60 Amazing Foot Tattoos Women Actually Want

If you’re wondering where you should get your next tattoo you should know that foot tattoos are totally in right now—as if they ever weren’t. A beautiful floral arrangement or perhaps a symmetrically satisfying mandala flower should do the trick. Tattoos that grace the top of your foot say you’re so much more edgy and independent than a small butterfly under your wrist. The lowly foot tattoo is far from popular, but the designs that we do see are oh-so-memorable. Here’s to the foot tattoo and everything that it embodies. If you can scroll this list of 60 amazing foot tattoos and not be tempted to phone your local tattooist immediately following, well, you’re a whole lot stronger than us.

An architectural design

This piece is only one piece of the puzzle. The client has another identical tattoo on her other foot but I thought this particular photo looked better so here we are. This design serves as a great reminder that you can literally turn anything into a tattoo—design knows no limits.

A sea turtle

This design is obviously on a guy’s foot, but this list is more about design inspiration in general than being gender correct. Sea turtles are a common design choice among both men and women. However, this design does look a little feminine to me but if I was a guy I definitely wouldn’t mind.

A tiger

This tired tiger is a perfect example of how a little creative thinking can net you a super original design that’s anything but basic—even though the design is in essence nothing more than a basic tiger.


If I had a dollar for every lavender foot tattoo I’ve seen in the last year, I’d have like 15 bucks. But that’s a decent chunk of change, right? Of course there’s nothing wrong with a popular design. It just means that it’s good.

A cherry blossom branch

Good artists create great tattoo designs on your skin. Great artists create tattoo designs for your skin that take into consideration things like placement and environment. I don’t have to tell you which category Hongdam falls into. This cherry blossom branch was designed and laid out perfectly.

A mandala flower

There are few designs that are as captivating and symmetrically satisfying as a well executed mandala flower. Dotwork fill (as seen in the design above) is commonly seen accompanying mandala-themed designs.

A sketch style cat

Disregarding the urban myth that it’s bad luck when a black cat crosses your path, this individual got an epic sketch style cat on their foot which no doubt plays well during the Halloween festivities.

An Egyptian queen

There’s no badder Egyptian queen than Nefertitti. She’s the Cleopatra of her time. The bust of her discovered by a German archaeologistin 1912 revealed a beautiful and elegant figure, which has no doubt fueled the world’s fascination with this powerful Egyptian beauty.

A jellyfish

Filled with beautiful pink flowers, this jellyfish has been modified with beauty in mind. It’s got an almost iridescent combination of blue and purple hues which pair perfectly with the pink and purple flowers.

A tiger’s eye

Here we have another design that doesn’t belong to a female patron but again, the concept was just too interesting to overlook. If you’re looking for an attention grabbing design, then something along the lines of this piercing tiger’s eye will more than get the job done.