choose to look at things, but dwelling on the past is never beneficial.

A baby fox

According to my friend who is absolutely obsessed with anything and everything that Playground inks, these type of tiny tattoos are more addicting than any TV show or Starbucks creation. Which could either be a good thing or a bad thing depending on how you look at things.

Bees to a flower

Okay, so when you’re as good at staging photos as Ms. Lau, you have to pay extra attention to the tattoo design itself just to make sure it’s actually quality and not just smoke and mirrors. Of course I’m kidding, with Mini, it’s always quality.

Never stop dancing

Getting a tattoo on your foot is a great idea. They’re easy to conceal should the need arise, they make for great photo ops for instagram, and of course they elevate your sandal game to heights you never thought imaginable.

A crescent moon

Sideboob tattoos are devilishly charming, and they allow you to flaunt your sexuality in way that few other tattoo designs permit. So if you’re someone who likes to show a little skin, a tattoo in this particular location is something to consider.

A heart-shaped contrail

A tiny wrist tattoo is something every woman can relate to. And it’s by far the most popular “first tattoo” location. This particular design of a sky-written heart is an adorable concept that people can’t seem to get enough of.

A lion’s face

They say something like ninety percent of all advertising is influenced by other advertising. If that’s true, or even anywhere close to true, then the same thing must be true for tattoos, right? Tattoos along the lines of these lion features are always fun to look at. The absence of an outline always gets the imagination going.

A pineapple

Adding a little geometric flavor to the mix can be a great way to turn a simple everyday object into something a little more fun. Everything from the execution to the location of this geometric pineapple design just screams style.

A creative arrow

Obviously there is a lot more going on here than just a simple arrow. A series of circles and geometric lines accompany an arrow with a colorful crescent moon in the background. Taking a little time to get creative often pays off in the long run.

A wave

Taking a little of the ocean with you everywhere you go is never a bad idea. The ocean has a calming affect on most people, and just the sight of a wave can bring out all of those emotions associated with everything that the sea represents.

A can of Coke

We are living in an age where tattooing anything and everything is fair game. Artists these days are so skilled that they can literally make anything look good in ink. This Coke can is pretty slick, and the contrast between the black and white can and the colorful cosmic liquid is simply divine.

An optical ring

Now this is art. Every once in a while I come across a design that I just fall in love with. This piece is really just an arrangement of lines of different weights but it looks so much more complex. It would be interesting to see how this design ages.

A pole dancer

This design doesn’t look like your average pole dancer. Maybe a ballerina or a figure skater but definitely not a dancer of the exotic nature. Not that there is anything wrong with exotic dancers of course.

 Lonely heart

The number one I’m-almost-too-cool-for-a-tattoo-but-I’m-not-because-tattoos-are-the-coolest location is right here. The rib cage, slightly towards the back is almost a hidden location where only the most secret of phrases are whispered and the trendiest of designs displayed.


Fingerbands almost don’t look like real tattoos. In fact, they are so subtle that you could get one and forget you even had it. Okay, maybe not but the point being is that these particular designs are so fun and innocent that they pretty much don’t even count as real tattoos.

A Russian nesting doll

Russian nesting dolls or “Matryoshka dolls” look great in ink. The dolls usually feature a matron dressed in colorful saffron, but this beautiful black ink design looks better than any colorful example I’ve seen to date.


Tiny stars representing the Gemini constellation.

A sanskrit symbol

Clean AF is the vibe this little sanskrit symbol radiates. Sanskrit is an ancient language which originates from modern-day India. Sanskrit was the original script used to write old Hindu texts.

A micro rose

Jon Boy makes his living from tatting what many would consider the tiniest of all tiny tattoos—or “micro” tattoos. His work usually consists of tiny symbols and words, and attracts the attention of many celebrity clients.

A cat in a moon

Cute, creative, and an oh-so-Halloween vibe if you ask me. The pastel orange color goes perfectly with the dark silhouette of the cat.

A beautiful cherry blossom design

It seems as if no list would be complete without at least one cherry blossom tattoo. I’ve always had an appreciation for the way Fatih is able to capture the elegance of flowers in general.

A plane

Just a little plane, just for fun. Playground is known for doing cute in a creative style that’s all her own.

 A seashell

If you’re still here then that means you’ve seen a lot of tattoos today. And while the whole “saving the best for last” thing is a great concept and all, I can never hold out the best designs that long. However, this design does check all the boxes that you would want when searching for that “perfect” design.

One life one chance

Life gives us many chances in some regards. But we do only have once chance to live our life. And having a constant reminder to make the most of the life we have and live in the moment couldn’t possibly hurt.

Tiny decorations

Tiny decorative tattoo designs have always been a favorite of mine. You don’t need to get a tattoo of anything in particular to get an aesthetic bump from a little ink. These micro dots and lines look great, and upon first glance, appear as if they are part of a manicure.


While I’m not exactly sure what this tattoo means to the person who owns it, being in my late 30’s, I feel like this should probably be my next tattoo. As if I need another reminder of my fading youth.