60 Gorgeous Girly Tattoos That’ll Convince You to Get Inked

You’ve spent hours, days, months, possibly even years secretly admiring every tattoo design that’s come across your screen. You have a folder full of tattoo designs that would be perfect for you should you choose to get inked. So seriously, what are you waiting for? Tattoos no longer come with the negative taboos of days past. In fact, the right tattoo design can completely change your life in a positive way. If you’re one of those girls that are on the bubble, desperately desiring a tattoo but scared to pull the trigger, I’ve got two words for you: Don’t be. Here, a few tattoo designs that are enough to convince any woman to get inked.

A floral thigh piece

In order to find that perfect, timeless, and oh-so-beautiful tattoo, you will need to look at a ton of different tattoo designs before you can even think about settling on a single design. There’s nothing quite as frustrating as wishing you had a do-over. Which is why I always recommend sitting on any design choice for at least six months before going under the needle. Courtesy of the talented Anzo Choi, here’s a little preview of just how spectacular this list is going to be.

X-ray tulips

When the first X-ray floral tattoos started circulating around the web, people went nuts. My inbox was full of requests and questions pertaining to this new trend and it’s easy to see why. While flowers are all about color, I’ve always thought black and grey ink floral tattoos were more beautiful. So when these ultra-stylized colorless examples of floral tattoos started to emerge, I instantly recognized their potential to become one of the most popular trends of the decade.

A majestic landscape

The first thing that strikes you when looking at this design is the stunning combination of color. The way the artist was able to capture the sun rising across those peaks and replicate the natural beauty of this canyon is terrific. This is one of those tattoos that defines modern ink and defies all logic. You’re not supposed to be able to create tattoos like this!

To travel is to live

These days everyone wants to travel the world, and Youtube and Instagram are seriously inspiring many to do so on a level never before seen. This design definitely falls into that “new school” category, utilizing the ever-so trendy watercolor technique while playing on the romantic notion of traveling the world.


Bold is beautiful, but there’s a certain level of satisfaction and sophistication that accompanies softer and more subtle designs that makes them just as appealing as their bolder, more in-your-face counterparts.

A stunning thigh piece

If you’re looking for something elegant, beautiful, and undeniably feminine, then look no further than the talented Mini Lau. Mini’s lavish style is as consistent as it is awe-inspiring. Her designs are constantly among our most shared across the site, and it’s easy to understand why.

A watercolor map and compass

Banul is a Korean tattoo artist that brings many women’s tattoo dreams to fruition. She’s known for her impressive use of color and detail. Banul is another one of those artists that caters mostly to women due to her ultra-feminine style.

An ornate chest piece

If you have it in you, a large and ornate chest piece like the one above can really set you apart from the crowd and celebrate your individuality at the same time. The transition from dark to light is expertly illustrated with a perfect progression of varying patterns.

Michael Jackson’s feet

This is one of those tattoos that just makes you smile with its creativity and execution. Arguably the most famous pair of feet in the world, this tip toe stance is Michael Jackson’s version of the Air Jordan logo.

A pair of perfectly colored peonies

In order to stand out in an industry loaded with talent, you need to be extra special, i.e., have your own unique style—which of course is a lot easier said than done. Olga Koroleva however, manages to do just that with her sparsely colored, yet highly stylized designs.

A shattered mirror

Tattoos of ornate antique mirror frames are everywhere right now. I’ve seen a new design about once every week for the past year or so it seems so when I say this design is one of the best, you can take my word for it. The soft pastel colors of the broken glass go perfectly with the tones of the weathered metal frame.

A gorgeous crescent moon

I’ve got top scientists working on exactly what this lettering spells out, but one thing is for certain; this crescent moon possesses a harmonious mix of color that captivates and inspires all who lay eyes upon it.

A solar system

Space tattoos are a dime a dozen these days, but this example is truly otherworldly. The crisp lines and vertical orientation give this feast-for-the-eyes a pleasantly symmetrical vibe. The circular accents around the planets complete a well-polished look without making the design appear too cluttered.


Butterfly tattoos sure have come a long ways since the days of dolphins on ankles and I Love Mom heart tattoos. These three butterflies seem to get more detailed as they progress. Banul. Closeups. Please!

A landscape tree

These type of designs are commonly referred to as “double exposure” tattoos in the industry, in reference to two designs being meshed together to create one single work of art. Notice the cosmic swirl visible in the sky.

A painting

Here we have another example of Saegeem’s complete and utter genius. It seems as though nothing is beyond the grasp of Saegeem’s needle and ink. If you’re heading to Skyscanner to purchase a ticket to Korea right now, tell Saegeem we say hi.

The coast

If I was the proud owner of this piece, I would wear nothing but tube tops for the remainder of my time on this earth. This watercolor landscape is a great example of what can happen when tattoos are designed with a specific location in mind.

Peter Pan and his friends

As if Peter Pan and his motley crew weren’t already magical enough, our favorite tattoo artist went ahead and worked a little cosmic creativity into the mix with a beautiful color gradient. Again, I’d love to see a closeup of this design as I’m sure the details are just to die for.

A watercolor shell

Unless you want to be the center of attention everywhere you go, I wouldn’t recommend getting this tattoo design. Kidding of course. But this color scheme is so glorious that I can only imagine the envy it would evoke.

A parrot

If you love parrots, then stay tuned. I’m putting together an awesome article that will feature, yup, you guessed it, nothing but parrot tattoos. However, if you’re expecting more impressive designs than this little grey and blue parrot, you’ll definitely want to lower you expectations because it doesn’t really get any better than this.

Having a soft heart in a cruel world is courage not weakness

In my humble opinion, lettered tattoos don’t get the credit they deserve. While most people aren’t thinking quote or phrase when contemplating tattoo designs, words can be just as powerful as imagery. Of course a beautiful font never hurts.

A crazy cool chest piece

If the whole world staring at your chest is something you don’t fancy, then getting anything along the lines of this widely satisfying and mesmerizing chest piece is probably not a good idea. Desthex, are you serious with this you mad genius!?

A timepiece

Just when I thought a timepiece couldn’t get any more complicated, this beautiful design comes across my desk. If Masa gets anymore complex with his designs, he’s going to have to start labeling his work. Korean tattoo artists are absolutely lighting it up as of late.

Tiny watercolor butterflies

At first I thought a little ink must have gotten on her strap during the tattoo process, but nope, this young lady has a small cloud on her bra. How cool. Anyways, these small watercolor butterflies may look simple, but I can guarantee you that they are anything but. Mini Lau making things look easy as usual.

Ruby red mermaid scales

I’ve come across my share of mermaid scale tattoo designs but I can tell you that nothing I’ve ever seen even comes close to this example. Most of the mermaid scales you’ll see will be green, which makes this ruby red example all the more unique.

A cute panda

We all know how cute baby pandas are, but that viral video of a little panda cub scaring the daylights out of her mom with a surprise sneeze pushed them into rarefied air. And while nothing will ever top that video, when it comes to panda tattoos, this design is pretty dang cute.

A pink peony

In case you are new, peonies rule supreme when it comes to floral tattoos. Of course in real life you can go your whole life without ever laying eyes upon a real peony but that’s beside the point. The abundance of petals all exploding from a bulbus center gives peonies a level of detail which few other flowers can claim.

A hummingbird

As most of you know, no matter what ink you’re using, colors fade with time. It’s just one of those things you have to accept and understand when choosing to go with a tattoo that features vivid colors. Inks have come along ways though, and are constantly getting better in regards to holding their true color over time. But one thing you can do, is choose your colors wisely, like in the case above, darker hues are used which have a tendency to hold their overall integrity as they age.

A beautiful night sky

I usually try not to overload you with too many designs from the same artist but as you can see here, it’s a bit of a fail this time around. Here we have another spectacular example of color and creativity from Korean artist Saegeem.

A snail with wings

Talk about cute. A winged snail is one of those designs you would never imagine yourself with but if you somehow ended up with this design, disappoint would be on the opposite side of the emotional spectrum from how you would be feeling.

A famous impressionist

If I could bring one person back from the dead, it would probably be Vincent van Gogh. He painted some 900 paintings and only sold one of them during his lifetime. Wouldn’t it be cool to tell him that his collective body of work would  make him one of the richest people in the world if it were sold today?

Expect nothing

Reminiscent of a Nike advertisement, these words of wisdom are every gym rat’s dream and so Instagram friendly that your friends will surely grow to hate the constant photos you’ll no doubt be uploading on an hourly basis.

A field

If there’s a tattoo design out there that will instantly lower your blood pressure, this is it. These stalks of something blowing in the wind are a great example of detailed minimalism—if that’s a thing. These window-into-the-world tattoos are an absolute pleasure to view when done correctly.

A delicate dreamcatcher

So fresh it’s still a little swollen, this dainty dreamcatcher tattoo is the epitome of elegance and the perfect complement to your favorite pair of summer shorts.

Pink and purple roses

Can a floral tattoo get any sweeter than this? Flower tattoos are the overwhelming favorite when it comes to women’s tattoo designs. Of course this is expected, but a design as beautiful as the one above will leave even the manliest of men in awe.

A captivating geometric pattern

If you’re going to get a tattoo, you might as well go all out. Sitting, or should I say laying for this mesmerizing back piece probably wasn’t fun nor was it quick, but when you get an end result like this, the end totally justifies the means.

Black and grey ink work

Black and grey ink tattoo designs will always be more elegant than any colored design in my book. Colorful designs are indeed beautiful but there’s something about black and grey that just screams timeless elegance.

A pretty crescent moon

If you’re on the hunt for something simple, stylish, beautiful, and hip, then look no further than this adorable crescent moon. These gradient crescent moons are super popular right now and it’s easy to understand why.

A pink butterfly

Get a butterfly tattoo colored with creamy pink hues that almost blend into your skin tone. This beautiful watercolor butterfly is perfect for women of all ages.

A killer whale

When you have an artist as talented as Doy at your disposal, pretty much any design you choose to get will look amazing. This photo-perfect killer whale design looks as if it just jumped out of the ocean and is only seconds away from disappearing below this girl’s jean line.

A cat

If you’re telling me you’ve seen a better cat tattoo than the one above, I one-hundred-percent wouldn’t believe you. Youyeon has a number of cat tattoos in his portfolio and every single one is as good as the one pictured here.

A floral sea turtle

I mean seriously, is this even a tattoo? This floral shell completely turns what would otherwise be a boring sea turtle design into something super WOW. When in doubt, always add florals.

Elegant roses

It may be kind of hard to tell at first glance, but what makes these roses so unique and intriguing is the slightly transparent nature the artist gave the petals. This is a growing trend which was probably originally inspired by the popular X-ray flower trend.

A mandala thigh piece

Mandala tattoo designs can be found in all different shapes and sizes. Like snowflakes, it seems that no two mandala flowers are exactly alike. If you’re looking for something intricate and symmetrical, a mandala design may be in your not-too-distant future.

Black and grey ink roses

Designs like these make me think that colorful tattoo designs are completely overrated. Or at least that’s how I feel for a few minutes while I’m looking through Dragon’s Instagram. This is a floral design that would look great on both men and women.

A pair of ballet shoes

If you’ve never had the burning desire to become a ballerina while growing up then I envy you. Because aside from those lucky 100 women that make a living via ballet, having to realize your dreams will never come true is a tough pill to swallow. However, a beautiful tattoo like the one above can serve as a reminder of a life-long passion.

A horse

Okay, here we go again. Banul showing off her unbelievable creativity with another breathtaking work of art. This horse stepping through a portal illustrates a love for horses while incorporating a modern and stylish twist to things.

A lakeside cottage

Polish artist Eva Krbdk paints these beautiful circular portraits of the world as she sees it. If you can manage to secure yourself one of her unique landscape works, you’re guaranteed to have a fascinating conversation piece for the rest of your life.

A Dali-inspired design

This design pays tribute to one of Salvador Dali’s most famous works, The Elephants. Completed in 1948, the work features two elephants with extended legs set against a beautiful orange and yellow sunset.

A flowing back piece

The casual nature of these watercolor vines just oozes tranquility. You almost expect them to start blowing in the wind due to their realistic and flowing nature.

A cool alpaca design

I bet you weren’t planning on seeing an alpaca tattoo on this list. Just judging from the crab visible on her other leg, this young lady likes to go down the road less tatted, and we thank you very kindly because without people like you, we wouldn’t have amazing tattoos like this to entertain us.

A segregated galaxy

Space tattoos are a dime a dozen these days, but when you have an artist as creative and talented as Victoria, great things tend to happen no matter what the subject matter may be.


Tulips anyone? An underrated flower if there ever was one, tulips are everything that roses, peonies, and cherry blossoms are and then some when it comes to tattoo designs. Some of my favorite X-ray flower designs are of tulips.

An amazing wrist tattoo

This super cute travel tattoo definitely looks as if it was commissioned directly by Instagram for the pleasure of its users. I mean look at that background!

Blue cherry blossoms

Most people are unaware that cherry blossoms are not all pink. Cherry blossoms come in white, pink, blue, yellow, and even green. These blue cherry blossoms are slightly transparent which adds an extra level of elegance to the mix.

An Alphonse Mucha inspired design

This design was inspired by the paintings of Alphonse Mucha. But what really makes this design interesting is the magical color gradient that effortlessly transitions between colors.

A shoulder piece

The collarbone area has long been a favorite tattoo location for women. A songbird set amongst black and grey ink flowers will always be a classic.

Dotwork peonies

Peonies are super popular right now. They have been for a while, but it seems that every year more and more artists are inking this particular variety of flower. It may sound odd to you but I saw my first peony in the flesh about a months ago, and while the smell wasn’t anything to write home about, they are every bit as beautiful as you would imagine and their popularity is well deserved.

A few gems

Here we have an oldie but a goodie. I always try to showcase only the latest ink but this is a design that I felt never really got the exposure it deserved. Save and share people, save and share!

A vintage watercolor flower

I’m not sure if this design is just a stylish rendering of a rose with a vintage feel to it or if it’s actually supposed to be a tattoo of a dried flower. Either way, there’s no denying the unique look the artist was able to achieve with this design.