60 Amazing Foot Tattoos Women Actually Want

If you’re wondering where you should get your next tattoo you should know that foot tattoos are totally in right now—as if they ever weren’t. A beautiful floral arrangement or perhaps a symmetrically satisfying mandala flower should do the trick. Tattoos that grace the top of your foot say you’re so much more edgy and independent than a small butterfly under your wrist. The lowly foot tattoo is far from popular, but the designs that we do see are oh-so-memorable. Here’s to the foot tattoo and everything that it embodies. If you can scroll this list of 60 amazing foot tattoos and not be tempted to phone your local tattooist immediately following, well, you’re a whole lot stronger than us.

A small constellation

Tiny constellation tattoos are as popular as ever. The endless design possibilities available make them well-suited for a variety of different situations. This small and simple example couldn’t have been executed with more care.

Green leaves

Here we have another design from Evgenymel and another infusion of his gorgeous shade of metallic turquoise green ink. I guess this falls more into the category of an ankle tattoo but I don’t think you’ll mind.

An ornamental lion

You really can’t go wrong with anything out of Sasha Masiuk’s studio. Both Ira and Sasha have similar styles and their floral and ornamental designs are drop dead gorgeous. The good news is that Sasha recently relocated to Los Angeles, which means she’s become infinitely more accessible.

A shell

Well, much more than just a shell as you can see. I’m usually more of a minimalist but these designs combined together make for a visual feast that wouldn’t be possible if either element was missing. I’ve been following Hongdam on Instagram pretty much since he started posting and he’s always remained one of my favorite artists.

Braided ropes

These designs get an A+ for both originality and execution. I love everything about these braided sections and can’t help but think that they would look like sandals from a distance.


I want to call these mermaid scales but I’m just not sure. I almost wish I had a cute connection like this so I could get a little tattoo of my own. I’m not sure what this condition is called but I’ve seen some pretty creative tattoos decorating this connection.

A minimalistic flower

Small minimalistic designs like the one above have a way of blending into their surroundings that make them ideal for women looking for something stylish and elegant that will never go out of style. I wanna say that this design is a rose but I’m known to be wrong more often than I’m right.

Black ink designs

This is one of those designs that make me wish I was present during the design discussion. I’m 82.3 percent sure that the client gave Jessica a wide creative birth to come up with these wonderful designs but you never know.

A sketch style map

World maps are always popping up on the tops of people’s feet. I get it. It’s a cool concept and nothing reminds you of adventure more than running around barefoot on a beautiful day. Going barefoot is liberating, and reminds you that there’s a whole world under your feet just waiting to be explored.

Gem jewelry

Ever since Korean tattooists started rolling out these gorgeous gem/jewelry designs I’ve had to seriously question my five-year ink plans. I mean, how do I not get one of these designs knowing that they exist in the world?