60 Men’s Tattoos You’ll Stand Up And Clap For

Every once in a while I see a guy with a tattoo so awesome that I pull out my phone and ask to take a selfie with it. No. I’m not lying. This is what my life has come to—how writing about tattoos all day has affected my life, or lack there of. But I embrace it, persevere, and keep bringing you the best (self-proclaimed) tattoo lists the internet has to offer because doing so brings me great pleasure. You’re about to see sixty tattoo designs that are all equally awesome. Please hold your applause until after you’re done scrolling ’cause I don’t want you to drop your phone.

A skull and crown

Well, this turned out well. From the shadowing to the uniform ribbon-like details on the edges of this design make for a crisp and clean design that stands up to the closest scrutiny. What separates a good design from an amazing design are details like these.

A abstract being

This design reminds me of the way they energize in the transporter on Star Trek. Every year, tattoo design branches further into the abstract and the surreal, mimicking art that you’d see in the Museum of Modern Art.

A Great Seal

For those non-Americans out there, this is the Great Seal of the United States, which is found on official documents and the national currency. The olive branches and arrows clutched in the eagle’s talons represent peace and war—powers exclusively held by the US Congress.

A geometric mural

If you don’t mind a little pain, and have a lot of time, money, and patience, then this design is a glimpse of what could be. That is, if Adrian Lee thinks you’re worthy. Seriously, I bet this guy doesn’t even own a shirt.

Leon: The Professional

Leon: The Professional is a seriously underrated movie. Well, saying that it’s an underrated film wouldn’t be fair because it does have great reviews and everyone that sees it loves it. Saying that the film doesn’t get the exposure it’s due is more accurate.

A retired King

When I was putting together this list I didn’t imagine or plan that there would be so many skeletons with crowns but sometimes that’s just the way the cookie crumbles. Of course you won’t mind though since they’re all epic in every way.

Snoop Dog

I’d be willing to bet that Inal Berskov has never had a disappointed client in his life. Snoop d o double g is the gangster you bring home to mom. He has that sweet and innocent vibe about him. Apologies if I’m hurting your street cred Snoopy but it’s true!


Turan loves inking evergreen trees and let’s all just take a minute to thank him for that. If trees are your thing or you just want to check out other amazing examples of trees, make sure to check out Turan’s Instagram profile when you’re done here.

A multi-exposure tiger design

There’s so much going on here I don’t even know where to start so I’m just going to sit back and clap. John Monteiro, you Sir are amazing. Keep up the good work and please don’t raise your prices because some day I’m going to find you and we’re going to create something truly beautiful together.

A cicada

Random, I know. But when it comes to the work of master tattooist Pawel Indulski, you don’t ask questions nor do criticize because, well, there’s just never anything negative to say about any of his work.