60 Gorgeous Girly Tattoos That’ll Convince You to Get Inked

You’ve spent hours, days, months, possibly even years secretly admiring every tattoo design that’s come across your screen. You have a folder full of tattoo designs that would be perfect for you should you choose to get inked. So seriously, what are you waiting for? Tattoos no longer come with the negative taboos of days past. In fact, the right tattoo design can completely change your life in a positive way. If you’re one of those girls that are on the bubble, desperately desiring a tattoo but scared to pull the trigger, I’ve got two words for you: Don’t be. Here, a few tattoo designs that are enough to convince any woman to get inked.

A shattered mirror

Tattoos of ornate antique mirror frames are everywhere right now. I’ve seen a new design about once every week for the past year or so it seems so when I say this design is one of the best, you can take my word for it. The soft pastel colors of the broken glass go perfectly with the tones of the weathered metal frame.

A gorgeous crescent moon

I’ve got top scientists working on exactly what this lettering spells out, but one thing is for certain; this crescent moon possesses a harmonious mix of color that captivates and inspires all who lay eyes upon it.

A solar system

Space tattoos are a dime a dozen these days, but this example is truly otherworldly. The crisp lines and vertical orientation give this feast-for-the-eyes a pleasantly symmetrical vibe. The circular accents around the planets complete a well-polished look without making the design appear too cluttered.


Butterfly tattoos sure have come a long ways since the days of dolphins on ankles and I Love Mom heart tattoos. These three butterflies seem to get more detailed as they progress. Banul. Closeups. Please!

A landscape tree

These type of designs are commonly referred to as “double exposure” tattoos in the industry, in reference to two designs being meshed together to create one single work of art. Notice the cosmic swirl visible in the sky.

A painting

Here we have another example of Saegeem’s complete and utter genius. It seems as though nothing is beyond the grasp of Saegeem’s needle and ink. If you’re heading to Skyscanner to purchase a ticket to Korea right now, tell Saegeem we say hi.

The coast

If I was the proud owner of this piece, I would wear nothing but tube tops for the remainder of my time on this earth. This watercolor landscape is a great example of what can happen when tattoos are designed with a specific location in mind.

Peter Pan and his friends

As if Peter Pan and his motley crew weren’t already magical enough, our favorite tattoo artist went ahead and worked a little cosmic creativity into the mix with a beautiful color gradient. Again, I’d love to see a closeup of this design as I’m sure the details are just to die for.

A watercolor shell

Unless you want to be the center of attention everywhere you go, I wouldn’t recommend getting this tattoo design. Kidding of course. But this color scheme is so glorious that I can only imagine the envy it would evoke.

A parrot

If you love parrots, then stay tuned. I’m putting together an awesome article that will feature, yup, you guessed it, nothing but parrot tattoos. However, if you’re expecting more impressive designs than this little grey and blue parrot, you’ll definitely want to lower you expectations because it doesn’t really get any better than this.