70 Cat Tattoos, The Best You’ll Ever See

Everyone that has ever had a cat knows that they make the best of friends. And people without cats just don’t understand. Why do you think some people have what seems like a hundred cats? It’s because they’re so darn cool! So it should come as no surprise that many people want to keep their cats forever—even 38 years is far to short. Here are some of the best examples of people who have memorialised their cat, in ink, forever.

An upside down kitten

You wouldn’t want to have to turn your heard upside down every time you want to get a look at your little kitten now would you? If your cats are anything like my dogs, they probably spend a fair amount of time on their backs. This is a great pose, which also gives you the benefit of looking at your cat in the correct orientation while seated.

An unlikely friendship

Cats and dogs aren’t known to have the most amicable of relationships, but those of you with both species under the same roof know that under the right circumstances, cats and dogs can get along swimmingly.

A touch of brown

An expert use of negative space and just a hint of watercolor fill give this cat an air of elegance and intrigue. But don’t spend too much time in the sun, or your kitty might just disappear.

A decorative design

Little “extras” that can be seen around this cat that tend to remind you of Doctor Woo’s work. Impeccable detail and the smallest addition of color for the nose and eyes.

A playful kitty

Lounging in the company of a single stalk of wheat, Sona is rendered in a three-dimensional sense with her paw reaching out towards you. Adding the cats name to the piece is a nice touch.

A watercolor cat

While reflecting on our love for watercolor tattoo designs of any sort, I can’t help but notice my second favorite style of ink (sketched) is also incorporated into this design. Cute, abstract, and oh so original.

A curious kitty

Although the majority of the designs on this list are packed full of intricate details, this little kitten’s pupils just might end up stealing the show.

A geometric design

Over the past few years, gradient color patterns have been absolutely everywhere. And by everywhere, I’m mainly talking about the wide world of web design. But that doesn’t mean that these magical transitions of color haven’t influenced other aspects of design as well. This geometric cat illustrates a smooth transition of color, which fades from blue, to purple, to red.

A realistic representation

People get tattoos of their cats because they want to remember them. And there’s no better way to remember a furry friend than by getting the most realistic representation of them possible. So if you can find an artist with the skill to do your cat justice you’ll be able to remember your cat exactly as they were.

A heart

First of all, can we just take a minute to appreciate the beauty and creativity of this wonderful composition? Youyeon is a extraordinary artist and his work gives the word “perfection” new meaning. And we’re glad he has a fondness for our feline friends—more cat tattoos for everyone!