60 Men’s Tattoos You’ll Stand Up And Clap For

Every once in a while I see a guy with a tattoo so awesome that I pull out my phone and ask to take a selfie with it. No. I’m not lying. This is what my life has come to—how writing about tattoos all day has affected my life, or lack there of. But I embrace it, persevere, and keep bringing you the best (self-proclaimed) tattoo lists the internet has to offer because doing so brings me great pleasure. You’re about to see sixty tattoo designs that are all equally awesome. Please hold your applause until after you’re done scrolling ’cause I don’t want you to drop your phone.

Tiger plates

No matter what the content, chest plates like these always give off a Japanese vibe to me. And if I ever join some Japanese organization (like a book club) that requires I get inked, I’d definitely hit up Greg Nicholson.

An abstract work of surrealism

Abstract works of surrealism are becoming more and more popular these days. And it’s no surprise that most of best examples are coming out of Bang Bang in NYC. Maksim Morozov is one of those artists that you give complete creative freedom—no exceptions.

A windy day

Palm trees are awesome. They even look cool blowing in the wind. Even though palm trees are found all over the world, images like the one above always remind me of southern California.

A Marine Crops design

If you make it into the elite Force Reconnaissance division of the Marine Corps, it’s almost a requirement that you get a tattoo in order to make things official. This is one of the most impressive Marine Corps tattoos I’ve seen in a while.

A skull

There’s a lot going on here in a way that makes this design more appealing the father away from it you get (not in a bad way of course). Nathan likes to do these wavy skull designs and this list features two of them.

The Godfather

When you ask your brother or dad what their favorite film is, The Godfather usually comes up more often than not. Maybe it’s because they like it and maybe because it’s the “cool answer.” All men seem to think this is their favorite movie. And I say this mainly because I’ve seen all of the installments and that was plenty enough for me.

A geometric chest piece

I don’t care who you are. If you have this tattoo you’re okay in my book. Just kidding. Let me rephrase that. No matter what kind of person you are, I’ll still tell you I love your tattoo. This has got to be one of the most mesmerizing tattoos I have ever seen in my life.

A neck piece

Not to sound like a broken record. But this spectacular neck cover is another design that belongs in that “most mesmerizing” category without a doubt. Eric Stricker is known for his hypnotizing patterns that command both your appreciation and your attention.


If there’s a cooler pair of corresponding hand tattoos floating around out there I haven’t seen them. Tattooing other artists (especially good ones) can be a nerve-racking experience. But when you’re Dragon, you probably don’t get nervous. Done by Dragon for fellow Bang Bang resident Mr. K.

An x-ray lotus

Speaking of Dragon, here’s what his take on an x-ray lotus flower looks like. If you’ve ever wondered to yourself who the best tattoo artist in the world is, who knows. But one thing’s for sure, Dragon’s name definitely belongs in the conversation.