60 Stunning Ink Ideas For Men This Year

You’ve gave it a lot of thought and now you’re finally going to pull the trigger. A new tattoo, a first tattoo, whatever it may be you’ll definitely want to make it good. Getting a tattoo is a right of passage that every man should experience in his life. But don’t make the mistake of letting your emotions get the best of your design. What do I mean by this? Well, many people get so excited about simply getting a tattoo that they don’t put enough thought into the context of the design itself—which of course is the whole point of getting a tattoo in the first place. There are good tattoos and then there are bad tattoos, don’t be a victim of the latter. These 60 tattoo designs all qualify as excellent, but make sure to get something meaningful that speaks to you on more than just an aesthetic level.

De Niro

Everything okay there Bob? Obviously when it comes to portrait tattoos you need an extremely talented artist before you can even consider getting one done. Portraits are notoriously difficult to ink, and are so much less forgiving than any other type of design. With that being said, Goldy is one of the best in the business—as if that even needed to be said.

A beautiful ride

Composed of silky smooth colors that any airbrushed design would be jealous of, this circular motorcyclist’s view is just so fascinating to look at. Even though I don’t own a motorcycle or have ever been on a motorcycle this design makes me want to purchase one and learn how to ride it later.

A skull tat

Obviously not everyone’s cup of tea, but if you have the desire and a high enough pain threshold, then getting a tattoo along the lines of the skull topper would be a pretty sweet thing to do. Both the design and the location make this design an unforgettable sight.

A love hate relationship

If you’ve seen a more bipolar tattoo design than this one, please let me know. I have seen this exact same design a few different times but this is by far my favorite. The location as well as the execution are simply divine. Not the most work friendly tattoo out there though I must say.

A white wolf

I’m currently in the process of putting together a collection of wolf tattoos, and when I stumbled upon this design it made such a lasting impression on me that I pulled it from the list to feature in this article. The shadowy background and the white fur of the wolf give this design a truly dynamic feel.

A toe tag

For those quirky guys out there that like to have fun with their tattoos, this ultra concealable toe tag design will bring you pure and utter satisfaction—not to mention possible help out the coroner when the time comes.

A genius

Einstein was born prematurely, but that obviously didn’t affect his cognitive development. I’ve always been a big fan of black and grey ink designs that feature small amounts of color. The monochromatic tones really set up the color portion well with a sort of “framing” effect.

A prisioner

Whether you’re looking for more attention at the beach, or just happen to find yourself sitting in Ben Thomas’ chair with a handful of cash, getting a tattoo like the one above will forever change your life. This is one of those tattoo designs that you can stare at for hours without getting tired of it.

A clock

I’ve seen a lot of clock tattoos in my day but nothing quite as elegant as the design above. Oozing minimalism, this tasteful clock is the sort of tattoo design that doesn’t even really look like a tattoo design if you know what I mean (It’s just so classy).

A cosmic triangle

These shapes are sometimes referred to as “Infinity triangles,” which totally makes sense if you take a second to follow the lines. Adrian is one of our favorite watercolor tattooists and loves to throw a little cosmic madness into his designs. I’ve always thought that the cosmos are some of Mother Nature’s most beautiful work.