60 Amazing Foot Tattoos Women Actually Want

If you’re wondering where you should get your next tattoo you should know that foot tattoos are totally in right now—as if they ever weren’t. A beautiful floral arrangement or perhaps a symmetrically satisfying mandala flower should do the trick. Tattoos that grace the top of your foot say you’re so much more edgy and independent than a small butterfly under your wrist. The lowly foot tattoo is far from popular, but the designs that we do see are oh-so-memorable. Here’s to the foot tattoo and everything that it embodies. If you can scroll this list of 60 amazing foot tattoos and not be tempted to phone your local tattooist immediately following, well, you’re a whole lot stronger than us.

A double exposure paw

The way that this paw corresponds with the layout of the subject’s foot is oddly satisfying. Russian tattoo artist Evgenymel incorporates this green metallic hue into many of his designs, which gives his work a unique air of originality.

A dotwork pattern

Strategically placed clusters of dots really can come together beautifully. When getting any type of foot tattoo, looking like it belongs there goes a long way as far as harmony and overall aesthetic appeal is concerned.

Sketch style animals

Kamil Mokot knocked this one out of the park with his signature sketched style and masterful shade work. Connecting tattoo designs are a popular concept, but this design takes advantage of the appealing cut off object look and uses it on two different designs.

A blue feather

Feathers are the ultimate platform for an artist to show off his or her slim needle skills. The amount of detail needed to achieve a realistic-looking feather is significant. If you have the chance to work with a truly gifted artist, a feather is a great way to get the most for your money.


This particular design has been expanded on since this photo was taken. But personally I like the more basic nature of this design more. Earthy, naturalistic designs tend to fit the personalities of those who like to go barefoot.

Crescent moons

These crescent moons were featured on an earlier list but I decided to bring them back for an encore, because, well, what would this list be without these gorgeous examples of elegance and beauty. South Korean tattooist Doy is one of my favorite artists and his work never disappoints.


Sometimes you just need to go super girly and get lots of pretty pink flowers. All women love flowers, and even those that don’t would still secretly approve of these designs. The names “Camille” and “Alice” are visible, which most likely belong to the client’s daughters.

C’est La Vie

For those of you not in the know, C’est la vie is French for “It’s life” or “Such is life.” Hongdam isn’t known for his wide affinity for script designs but the example above has a slight creative twist and an air of originality that we’ve come to expect for him over the years.

A sketch style compass

When it comes to sketch style designs or “sketchy” designs, there are two artists that are particularly known for the style. Inez Janiak and BK. Each has their own unique style and their works are easy to distinguish from one another’s.

A wave

The artists of today have really elevated their games to completely new levels. It used to be that you didn’t really have to worry about photographing your works, but with Instagram and various other image sharing services, if you’re not snapping a Super Bowl quality shot then you’re not really competing. The composition of this photo is absolutely exquisite.

A small constellation

Tiny constellation tattoos are as popular as ever. The endless design possibilities available make them well-suited for a variety of different situations. This small and simple example couldn’t have been executed with more care.

Green leaves

Here we have another design from Evgenymel and another infusion of his gorgeous shade of metallic turquoise green ink. I guess this falls more into the category of an ankle tattoo but I don’t think you’ll mind.

An ornamental lion

You really can’t go wrong with anything out of Sasha Masiuk’s studio. Both Ira and Sasha have similar styles and their floral and ornamental designs are drop dead gorgeous. The good news is that Sasha recently relocated to Los Angeles, which means she’s become infinitely more accessible.

A shell

Well, much more than just a shell as you can see. I’m usually more of a minimalist but these designs combined together make for a visual feast that wouldn’t be possible if either element was missing. I’ve been following Hongdam on Instagram pretty much since he started posting and he’s always remained one of my favorite artists.

Braided ropes

These designs get an A+ for both originality and execution. I love everything about these braided sections and can’t help but think that they would look like sandals from a distance.


I want to call these mermaid scales but I’m just not sure. I almost wish I had a cute connection like this so I could get a little tattoo of my own. I’m not sure what this condition is called but I’ve seen some pretty creative tattoos decorating this connection.

A minimalistic flower

Small minimalistic designs like the one above have a way of blending into their surroundings that make them ideal for women looking for something stylish and elegant that will never go out of style. I wanna say that this design is a rose but I’m known to be wrong more often than I’m right.

Black ink designs

This is one of those designs that make me wish I was present during the design discussion. I’m 82.3 percent sure that the client gave Jessica a wide creative birth to come up with these wonderful designs but you never know.

A sketch style map

World maps are always popping up on the tops of people’s feet. I get it. It’s a cool concept and nothing reminds you of adventure more than running around barefoot on a beautiful day. Going barefoot is liberating, and reminds you that there’s a whole world under your feet just waiting to be explored.

Gem jewelry

Ever since Korean tattooists started rolling out these gorgeous gem/jewelry designs I’ve had to seriously question my five-year ink plans. I mean, how do I not get one of these designs knowing that they exist in the world?

An architectural design

This piece is only one piece of the puzzle. The client has another identical tattoo on her other foot but I thought this particular photo looked better so here we are. This design serves as a great reminder that you can literally turn anything into a tattoo—design knows no limits.

A sea turtle

This design is obviously on a guy’s foot, but this list is more about design inspiration in general than being gender correct. Sea turtles are a common design choice among both men and women. However, this design does look a little feminine to me but if I was a guy I definitely wouldn’t mind.

A tiger

This tired tiger is a perfect example of how a little creative thinking can net you a super original design that’s anything but basic—even though the design is in essence nothing more than a basic tiger.


If I had a dollar for every lavender foot tattoo I’ve seen in the last year, I’d have like 15 bucks. But that’s a decent chunk of change, right? Of course there’s nothing wrong with a popular design. It just means that it’s good.

A cherry blossom branch

Good artists create great tattoo designs on your skin. Great artists create tattoo designs for your skin that take into consideration things like placement and environment. I don’t have to tell you which category Hongdam falls into. This cherry blossom branch was designed and laid out perfectly.

A mandala flower

There are few designs that are as captivating and symmetrically satisfying as a well executed mandala flower. Dotwork fill (as seen in the design above) is commonly seen accompanying mandala-themed designs.

A sketch style cat

Disregarding the urban myth that it’s bad luck when a black cat crosses your path, this individual got an epic sketch style cat on their foot which no doubt plays well during the Halloween festivities.

An Egyptian queen

There’s no badder Egyptian queen than Nefertitti. She’s the Cleopatra of her time. The bust of her discovered by a German archaeologistin 1912 revealed a beautiful and elegant figure, which has no doubt fueled the world’s fascination with this powerful Egyptian beauty.

A jellyfish

Filled with beautiful pink flowers, this jellyfish has been modified with beauty in mind. It’s got an almost iridescent combination of blue and purple hues which pair perfectly with the pink and purple flowers.

A tiger’s eye

Here we have another design that doesn’t belong to a female patron but again, the concept was just too interesting to overlook. If you’re looking for an attention grabbing design, then something along the lines of this piercing tiger’s eye will more than get the job done.

A casette

Because why not? Well, having kids come up to you asking “What’s that?” may eventually make you feel old. But I’d never let something as trivial as that get in the way of a good design!

Colorful florals

Couldn’t tell you what type of flowers these are but they appear to be pink in color and use photosynthesis to convert sunlight to food. Unfortunately that’s pretty much all I learned about botany in science class but then again, I do make a great paper airplane.

An alligator

From purely a creative standpoint, the foot offers up endless opportunities for various designs that use the complex anatomy of the foot to create unique and interesting designs. This alligator is merely featured on the inside of the foot but it almost looks as if it’s walking upright when viewed from the right angle.

Dotwork swirls

Contrary to popular belief, the calloused skin on the bottom of the foot does not make it less painful once the needle starts moving. People that have had both the tops and bottoms of their feet inked say that the level of pain is similar. However, tattoos on the soles of the feet have a tendency to age faster than designs on the top of the foot.

A connecting flower

I wouldn’t label this design “mandala” in nature, but instead, well, I’m not really sure what category it falls under. It’s not really geometric. I guess “dotwork symmetrical floral pattern” would suffice. Sometimes describing tattoo designs is difficult.

A connecting ornamental design

This ornamental arrangement looks super pretty. Connecting tattoo designs are a popular concept all over the body. But no location is as suitable to the concept as the foot, which is why you see so many connecting designs on the top of people’s feet.

A bird

No one creates texture quite like Magdalena. Her blackwork designs are crisp and clean in appearance with oodles of dimension thanks to her stylish dotwork fill. Magdalena’s Instagram is one of those must-see portfolios that I highly recommend visiting.


For those of you looking for something pretty but not too much of a commitment, a few sparkly stars like the ones above might be of interest. From the appearance of these stars, it looks as if they were placed with the lines of a sandal in mind.

A beautiful origami crane

I usually try to place the best designs towards the top of the list but every once in a while one of my favorite designs gets overlooked. This little crane is the cutest origami tattoo I think I’ve ever seen. Floral print on an origami design = genius.

A stingray

I never knew that stingrays were a danger to humans until that unfortunate Steve Irwin incident. This design seems to illustrate just how dangerous the tail spine of a stingray can be.

A bold ornamental design

Reminiscent of a mehndi temporary tattoo design, the bold lines of this creation offer a harmonious and vivid image that draws you in from the second you lays eyes upon it. Hannah Monte lives in this particular style and it’s something that you don’t see too often these days.

An acorn

Ever wish you could just rub your skin against the screen and instantly transfer that tattoo onto your skin? Well, we’re not quite there yet but tattoos like the one above make me wish that scientists would hurry up.

Flowers and a face

This is one of my favorite designs created by the late Isaiah Negrete. There’s a lot going on here so I’m not going to try and explain every detail but the focal point of the design is a woman with her face painted to appear like a decorative calavera skull.

A cherry blossom

Cherry blossoms are more spring time than a robin’s nest made from nothing but crocus flowers. And being that spring is just around the corner, what better way to bring in the season of inspiration than with a single cherry blossom tattoo on the top of your foot?

A lioness

Have you ever seen a lioness in person? If you haven’t, let me tell you that your whole opinion of them will completely change once you do. They are absolutely gigantic, and witnessing that power and majesty in person is quite a treat.


I can almost hear a piano playing softly in my head when I look at these beautiful floral works of ink. Flowers are forever a girl’s best friend, and too many floral tattoos isn’t a thing.

A wolf

Here we have another awesome example of Kamil’s signature sketch style of design. This example features a wolf split in half with one side displaying the skull. My favorite portion is the skull—it just looks so raw—but without the intact portion of the design viewers probably wouldn’t know what they were looking at.


I have no idea what “C9” stands for, but if you’re looking for a tiny tattoo—perhaps of someone’s initials—then this is a great example of what a beautiful affect a nice script and a separated gradient fade can achieve.

A skull

Sometimes you come across a design that makes you scratch your head and say “okay,” as in, I wonder what the thinking was during the design phase. It’s a beautiful piece, it’s just a mystery to me as to how you would come up with such a design.

A swan

Swans are beautiful creatures, which is something you definitely don’t have to tell Ira Shmarinova as she routinely features them in her work. The “team” at Sasha Tattooing is overflowing with talent. And Ira is one of their best.

A half mandala flower

You’d like to think that this creation has a corresponding design somewhere in the near vicinity, but half a mandala flower as a stand alone design works well by itself. Symmetrical designs are just so satisfying.

A cute cat

Jessica Svartvit has a highly distinct style that she absolutely owns. Bold lines are what gives her work that heavy letter-pressed look. This is the second of two designs featured on the list and I gotta say it’s my favorite.

A delicate floral bouquet

Tattooist Flower is perhaps the most aptly named tattoo artist in the world. I know “Flower” isn’t her real name but her inking moniker goes perfect with her propensity to create some of the most elegant watercolor floral tattoos in existence.

An arrow

If you look closely you can make out a number of different symbols and shapes that make up the shaft of the arrow. I believe the feathers on the end of the arrow also represent a lotus flower but perhaps that’s just my imagination running wild.

Another lioness

This design definitely falls under the “cool” category. What really stands out about this design is the way the artist illustrates the shading and curvature within the design—in a seemingly unobserved style to me.

Grayscale flowers

When you draw in this particular style, you can pretty much just illustrate a bunch of round blobs in various sizes and positions and it will come out looking spectacular. I’ve been a fan of Yulia’s work for quite some time now and every month or so she releases a truly epic work of art.

Ornamental patterns

If you’re looking for depth and dimension, it’s here. The closest thing to a foot sleeve (sock?) I’ve ever seen, this explosion of patterns and ornamental extras has me hooked. For someone who spends a lot of time staring at her feet, I think I need this design ASAP.

A tiny flower

Like I mentioned before, spring is just around the corner and perhaps the other most commonly spring-associated flower would be none other than the tulip. A small floral tattoo on your foot would be exceedingly elegant and perfect for any woman searching for a first time design.

Long love

Jon Boy is the absolute genius of the tattoo industry, having carved out an almost rock star like living creating tiny tattoo designs that can’t take more than 20 minutes to complete. Gucci, sponsor this man already!

A gradient star

Tiny foot tattoos are the ultimate design choice for those of you girls looking for a first tat idea. They’re fun, affordable, arguably less painful than their larger counterparts, and super low commitment. What’s not to like about this gorgeous little gradient star?