60 Epic Tattoos All Men Will Want To Copy

Every guy at one point or another during his lifetime has entertained the idea of getting a tattoo. To some, tattoos are a right of passage, and to others, a way of life. Yet most men get tattoos for one simple reason; they look cool. However, as you’ll soon discover, tattoos can be so much more than just a pretty piece of art to look at. One thing is for certain, any tattoo created with a little taste and consideration will be something you’ll cherish and appreciate for the rest of your years on this planet. From everyone’s favorite rapper to intricate pieces of art that will absolutely blow you away, here are 60 tattoo designs that any guy would be lucky to have.

A dotwork vortex

With the precise placement of halftone dots, DORI was able to create a multidimensional spiral while displaying harmonious rows of proportional perfection. Why do with something traditional when you can have this?

A few dials

If you have a particular hobby, passion, or interest it’s a common trend to get something related to whatever you like or love as a tattoo. I’ve seen all sorts of cool musical tributes but these control knobs are definitely a wonderful surprise that I have yet to have come across.


There’s nothing like a righteous pound. Especially when it’s executed in such stunning fashion as is this example. A parent’s bond with their child is something special, and that’s why parental tattoos are always popular. There are a lot of mother/son and mother/daughter designs, but not many father/son designs. This is a great example of the latter.

A tiger and skull

I’ve been doing this for a long time, so discovering new artists that I would put in my “Top Five,” it really is a rarity. I just recently stumbled upon this artist and to say he’s talented would be the understatement of the year, and it’s almost November, so that’s a lot of understatements.

A symmetrical design

Symmetry is a beautiful thing. It manifests itself through structure and order.  Diverse, chaotic, yet undeniably appealing, this gorgeous forearm piece represents everything that is good and well in the world.

What are you on?

Don’t adjust your screen or clean your glasses. These four words are supposed to be blurry, and the coolest part about it is trying to focus on the design itself. That being said, I wouldn’t try it. You may just end up with a headache. Creatively cool—a style that I’ve just coined.

A black and grey ink landscape

If I were a fisherman, this would be my tattoo. There’s something about the ocean that just calms the soul. And the waves, they’re one of the hardest things to tattoo but when done well, are also one of the most impressive. Polish artist Eva Krbdk recently brought her skills to New York’s swanky Bang Bang studios which is a good thing for anyone stateside looking to get a little of her landscape goodness.

A bear

This tattoo is so much more than just a bear. Besides being practically perfect in every way shape and form, the creative genius of this piece is what I love most about it. The use of negative space trees set against the shadows of the bear’s fur is fantastic.

A lion

Lion tattoos are a dime a dozen. In fact, I’m creating an article dedicated solely to lion tattoos, and while it usually takes about a month to collect enough quality designs to make one of my lists, I was able to gather enough designs for the article in about 2 days. Meaning there’s no shortage of quality lion tattoos out there. And out of all those lion tattoos I’ve collected, this is one of my favorites.

A wooden ship

Remember when every tattoo in popular culture was pirate related? An anchor, a skull and crossbones, or a treasure map were seemingly the only options for any animated sailor. We’ve long since kicked that taboo but every time I see a sailor-style tattoo I can’t help but feel a little nostalgic. The detail on display in this design is magnificent.