60 Couple Tattoos We Promise You’ll Love

I often find myself dreaming up the perfect couple tattoos since dreaming up the perfect boyfriend just makes me too depressed these days. But some day my time will come, and when it does, I’ll be prepared with a number of revolutionary couple tattoo ideas that my future husband will no doubt be blown away by. We may even get multiple couple tattoos, just because it would be such a shame to let any of those brilliant ideas go to waste. While I slowly build up my collection, here are a few of the designs from my collection.


Partners in crime anyone? If you can find an artist as talented as Youyeon, then basically anything matching whether it be telephones, hearts, or trees will make for adequate couple tattoos. However, finding an artist with skills like Youyeon might prove too tall of an order.


Everyone loves Bambi. There’s something magical about Disney that inspires people to ink their favorite characters into their skin at an alarming rate. Just make sure not to tell Disney. They’ll probably want their cut. Seriously.

To infinity and beyond

If you know of a more endearing movie quote which transitions into a lover’s promise as well as this Toy Story quote, please let us know. While it’s not the first time we’ve come across this design, this is by far the cutest rendition.

Geometric designs

Now that you’re older and your tastes are more refined, you may find yourself in search of a more sophisticated type of couple tattoo. Something that you can share with your significant other while still managing to stay true to your tastes. These qualify.

I’m his/I’m hers

Seriously, what could possibly be more adorable than this “mature” couple with matching couple tattoos. “I’m her Mr.” for infinity of course. I’m not a huge fan of hashtags but this is definitely #relationshipgoals material.


Another perfectly composed photo, and another neat example of matching standalone designs with an underlying meaning. You’re my anchor, and I’m yours. Or at least we think that’s what is going on here.

Bow and arrow

Friendly reminder: you are allowed to borrow cupids bow and arrow if it’s for love related reasons. This is one of my favorite couple tattoos which I could easily see myself getting someday.

A tiny heart and arrow

Just about every one of my friends has a tattoo similar in size to the ones above. Tiny tattoos include all the perks a tattoo has to offer without any of the negatives. The pain, expense, and commitment associated with larger tattoos just isn’t there, which makes tiny couple tattoos all the more appealing.

King and Queen back shoulder pieces

Truly, this is the last set of King and Queen tattoos I promise. Yes, I know, you’re super familiar with the whole concept by now but every set of designs on this list are unique—and because they are so popular, I thought they should be included.

Koi fish

I have a tendency to overanalyze ever tattoo that comes across my desktop, but I swear these koi fish are designed to look like each section of a yin and yang symbol, right?