60 Couple Tattoos We Promise You’ll Love

I often find myself dreaming up the perfect couple tattoos since dreaming up the perfect boyfriend just makes me too depressed these days. But some day my time will come, and when it does, I’ll be prepared with a number of revolutionary couple tattoo ideas that my future husband will no doubt be blown away by. We may even get multiple couple tattoos, just because it would be such a shame to let any of those brilliant ideas go to waste. While I slowly build up my collection, here are a few of the designs from my collection.

Vincent and Mia

I’m not even going to lie, Vincent and Mia would have made one heck of a couple. I really do think that if Butch hadn’t forgotten his poop watch that Vincent and Mia would have found a way to be together. There are more than a few of these “Vi and Mia” designs floating around but this is by far the best I’ve seen to date.

Crown couple tattoos

If you’re lucky enough to have your very own king or queen by your side, then letting the world know with a matching pair of crowns is always an option. It’s a little difficult to make out the words in this photo but what really stands out to me is the placement of each design (couldn’t be better).

Love you, mean it!

You how people say “honestly” before they answer a question and it makes you think, well, are you usually lying to me? These tattoos, while undeniably cute, kind of take you down that same road. I mean, do you really love me?

Mandala flowers

When it comes to matching couple tattoos, it’s common to see connecting designs that come together to form one single shape or object. In this case, two separate mandala flowers have been created but when the couple’s hands are close together, it appears as if they are one.

Polar bears

These matching polar bears were actually done by two different artists, Balazs Bercsenyi and Max, both at Bang Bang in NY. If you ask me, they look more like dogs upon first glance—maybe it’s the ears. Choosing to forgo the outlines makes for a more harmonious overall feel and from a distance, it’s tough to even tell they’re tattoos.

Hugs and kisses

The universal symbols for hugs and kisses aren’t only reserved for text messages and letters from your grandparents. This couple chose to go with an X and an O, but managed to make things a little more interesting by having them designed to look as if they were carved into the skin.


Cute, simple, and to the point. It’s nothing but props for this couple and their designer. I see a lot of couple tattoos that get done to death and I have a feeling that we’re going to see more copycats as soon as this article goes viral. ;). But you know what they say, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

Matching barcodes

“Some people believe that the barcode is a symbol of a person’s individuality, represented by the unique set of numbers or letters under the barcode image. They see it as statement against a culture of commodities and a celebration of diversity and the uniqueness of the individual.”

Simba & Nala

When it comes to romantic animated movies, it’s difficult to top The Lion King (especially when you factor in the nostalgia factor). And if you’re fortunate enough to have a love story similar to that of these two lions, then why not?

Matching guns

Whether you both like to shoot or just wanna celebrate your Bonnie and Clyde like devotion for each other, a pair of pistols is definitely a cool and unique couple tattoo idea.

Matching heart-shaped fingerprints

Fingerprint tattoos have always been a cool concept. And while I’m not sure if it’s the case here, wouldn’t it be amazing if these tattoos were actual copies of each others real fingerprints? It doesn’t look like it, but I wouldn’t imagine it would be too difficult to pull off.

Love scenes

Every girl that falls in love dreams of a little house with a white picket fence. A perfect little storybook relationship is what we all strive for, and by the looks of these two tattoos, this couple has found just that.

Taurus constellations

They say that when two Taureans come together, a very stable relationship ensues—which is what the Taurus lives for.  Constellation make for popular couple tattoos, but we usually see matching designs. These individual designs are a breath of fresh air.

Sun and moon

The contrast of the gradient colors  to their minimalist counterparts really make this design pop. Gradient crescent moons are super popular right now and it’s easy to see why.

Simple bands

I see a lot of different wedding band tattoos, but these minimalistic lines are sophisticated in a way that more elaborate designs will never achieve in my opinion. Sometimes less really is more.


When most people decide to get a tattoo inspired by love, the first thing that usually comes to mind is getting their lover’s name tattooed in one fancy cursive font or another. While this can be beautiful, an elegant set of initials is another option to consider which is equally beautiful and less conspicuous.

King & Queen cards

The whole “king and queen” thing is a concept that I run into about once every ten seconds on Instagram. Now granted my boards are almost all tattoo related but it wouldn’t be an understatement to say that this type of matching design is by far the most popular relationship based design in existence. Yes, it even beats out those little connecting hearts that couples get on their fingers.

You fill me

Here we have an oldie but a goodie. I wanted to make this list about the newest and most up to date designs (no one wants to see the same designs over and over) but the concept of this design is just too awesome and a list without this particular design wouldn’t be complete in my opinion.

Lock and key

This is another uber popular design concept that couples flock to like malfunctioning ATM machines spitting out money, but it’s fun to see the different spins artists come up with. This lock and key is lightly-drawn with an enchanting dose of watercolor bokeh.

Yin & Yang

A segmented yin and yang tattoo is the perfect couple tattoo. It’s a way of telling your significant other “You complete me.” In the design above, each section of the symbol represents a completely different climate. Opposites attract, in case you didn’t know.

One Arrow

The concept of the connecting tattoo design probably owes its origins to that broken heart necklace. You know, the one that best friends each get a piece of and when you connect them they form a complete heart? Anyways, when it comes to couple tattoos, there are some pretty creative designs, and connecting themes like the one above are always fun to look at.

Live with you for a lifetime

There’s nothing sweeter than a personalized message to the one you love. “Live with you for a lifetime Ella” reads the inscriptions in an arc around a separated watercolor butterfly. A beautiful compact cursive font always enhances a design, especially one as beautiful as this.

Love her, love him

When viewing tattoos that play off of each other, a common trait is to make the mans portion of the design masculine, as seen above with the slightly bolder font used for the mans arm. And as any designer knows, pairing different weight fonts together makes for a more appealing look.

Matching roses

Well, these two love birds planned these tattoos out with a photo op planned it seems. I guess in this day and age everything has to as Instagramable as possible. Two minimalistic black ink roses are always an elegant choice for anyone considering matching tattoo designs.

A connecting string

We’re not sure who can clam first tabs on this design but we’ve seen it only a few different times, and each design has been almost identical to the one above. It appears this design is meant to illustrate a tight leash or a life long connection. Possibly both.

Heart-shaped death stars

The sheer size of the Star Wars fanbase never ceases to amaze me. While researching designs for this piece we came across multiple designs (more than five) with a Star Wars theme. These Death Star hearts were of course the best, as well as the only ones to make the list.

Gradient crescent moons

Sol is one of our favorite Korean tattoo artists, heck probably our favorite tattooist period, and he loves to do these little gradient crescent moons. In fact, the two individuals in this photo may not even be a couple. If they were simply two random people who ran into each other on the street I’d believe it, that’s how many of these little buggers probably exist in Korea. Kidding of course.


The fact that you’re taken, madly in love, and probably going to take long and  adorable walks with your beau while holding hands well into your 90’s are what any person with half a brain would instantly understand upon first sight of just one of these cute always bands.

Mr. and Mrs.

Taken AF, is what getting the Mr. or Mrs. tattoo blasted on your ankle tells the world. The only thing I’m wondering is how they manage to keep their sneaks so white? Again, the Mr. and Mrs. couple tattoos are one of the more popular concepts we see.

Matching Dumbo designs

I believe this is actually Dumbo (Disney’s flying elephant, in case you didn’t know) with his mother. While this particular design would probably be more suitable for a mother daughter type situation oh wait, that’s exactly what it is! I guess a mother and daughter is technically still a “couple” though. 

A key and keyhole

A simple key and keyhole concept offers a quick and affective way to show the world that you’re in love without breaking the bank. Many similar couple tattoos feature elaborate skeleton keys with ornate tooling and intricate details, but the more minimalistic examples like the one above are equally impressive.

King and Queen finger tats

I know what you’re thinking; Another king and queen design?!? Trust me, I feel you, but you have to also understand that it’s all about the placement. Finger tattoos don’t come with the stigma they once did. In fact, one could even say that we are living in a golden age of finger tattoos.

An avocado

Just cute, right? Couple tattoos don’t have to literally spell out your love for your significant other. Sometimes a design that falls a little more under the radar and into the inside joke category is more appealing to those who are more introverted in nature. And really, what’s more special than a little ink that you and your SO are the only ones that understand?

Together forever

Is the motto of every tattoo, right? The font, the hearts, it’s all super cute and nothing sounds better than saying “together forever,”—it just rolls of the tongue. This set of tats is all about the font, and while this font is undoubtedly modeled after a widely used font, we just can’t seem to put our finger on it.

Watercolor bands

Matching watercolor tree line tattoos are probably something you’ve never seen before. But that’s because it takes a special kind of artist to be able to pull off such a beautiful design. But it’s always nice to see what’s being created out there and what’s possible.


When it comes to any type of tattoo, it’s important to make sure that you’re falling in love with the design itself, and not just the set and composition of a well staged photo. Not saying that this design isn’t everything one could hope for in a couple tattoo, but that magical bokeh effect puts a lot of extras in the mix.


Here we have another compact cursive font that could literally spell out anything and still look amazing. There’s something about cursive fonts that just oozes romance and elegance. When it doubt, go cursive.

You keep me sane, you keep me wild

I’ve always been jealous of relationships like this. If me and my boyfriend got matching tattoos they would probably go something like this, “You’re not too annoying yet and you put up with my sh**.” Kidding of course. There’s romance and love there but more along the lines of “I really like you,” versus “You’re my better half and absolutely complete me.”


The best part about having stand alone couple tattoos is that you don’t have to explain to people that the confusing blob on your ankle is actually half a unicorn that looks great when it’s matched up along side your husbands. After all, 99.999 percent of the time people are going to be viewing your ink by itself.


With the recent social media travel boom, you may find yourself just aching to hop on a plane and travel across the world to remote destinations where everything’s more exciting. These matching wanderlust tattoos can be a cute reminder of a special trip you took together or just a shared desire to travel.


Partners in crime anyone? If you can find an artist as talented as Youyeon, then basically anything matching whether it be telephones, hearts, or trees will make for adequate couple tattoos. However, finding an artist with skills like Youyeon might prove too tall of an order.


Everyone loves Bambi. There’s something magical about Disney that inspires people to ink their favorite characters into their skin at an alarming rate. Just make sure not to tell Disney. They’ll probably want their cut. Seriously.

To infinity and beyond

If you know of a more endearing movie quote which transitions into a lover’s promise as well as this Toy Story quote, please let us know. While it’s not the first time we’ve come across this design, this is by far the cutest rendition.

Geometric designs

Now that you’re older and your tastes are more refined, you may find yourself in search of a more sophisticated type of couple tattoo. Something that you can share with your significant other while still managing to stay true to your tastes. These qualify.

I’m his/I’m hers

Seriously, what could possibly be more adorable than this “mature” couple with matching couple tattoos. “I’m her Mr.” for infinity of course. I’m not a huge fan of hashtags but this is definitely #relationshipgoals material.


Another perfectly composed photo, and another neat example of matching standalone designs with an underlying meaning. You’re my anchor, and I’m yours. Or at least we think that’s what is going on here.

Bow and arrow

Friendly reminder: you are allowed to borrow cupids bow and arrow if it’s for love related reasons. This is one of my favorite couple tattoos which I could easily see myself getting someday.

A tiny heart and arrow

Just about every one of my friends has a tattoo similar in size to the ones above. Tiny tattoos include all the perks a tattoo has to offer without any of the negatives. The pain, expense, and commitment associated with larger tattoos just isn’t there, which makes tiny couple tattoos all the more appealing.

King and Queen back shoulder pieces

Truly, this is the last set of King and Queen tattoos I promise. Yes, I know, you’re super familiar with the whole concept by now but every set of designs on this list are unique—and because they are so popular, I thought they should be included.

Koi fish

I have a tendency to overanalyze ever tattoo that comes across my desktop, but I swear these koi fish are designed to look like each section of a yin and yang symbol, right?

A connecting heart

At times, I feel like this is the most intimate matching relationship related tattoo you can get. It kind of has that “just for us” thing going, which is what couple tattoos should really be about. And. Hey. It makes for some really great Instagram photos as well.

Winnie the Pooh

The watercolor technique has the ability to make any tattoo design beautiful. Of course you’ll want to vet your tattoo artist thoroughly before committing to anything, but there’s no denying that a couple of well-thought-out watercolor designs will elevate your relationship to new levels.


The wolf is a guide that helps you discover your path when you get lost. It can also be seen as a symbol of trust. This makes the wolf a great choice for those looking for symbol of trust and companionship in their relationship.

Years together

These tallies are a cool way to celebrate a milestone in your relationship or show others just how long you’ve been dedicated to each other. Located inconspicuously on the inside of the finger, these little finger tattoos are perfect for those looking for something a little more private.

Small finger designs

So secretive that no one else will ever know..


From time to time I see people with wedding band tattoos, or I should say, tattoos in the place of wedding bands. Usually they are some type of creation designed to mimic that of a wedding band in regards to shape, size, and overall appearance, which is why these two hearts are so refreshing in their originality.

People go, memories stay

As I read more into these designs, I’m starting to think they may fall more into the category of “break up tattoos,” as opposed to romantic designs meant for those in love. What do you guys think?

Big and little hearts

These two hearts are as simple as they are satisfying. Couple tattoos are all about making a commitment to your significant other, and a set of simple hearts gets the job done just fine.

Sea creatures

Surprisingly enough, these tiny seashell and starfish tattoos are my favorite designs on the list. They’re just so cute! It’s almost impossible to look at a couple with these lovely matching designs and think they are anything but the sweetest two lovebirds in the whole wide world.

Til death

For those of you looking for something with a little more edge, these “til the end” designs are about as cool as cool can be. In fact, these tattoos will just get more awesome the older you become.