60 Tiny Tattoos That Demand Your Attention

A tiny tattoo can be just as captivating as a larger one. The fact that our lists of small tattoo designs get more attention, more shares, and more feedback than any other content we publish proves that people enjoy tattoos smaller in size, or so it would seem, over their larger counterparts. From tiny flocks of birds in flight to flowers and bumble bees, the random diversity of designs on this list ensures that everyone’s tastes are accounted for. Sometimes all it takes is a few drops of ink to create something truly beautiful and breathtaking. Whatever your preferences may be, here are 60 exceptional cool tiny tattoos any woman would approve of.

Peter Pan

Just because you’re in the market for a tiny tattoo, doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice that “wow factor.” As you can see from the example above,  small tattoo designs can possess extraordinary amounts of detail thanks to the micro needle setups artists are using these days.


Tattoos of bubbles are not very common. In fact, aside from the occasional fish tattoo, I rarely stumble upon these sort of designs because, well, bubbles are usually pretty boring. That is, unless you have creative genius and all-star tattooer Saegeem at your disposal. Bubbles are supposed to be basic, but I guess no one told Saegeem that.

A watercolor clock

This awesome and elegant clock design is proof that watercolor accents do indeed make everything better. Something as simple as an unremarkable timepiece can be transformed into a thing of beauty with a little technique and the right combination of color.

Rock ‘n’ Roll

Quick and relatively painless tattoos are super popular right now for a variety of different reasons—mainly being cost and commitment. And while tiny birds, butterflies, and hearts are adorable, small word tattoos cater to everyone’s individual situation. Rock ‘n’ Roll might be dead, but its memories will live on forever.

A heart-shaped sunset

Landscape tattoos are a fascinating alternative to what most people would consider traditional tattoo designs. Their sheer complexity and depth always manages to lull viewers into a temporary state of astonishment. The heart-shaped confines and the tropical theme of this design make it one of our favorites.

Blue birds

If this were a competition, Mini would definitely be standing atop the podium come medal time. Chinese artist Mini Lau has long been one of our go-to artists for tiny tattoo designs. Her attention to detail and unparalleled eye for color never disappoint. These tiny blue birds are simply divine.


Tiny tattoo designs don’t get any sweeter than this little cluster of cherries. In today’s day and age, complicated and creative designs seem to get all the attention. But more traditional designs like this cluster of cherries will always have their place at the table.

A geometric crescent moon

This design features a blue crescent moon with multicolored facets. The lower portion of the back of the neck is the perfect place for any tiny tattoo design. This location is easily concealable and extremely complementary when paired with revealing tops.


Butterflies are always a popular tattoo choice, but some of my favorite examples are the smallest versions. Each of these tiny designs are jam-packed with detail and illustrated in vivid color.

A plaid heart

This is probably the first plaid patterned tattoo design you have ever seen, but seeing as Saegeem has been experimenting with this particular style, I can guarantee you that it won’t be the last. That is, unless you never come back. Then I will just be sad. Isn’t this pattern just gorgeous!?

A skull

This list was created for women, but if you’re not really into the whole girly vibe thing, something along the lines of this skull might be of interest to you. Small finger tattoos are some of our most shared content so I try to create new lists as often as possible.

A floral wreath

Floral wreath tattoos are a thing of beauty. And if I didn’t have a severe tattoo addiction—which I’m trying to address—one would definitely be in my immediate future. These type of wreath tattoos always look better with more muted tones as opposed to brighter colors.

Ocean items

Decorate your arm with tiny tattoos from the sea. Seashells, starfish, coral, and fish. Everything you could possible want to create a beautiful ocean-themed setting is here. I have a feeling that this is the beginning of a fascinating and life-long obsession.

A pink peony

I know. My lists are full of peonies. But if you keep up with the latest and greatest tattoo designs, you would know that it’s virtually impossible to ignore them as they’re absolutely everywhere—in a good way of course.

Yeah baby

Tiny lettering on the inside of your fingers will instantly get you more social media followers in case you didn’t know. Funny story. My friend had the word “Patience” tattooed in the exact same location as the design above. I didn’t even notice it until some random stranger noticed it in public. I said to my friend “Wow that’s cool, when did you get that?!” She replied “Six years ago.” Long story short: These types of designs are ultra low-key.

A hummingbird

These rib cage tattoos always make for the best photo ops. There’s something about the sideways stance and the shirt hiked up with the crossed arms in front that just works works works. But. Ya. This tattoo is pure magic in itself.

A scorpion

Finally someone with a behind-the-ear tat that actually has short hair. This particular placement is relatively common, but the women who have them usually have long hair which completely hides the design unless their hair is put back. The ultimate goal when getting any design is to make it look like it belongs on your body. This scorpion achieves that and then some.

An ankle piece

Here we have a Pisces zodiac symbol tattoo. Two fish flanking a Pisces constellation is a trend that I come across on a fairly regular basis. The lightly-drawn fish act more as a background accent and accentuate the  bold lines of the constellation.

A floral fly

This is another fantastic example of just how beautiful a detail-packed tiny tattoo design can be. From the floral pattern to the gently colored wings, Bryan Gutierrez definitely delivered the goods this time around.

Colorful fish

Korean tattoo artists really excel when it comes to tiny colorful tattoo designs. I would give you a list of each and every Korean tattooist that produces work on this level but then I’d probably be here all day. If you scroll through a few of the lists on SB you’ll get a heavy dose of Korean ink.

A tiny blue blossom

Cherry blossoms come in blue in case you didn’t know. So if you’re looking for something tiny and elegant, and I do mean tiny, then this micro flower blossom might be something of interest to you.

An old book

A love for books is best celebrated with a tiny tattoo, don’t ya think? This weathered leather bound book looks like it has a story to tell far beyond what’s simply written on its pages. Getting a small tattoo that represents something you’re passionate about is a great way to ensure you’ll be content with it for years to come.

A girl and a bow

Playful, cute, and creative, this rib cage piece will definitely give you something that no one else has. Taking the time to design a unique and original work makes the final product all the more special.

An X-ray flower

Just when you thought you’d seen enough X-ray floral tattoos to last you a lifetime, BAM! You get hit with this magical arrangement of ink. Some X-ray tattoos are better than others if you hadn’t already noticed.

A creative design

Sometimes a tattoo doesn’t have to be of anything in particular. Abstract designs don’t always have to be so obvious. At first glance, this design appears to be a constellation or a map of some sort, but nope, it’s just a beautiful arrangement on ink.


Straight, simple, and to the point. It’s all about having the right mindset, right? When most people think of ankle tattoos, they imagine a tattoo inked on the side of the ankle. However, this back-of-the-ankle location is much more interesting.


Just when you thought it couldn’t get any simpler than that small “Mindset” tattoo, literally the simplest tattoo design ever inked shows up and demonstrates the true meaning of minimalism.

An ornate mirror

Mirror mirror on the wall, who has the most beautiful tattoo of them all? Who really knows, because unless you have some sort of extraordinary mirror setup, you’ll never be able to look directly into this one.

A Monet

The life of Claude Monet is an incredibly sad story. But luckily for us, it didn’t affect his ability to paint all those beautiful masterpieces. There are a few artists that have had success recreating Monet’s landscape paintings in ink. Saegeem is one of those artists.

A peony

Svetlana’s style always reminds me of Amanda Wachob’s style when it comes to floral designs. Now I know they are both very different artists with their own unique bodies of work but there are subtle hints of familiarity in the way they each draw flowers.

Socks on the line

First things first, tattoos should always be fun. Beautiful, yet fun. These striped socks hanging on a clothesline are both fun and cute, and when you take a closer look at how the artist illustrated the socks using negative space for the white sections of the socks things get even more magical.

A stunning landscape

The key to a great tattoo design is to hire a great artist. That may sound funny but sadly it’s a fact. No matter how creative or professional a tattoo artist may be, there is no substitute for skill. Finding the best tattoo artist you can afford will go a long ways towards the overall satisfaction of your design.

Emilia Clarke’s Game of Thrones dragon tattoos

These three little dragons belong to Game of Thrones actress Emilia Clarke. She got the tattoos to commemorate the ending of the show. Tattoos that have deep emotional meanings can be powerful symbols.

A tulip

Tiny ankle tattoos are great options for those looking to get their first tattoo design. It’s low risk, just-to-see-how-I-like-it nature makes it a place where many women choose to get initiated into the wonderful world of ink.

A seashell

If you think that seashells are too basic for your taste, let me assure you that that doesn’t have to be the case. Case in point; the design above. In fact, the luminescent qualities of this design will probably have you shifting your viewing angle just to check if the design has any color-shifting properties.

Baby cakes

I included this design on the list just because it’s what my dad use to call my mom when he was trying to be suave. I couldn’t help but laugh, but the step down nature of the lettering is an undeniably cool concept which would translate well to most words and phrases.

A single character

A far safer option than getting your beau’s full name tattooed into your skin, simply getting an initial of your loved one is a classy and far more versatile option that may make sense to you. The sentiment is still there but with a much lighter degree of commitment.

A heart

Hearts are probably the single most frequently tattooed design in the world. Which is why I’m always so shocked to see new designs that I’ve never seen before. And this is coming from someone who spends ten hours a day looking at nothing but tattoo designs.

A California sunset

I don’t know what’s more beautiful: California, or this tattoo of California. Saegeem strikes again with another stunningly creative landscape design. If there is anyone that can give Eva Krbdk a run for her money, it’s definitely Saegeem.

A playful heart

Not sure if I’m just getting old or what, but the details of this design are so small that I literally had to roll my chair closer to the screen. Speaking earlier of unique heat-shaped designs, this one definitely falls into that category as well.

An elephant

NYC’s Bang Bang studio is pretty much a gigantic black hole that sucks every talented artist from around the world into its confines. They’re about two artists away from having a monopoly in the entire tattoo industry. Don’t we have laws to prevent this kind of thing from happening!? 😉

A plane

Airliner tattoos are everywhere right now. Get yours while the getting’s still good. But please, one Instagram photo a week is more than enough. We get it though, you’re excited!

A night sky

Okay, pinky promise this is the last landscape I force you to look at today. Oh wait, you can’t force the willing. I know this list is supposed to only feature small tattoos but by sneaking these slightly larger works into the mix I may just convince you to go bigger!

A star

One can never go wrong with a cosmic star tattoo on their ankle. Make sure you add plenty of detail of course—simple stars are so 2002.

A cat

I’m not sure what the bulbus bone in your ankle is called, but lately I’ve seen a number of tattoos that use to the bone as a prop to great effect. I was going to include this design in the cat tattoo list I published last week but I didn’t have room. Yes, it really is that good.

Nothing compares to you

Phrases like these are perfect for Instagram and Pinterest. Like, a million likes perfect. Everyone is a hopeless romantic whether they like to admit it or not.

A small camera

Say cheese! These tiny camera finger tattoos have been done to death but that’s just because they are so friggin’ cool. The small red light on this example really takes it over the top.


Love. The most powerful four-letter word in existence. And speaking of tattoos designed specifically for their Instagrammability, this lovely little index finger design is perfect for just about every situation imaginable.

Single line gradient flowers

Continuity meets a beautiful soft and subtle gradient. Purple, to red, to peach is what it looks like from here. Simple, yet complex at the same time.

A micro heart

There’s tiny and then there’s micro. This is the latter. Anatomical heart tattoos are a dime a dozen. But I have to say, this is the smallest example I’ve yet to come across.

A bumble bee

Bees are beautiful, but oh-so-scary. I want to love them but after a particularly nasty incident involving a bee in my hoodie, I’ve developed a sever phobia which I don’t see myself getting over anytime soon. Bee tattoos are cool though, if not a little terrifying.

A bird

This was my first tattoo design. Well, not this exact design but pretty close. Unfortunately mine is a little too “mature” and its photogenic period has long since come and gone.

A creative cat tattoo

Any good pet owner considers their pets part of the family. This bond leads to a ton, and I mean a ton of cat and dog tattoos which is completely understandable being a dog owner and future dog tattoo owner myself.

A little angel

Yes, tattoos are of course considered art. But if any tattoos were to fit into that category of “fine art” this would be one of them for sure. Landscapes, photo realism pets, renaissance paintings, is there anything that this guy doesn’t do?

A lotus

Aside from mandala and more ornamental designs, the lotus flowers are in a bit of a recession considering how popular they used to be. I’m hoping that will change soon because I’ve always been a huge fan.

A cup of coffee

If you’re currently in a committed relationship with caffeine, then getting a small cup of coffee tattooed to your wrist will do nothing but bring the two of you closer.

A dreamcatcher

If you’re in the market for a dreamcatcher tattoo, stop what you’re doing right now, put on something comfortable, get a warm cup of tea and head over to Mini Lau’s Instagram page. No ones dreamcatcher game is anywhere near hers.

A tiny tropical scene

There’s something so nostalgic about palm trees set against beautiful sunsets. It makes you wonder: If say palm trees and conifers had their roles reversed, would a Christmas tree set against an amazing tropical sunset evoke the same feelings?

Flowers in a bottle

Let’s all take a moment to celebrate the flawless job Lindsay did with this bottle. The way she captured the light’s reflection in the glass with the subtle addition of a little white ink makes me wanna cry tears of joy.


Good things come through perseverance. Like this tattoo design. If lettering is your thing, then please let me introduce you to Hector Daniels. His lettering/fonts are truly a sight to be seen.