70 Cat Tattoos, The Best You’ll Ever See

Everyone that has ever had a cat knows that they make the best of friends. And people without cats just don’t understand. Why do you think some people have what seems like a hundred cats? It’s because they’re so darn cool! So it should come as no surprise that many people want to keep their cats forever—even 38 years is far to short. Here are some of the best examples of people who have memorialised their cat, in ink, forever.

A creative cat

I’m not going to pretend to know what’s going on here but I can tell you that this particular design falls exactly in line with what someone would assume a cat designed by David Peyote would look like. Lots of gradient fades set against bold black fill makes for powerful imagery.

A couple cats just doing life

You know what they say, “Two cats are cuter than one.” Okay, maybe I’m getting my phrases confused but I think anyone who loves cats would agree that two cats are definitely cuter to watch playing together than one by his or herself. And as any cat lover knows, one cat quickly turns into two cats and before you know it, you’ve got a clowder.

A delightful dotwork design

It’s no secret that the dotwork style of design is the most popular trend of the last decade. Creating any design in a way that leaves each individual dot discernible to the naked eye gives an image a soft and inviting appearance.

A cute kitten

If you get a tattoo of anything even close to resembling this little adorable ball of fluff, then I can guarantee that you’ll never be sad again. Boyfriend dumps you? Just look at your wrist. Drop your phone in the toilet? Just look at your wrist. Keeping a small reminder of everything that’s good in this world can have serious emotional benefits.

A cosmic kitty

There’s no denying that the whole “cosmic” thing has been everywhere as of late. Constellations, nebulas, entire galaxies, it’s the wonder of space no doubt that has everyone clamoring for more. A grey cat is beautiful by itself, but add a little cosmic flare to the mix and bingo, you’ve got yourself an instant classic.

A floral cat

Women love flowers. We want them all the time. We take time to revel in their beauty and we smell them any chance we get. Oh ya. We also like to put them into our tattoos.

A gradient outline

Color gradients aren’t just for signup boxes, logos, and text fill. They also make for some pretty epic tattoo designs—specifically when used to color a single outline.

A carrot

Call me silly, but some of my favorite time with my dogs is when I’m laying on the bed and they’re giving me this exact look from this exact position. They get me, and I get them. And while I may not have cats, I can imagine that any cat owners have the same feels.

A TV to play with

Not to bring up my dogs again, but it’s really the only way I can relate since I have no cats, nor have I ever (it’s an allergy thing, cats are adorable and I’m sure I’d have a few if I wasn’t so allergic), but the youngest of my two dogs spends more time than my neighbors would like barking at the TV. However it is hilarious, and getting a tattoo of something that made me smile would be a great way to remember them.

A shelter

Cats are natural hiders. This cat taking refuge in the shadow of its owner’s bosom is an adorable concept that I just might have to steal! If you want to take your little one with you forever, choosing a creative placement will make it all the more special.