60 Tiny Tattoos That Demand Your Attention

A tiny tattoo can be just as captivating as a larger one. The fact that our lists of small tattoo designs get more attention, more shares, and more feedback than any other content we publish proves that people enjoy tattoos smaller in size, or so it would seem, over their larger counterparts. From tiny flocks of birds in flight to flowers and bumble bees, the random diversity of designs on this list ensures that everyone’s tastes are accounted for. Sometimes all it takes is a few drops of ink to create something truly beautiful and breathtaking. Whatever your preferences may be, here are 60 exceptional cool tiny tattoos any woman would approve of.

A bumble bee

Bees are beautiful, but oh-so-scary. I want to love them but after a particularly nasty incident involving a bee in my hoodie, I’ve developed a sever phobia which I don’t see myself getting over anytime soon. Bee tattoos are cool though, if not a little terrifying.

A bird

This was my first tattoo design. Well, not this exact design but pretty close. Unfortunately mine is a little too “mature” and its photogenic period has long since come and gone.

A creative cat tattoo

Any good pet owner considers their pets part of the family. This bond leads to a ton, and I mean a ton of cat and dog tattoos which is completely understandable being a dog owner and future dog tattoo owner myself.

A little angel

Yes, tattoos are of course considered art. But if any tattoos were to fit into that category of “fine art” this would be one of them for sure. Landscapes, photo realism pets,┬árenaissance paintings, is there anything that this guy doesn’t do?

A lotus

Aside from mandala and more ornamental designs, the lotus flowers are in a bit of a recession considering how popular they used to be. I’m hoping that will change soon because I’ve always been a huge fan.

A cup of coffee

If you’re currently in a committed relationship with caffeine, then getting a small cup of coffee tattooed to your wrist will do nothing but bring the two of you closer.

A dreamcatcher

If you’re in the market for a dreamcatcher tattoo, stop what you’re doing right now, put on something comfortable, get a warm cup of tea and head over to Mini Lau’s Instagram page. No ones dreamcatcher game is anywhere near hers.

A tiny tropical scene

There’s something so nostalgic about palm trees set against beautiful sunsets. It makes you wonder: If say palm trees and conifers had their roles reversed, would a Christmas tree set against an amazing tropical sunset evoke the same feelings?

Flowers in a bottle

Let’s all take a moment to celebrate the flawless job Lindsay did with this bottle. The way she captured the light’s reflection in the glass with the subtle addition of a little white ink makes me wanna cry tears of joy.


Good things come through perseverance. Like this tattoo design. If lettering is your thing, then please let me introduce you to Hector Daniels. His lettering/fonts are truly a sight to be seen.