50 Tiny Tattoos That Will Instantly Make You More Interesting

Tiny tattoos are getting so cool these days, how anyone can resist, I have no earthly idea. Large tattoos done right can be a long and arduous process—think of it like buying a car all day but a lot more painful. That’s why most first-time inkers choose to go small. Less commitment. Less pain. Less money. You’re winning all day long.  As usual, here at SB we only showcase the cleanest and most creative designs out there. If you’re looking for a tiny tattoo, you came to the right place. Let’s get started.

A unique floral ear design

Lindsay has been working overtime to develop her epic foliage game. And epic and otherworldly it has become. Tattoos of nothing but leaves used to be non existent. However, times have changed and now several of the world’s best have taken up the challenge and made flower-less botanical designs an intriguing option for those considering floral designs.

More leaves

As with almost any design, placement potential is limitless—no matter how unconventional it may be. These tiny clusters of leaves are not something you run into every day, but you can’t deny how elegant and attractive they turned out to be.

An African Leopard

Big cats are truly magnificent. But there’s no denying their popularity as tattoo designs is owed mainly to their beautiful coats. Regrets and big cat tattoos rarely go together.

A lotus and heart

Matching tattoo designs is a concept that should cross every girls mind before she goes under the needle. What was once reserved for best friends, sisters, and mirrors, is now something individual women are embracing.

A crystal

Mini really has something special going when it comes to creating amazing crystal/gemstone designs. That’s not to say that she’s the best at this particular subject matter but since she does it so often there’s really no one else to compare her to.

Good things happen love is real

What instantly stood out to me about this design was the wandering nature of the freestyle letters. While there are few things as satisfying as a perfectly crisp line of text, the wiggly setting of these lines lends the design a playful vibe that can add to the context of the message.

Minnie Mouse

A few things you probably didn’t know about Minnie Mouse are: She was originally voiced by a man. She has her own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Her voice actor is married to Mickey’s voice actor in real life.

Cherry on top

If you’re looking for something hip and unique, then something along the lines of this “cherry on top” tattoo may be in order. Handwritten all caps fonts go great with just about anything.

Birds on a line

This design appears to be a tribute to that super-viral “birds on a line” tattoo of almost the exact same design that people couldn’t shut up about a few years back. As you can tell, the theme here is minimalism, which looks especially dashing in black ink only.

A single rose

As a fellow 80’s girl, I can relate. Like really really relate to this design. It’s a well known fact that during the 80’s, girls got rose tattoos. I mean, were there even any other options?