60 Tiny Tattoos That Demand Your Attention

A tiny tattoo can be just as captivating as a larger one. The fact that our lists of small tattoo designs get more attention, more shares, and more feedback than any other content we publish proves that people enjoy tattoos smaller in size, or so it would seem, over their larger counterparts. From tiny flocks of birds in flight to flowers and bumble bees, the random diversity of designs on this list ensures that everyone’s tastes are accounted for. Sometimes all it takes is a few drops of ink to create something truly beautiful and breathtaking. Whatever your preferences may be, here are 60 exceptional cool tiny tattoos any woman would approve of.

A skull

This list was created for women, but if you’re not really into the whole girly vibe thing, something along the lines of this skull might be of interest to you. Small finger tattoos are some of our most shared content so I try to create new lists as often as possible.

A floral wreath

Floral wreath tattoos are a thing of beauty. And if I didn’t have a severe tattoo addiction—which I’m trying to address—one would definitely be in my immediate future. These type of wreath tattoos always look better with more muted tones as opposed to brighter colors.

Ocean items

Decorate your arm with tiny tattoos from the sea. Seashells, starfish, coral, and fish. Everything you could possible want to create a beautiful ocean-themed setting is here. I have a feeling that this is the beginning of a fascinating and life-long obsession.

A pink peony

I know. My lists are full of peonies. But if you keep up with the latest and greatest tattoo designs, you would know that it’s virtually impossible to ignore them as they’re absolutely everywhere—in a good way of course.

Yeah baby

Tiny lettering on the inside of your fingers will instantly get you more social media followers in case you didn’t know. Funny story. My friend had the word “Patience” tattooed in the exact same location as the design above. I didn’t even notice it until some random stranger noticed it in public. I said to my friend “Wow that’s cool, when did you get that?!” She replied “Six years ago.” Long story short: These types of designs are ultra low-key.

A hummingbird

These rib cage tattoos always make for the best photo ops. There’s something about the sideways stance and the shirt hiked up with the crossed arms in front that just works works works. But. Ya. This tattoo is pure magic in itself.

A scorpion

Finally someone with a behind-the-ear tat that actually has short hair. This particular placement is relatively common, but the women who have them usually have long hair which completely hides the design unless their hair is put back. The ultimate goal when getting any design is to make it look like it belongs on your body. This scorpion achieves that and then some.

An ankle piece

Here we have a Pisces zodiac symbol tattoo. Two fish flanking a Pisces constellation is a trend that I come across on a fairly regular basis. The lightly-drawn fish act more as a background accent and accentuate the  bold lines of the constellation.

A floral fly

This is another fantastic example of just how beautiful a detail-packed tiny tattoo design can be. From the floral pattern to the gently colored wings, Bryan Gutierrez definitely delivered the goods this time around.

Colorful fish

Korean tattoo artists really excel when it comes to tiny colorful tattoo designs. I would give you a list of each and every Korean tattooist that produces work on this level but then I’d probably be here all day. If you scroll through a few of the lists on SB you’ll get a heavy dose of Korean ink.