70 Compass Tattoos for Wanderlust Warriors

Compass tattoos—they’re pretty neat. Just the thought of traveling to far flung corners of the globe is exhilarating. And as someone who travels quite a bit, I can tell you that the idea of traveling is often more exciting than when you’re actually on the road itself. It’s that notion of being in a better place, that pasture of greener grass, that urge to see and be places that you’ve never been before that releases those adventure endorphins in your brain. With all that being said, a compass tattoo is enough to evoke all of those feelings and more. So if you love travel, or at least the idea of traveling, then a compass may just be the perfect design for you. Ahead, are 70 of the best examples of compass tattoos you’re likely to see all day.

Matching compass tattoos

Maybe you and your partner love to travel. Or maybe you just like the aesthetic properties of a compass. Either way, getting a matching set of couple tattoos will help you and your significant other find your way together should you ever get lost along the way.

A beautiful back shoulder piece

Banul strikes again with another absolutely triumphant example of feminine beauty. Korean tattooist Banul does it all, but her floral-infused designs are perhaps my favorite. Seriously, how much are flights to Korea right now?

A scenic compass tattoo

Thanks mostly to Eva Krbdk, circular landscape tattoos are kind of a big deal these days. Many artists dabble, but few actually do these types of designs justice. As you can see, Banul is clearly one of the exceptions. And adding the elements of a compass to the outer rim of the design is a beautiful concept.

A couple of climbers

Believe it or not, the compass is still an important piece of kit for hikers and climbers today. With modern technology, it’s easy to overlook basic navigational equipment like the compass. But fancy tools require batteries and, well, just aren’t as reliable as a good old fashioned compass.

A delicate design

This is one of those designs that gets more and more impressive the longer you stare at it. If you look at the small compartments towards the center of the design you’ll notice some of the most subtly shaded areas you will ever see. But then again, what else would you expect from Doctor Woo?

A sketchy compass

Fun fact: The Chinese “south pointing spoon” is one of the earliest recorded examples of a compass. It consisted of a spoon that pointed south. Surprising. I know.

A small wrist piece

I love seeing tattoos in places where you don’t usually see tattoos. Now I’m not saying that the wrist is anything close to an “unusual” tattoo location, but the upper wrist, I mean, if you were getting a compass tattoo, this would probably be one of the last places you would think of putting it.

A mandala compass tattoo

Now this design is interesting. Out of the thousands of compass tattoos I’ve seen in my life, I don’t think I’ve ever come across one with a mandala twist to it. This design is guaranteed to incite oohh’s and aahh’s and keep you styling for years to come.

A wonderful watercolor forearm design

Jules Boho is an amazing tattooist that favors the watercolor style of design. Her works include just about every subject matter you can imagine and her creative vision is always present in each of her designs. Watercolor designs are beautiful, but what Jules is able to do with ink and a needle is almost something else entirely.

A complex compass

Get something that you can’t wait to show off to the world. Tattoos should not only be special, but they should be points of immense pride and accomplishment. If your friends and family aren’t completely sick of your tattoo, then you definitely left something on the table. If you’re wondering what an amazing tattoo looks like, see above.