80 Reasons Why Every Girl Needs A Tiny Tattoo

A tiny tattoo is something every girl thinks about getting at least once during her lifetime. And now that the social stimga associated with tattoos is almost zero, we’re starting to see a lot more women turn their desires into realities. But with tiny tats being so cute, quick, and affordable, they have a tendency to be addicting. Really addicting. In fact, if you get a small tattoo, there’s an 76 percent chance you’ll get another. Okay, I just made that up, but there’s no denying the power that even the smallest tattoo wields. Here are 80, persuasive examples of why every girl needs a tiny tattoo.

Be strong

Sometimes we need a little extra inspiration to make it through the day. A tattoo design that looks good is nice, but when a tattoo has meaning or a message behind it, things get taken up a notch. I’m in absolute love with this font, and the whole stem flower thing is a beautiful concept.

A butterfly wing

I’ve seen my fair share of butterfly tattoos, but the above design is something I really wasn’t prepared for. The color, the detail, this is one of those amazing examples of what can happen when everything comes together perfectly for a super talented artist.

A smiley face

Many people get a tiny tattoo as a way to test the tattoo waters by dipping one toe in the pond before diving in head first. While tiny tattoos are cheaper, a lot less painful, and a lot less time consuming, possibly their biggest pro is that they are low commitment—meaning they can be removed and concealed easier should the need occur. And as far a commitment free designs go,  this little bottom-of-the-toe tattoo definitely takes the cake.

A giraffe

If you frequent Instagram, then you know how popular these behind-the-ear tattoos are becoming. They look great. They’re trendy. And they’re easy to conceal with your hair should the occasion call for it.

A flower

Sternum tats are cool, but as a woman, I really can’t imagine how often you would get to put them on display. But you know what? That doesn’t really matter. Tattoos are for YOU just as much as they are for others.

A few butterflies

If Mother Nature had tattoos, they would probably look something like this. Nature is the ultimate artist. And she doesn’t mind if you copy her work.

A camera

In today’s day and age, photos are everything. And although we all have cameras on our phones, it never hurts to have a little backup. Instagram is full of tiny camera tattoos on fingers, but this example is the best I’ve seen to date.

A sultry skeleton

It’s designs like these that always make me wonder “How did they come up with this amazing design!?” Instagram descriptions usually provide minimal details, but even without, I’m sure this adorable little skeleton has a fascinating back story.

A wisp of watercolor smoke

How cool is this? When the first watercolor tattoos started to pop up, people were in absolute awe. How could such an abstract concept transition to ink? And even more importantly, where can I get one? Finding an artist that can give you a quality watercolor design is a lot easier than it sounds.

Stay gold

This is one of those tattoos that just oozes awesomeness. I mean no matter who you are or what you do, this design will make your person instantly more Instagramable. And not in an “Look at me I’m cute” sort of way but a “I run LA” sort of way. 

A gradient heart

I know. I know. You’ve seen this tattoo before. It’s literally been everywhere and probably has millions of views on Pinterest alone but no tiny tattoo list would be complete without it. A perfect shade of pink fades into a tranquil shade of turquoise to give the world’s most affectionate symbol an undeniably cool paint job.

A Snoopy scene

Many of you are probably too young to remember Peanuts, but before the days of iPads, iPods, and iOnly watch $400 million dollar big budget movies, there was this thing called a newspaper and in that newspaper was a pretty funny comic featuring a dog and a bird. It was on TV as well, but not the smart ones, the ones where you actually had to turn a dial to change the channel.

A trio of sunflowers

Besides the fact that every girl loves flowers, there’s no denying that the yellow hue of the sunflower looks devilishly good set against any color skin tone. A popular trend I’ve been seeing lately is a flower in different stages of bloom. This sunflower trio bucks that trend and to be completely honest, I think it looks better.

A gradient bird

“That’s so pretty” is what you’ll be sick of hearing by day two if you decide to get this tattoo. But who cares! Tattoos this beautiful make me want to start a museum. “Can I have this when you die?” Okay. That would just be weird. Or would it?

A minimalistic wolf

In case you didn’t notice, this design was created using a single, unbroken line—as if the pencil never left the paper. It’s elegant for sure, and no doubt inspired by German tattooist Mo Ganji’s wonderful work.

A hummingbird

A perfect wrist tattoo if there ever was one. If you love hummingbirds, this one’s for you. Did you know that hummingbirds are the only birds that can fly backwards?

A funny convo

I’d like to see more text message tattoos ’cause this is funny! Although “I love you too” is what everyone wants to hear back, my love life is so pitiful that a “thank you” would be considered a win in my book.

A few micro birds

There are delicate, barely-there tattoo designs and then we have situations like this. I had to do a double take just to verify that there was indeed a tattoo here. These subtle dotwork birds blend into the landscape to a degree that makes these birds almost indistinguishable from the surrounding beauty marks.

A white ink whale

White ink tattoos are completely underrated. From their phosphorescent traits to their incognito nature, white ink tattoos have a lot of things going for them. Whatever tiny design you may be considering, take a minute to consider the benefits white ink has to offer.

A cute elephant

When it comes to the designs on this list, you have to understand that while some of these designs are out-of-this-world amazing, it’s the artist that makes them possible. The skill, vision, and experience it takes to create a design like the one above isn’t something your neighborhood tattoo artist is likely able possess.

An orchid

Okay, so when you think orchid tattoo this probably isn’t what comes to mind, but there’s no denying its originality and beauty. Orchids are the largest family of flowering plants with over 25,000 documented species.

A cupcake

Tattoos come in many different shapes and sizes as do cupcakes. If you can manage to track down an ultra-talented tattoo artist that has the capacity to produce detail on par with the above design, then pretty much any tattoo you choose will look good. Not to take anything away from this design, which is just amazing.

Hakuna Matata

What a wonderful phrase. Sorry, couldn’t help it. But who doesn’t love the Lion King and everything that it stands for? Yes, it is a catchy phrase, but the font and the location are what really make this design special.

A little lizard

Not the first thing I would get, but cool nonetheless. Carrying a lizard with you everywhere takes a certain kind of personality, but you never know when a little reptile tattoo will come in handy.

A crescent moon

We all secretly strive for that “perfect” tattoo design that everyone will instantly adore from they moment they first lay eyes on it. And lucky for you, this list contains nothing but the best tiny tattoo designs which all possess that potential

An airplane

Over the past decade, there’s been an explosion in the travel industry—mainly thanks to social media. Everyone wants to travel, and the wanderlust bug is in full season no matter where you live in the world as long as you have an internet connection. Traveling the world is a romantic notion, and getting a little reminder of that on your wrist is equally romantic.


Muse: A person or personified force who is the source of inspiration for a creative artist. Everyone needs inspiration, and having a little word constantly reminding you of yours can be a powerful motivator.

Another cute elephant

Like a puppy or a small kitten, getting a tattoo of a baby animal pretty much guarantees its cuteness. This tattoo is amazingly cute, but it’s important to remember that not all tattoo artists are working at the same skill level. A cute concept can quickly take an ugly turn if you don’t vet your artist properly.

A colorful cosmic whale

Magic? That’s the first word that comes to mind when I look at this magical little whale tattoo. Lots of color, cosmic fill, and a gradient 3D cube all come together to make this design all sorts of wonderful.

A beautiful rose

No matter how creative you get, it’s tough to replicate the natural beauty of a flower. For women, flower tattoos are by far the most popular tattoo designs in general, and the same rings true for micro sized tattoos.

A dancer

Proudly claiming the top spot when it comes to every girls dream profession, dancers (ballet of course) are the epitome of grace and beauty. So it’s no surprise that the ballet dancer is a popular tattoo choice among women of all ages.

A solar system

When you choose to get a tattoo of an entire solar system on your arm, you’re possibly getting the largest small tattoo you can possibly get. Does that make sense?

A small watercolor heart

Not to sound like a broken record, but this small heart is a big design in a little space. Just because you’re looking for a tiny tattoo design, doesn’t mean you have to settle for something basic. And this design is a perfect example of how to make the most out of your tiny little tattoo.

A flora ring

Wedding band tattoos are a cool concept, but we usually see designs that wrap completely around the finger, unlike the example above, which only appears to occupy the top of the ring finger.

An anatomical heart

We’re zoomed in, but I promise this tattoo qualifies as tiny. This sternum piece is expertly designed and finished in the dotwork style of design. For a few alternate views of this piece, head on over to Ciotka’s Instagram profile.

A handpoked planet

The colors of this tiny planet tattoo are so soft I feel this design may vanish into its surroundings as the edges and colors start to become softer with time, which is actually a pretty cool concept if you think about it. Not temporary, but not quite permanent?

A puppy

If you ever make it to Korea, I highly recommend trying to snag a spot with Youyeon at Sol Art Studio. His work is so good it makes even non believers believe. Just stare at this little puppy for a few minutes if you have any doubts.

A few Instagram tags

Who knows how long these tags will still look like this (design changes are almost a weekly occurrence when it comes to the big social media sites), but if you’re a creative person by nature this type of design will definitely give you a little inspiration. I can think of so many cool Instagram tags that would make awesome tattoo designs.

Cherry blossoms

Taking their place right below roses and sunflowers on the list of popular flower tattoos, cherry blossoms are a great choice for those of you looking for floral tattoo ideas. The clustered nature of the blossoms give the artist more to work with in the creativity department as well.

An ornamental sun

There’s something about symmetry that just soothes the soul. I mean, this crisp little creative sun is everything a girl could hope for when searching for that perfect tiny tattoo design.

A sunny day

This is just fun. I’m all for traditional design choices of everyday objects, but artists like Masa who add a little extra narrative to every design are creating some of my favorite tattoo designs as of late.


The lovely cursive font completely makes this design. Do you love it or do you love it? A perfect summer tattoo if there ever was one.

An elephant

Baby elephants are super cute—there’s no denying that. But when you draw one the size of a small coin, things get escalated to a whole different level. Oh, and in case you didn’t notice, this elephant has a small tail (me dying).

A seahorse

Well, this is unique. Let’s start off by saying that I’ve always been a seahorse fan when it comes to tattoo designs. So it’s not to say that I have bias towards the ocean’s tiniest horse, but as long as they’re done with taste and skill, I’m going to be a huge fan. And when it comes to this design, I’m definitely impressed.


If you’ve got one of the world’s best tattoo artists at your disposal, things like peaches or a cluster of grapes all off a sudden become fascinating objects to tattoo. It’s all in the details, right?

A gerbil

This design has a very close relationship with the border between small tattoo and tiny tattoo. As a matter of fact, now that I’m looking at it, this design probably doesn’t belong on this list of tiny tattoos, but just for reference, I decided to include it anyways.

Three stars

There was a time when star tattoos were all the rage. You couldn’t go into a tattoo parlor without being presented with a book that contained endless variations of different star tattoos. These designs, however, are pure gold.

A little rabbit

A tiny rabbit is the new dolphin. Just don’t get it on your ankle please. Kidding! Oh ya. And unless you’ve booked a super talented artist, I’d recommend going minimalistic like the design above. Sometimes less really is more.

A little advice

“Take care of others but also yourself.” You can’t argue with the merits of this quote, but since it’s already a little difficult to read, as it ages it might become indecipherable. But who cares. The beauty is in the font, right?


Again, Masa makes things interesting by adding an illustrative quality to his art. The best thing about getting a tattoo is that you always start with a blank canvas, no rules, and endless potential. It’s always refreshing to see a new and original design. 

A gradient heart

When it comes to tiny tattoos, hearts are hard to beat. Which is why we come across so many heart designs with such variation. Gradient fades of color are a relatively new trend in the tattoo industry but get ready, you’ll soon be seeing them everywhere.

A little weather

Cute. Nothing more. Nothing less. Since you’re here looking for tiny tattoo inspiration, I recommend checking out Playground’s Instagram portfolio which is full of nothing but tiny tattoos.

A Polaroid

While Polaroids don’t enjoy the prominence they once did, their images will always live on, based simply on the fact that the white border of a Polaroid is one of the most effective ways to illustrate a photo. This tattoo checks the cool factor box with its attractive display of color.


Now let’s get right down to it: Don’t you want something more from your tattoo than just the pleasure of its aesthetic beauty? Okay, that may not be possible. But if you believe in the sort of thing, a little good fortune never hurt anyone.

A flower

Behind-the-ear tattoo designs are a trendy and concealable option for those of you looking for something a little different. The fact that this flower is placed to mimic a flower hung up to dry makes this design all the more special.

A heart

Now this definitely qualifies as a tiny tattoo. Itty-bitty might be an even better description. In fact, a tattoo of this size usually goes unnoticed, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

Hold my hand

If you know anything about art, than you’ve probably heard just how difficult hands are to draw correctly. I know nothing about art, but my guess would be that it has something to do with getting the proportions right. It probably goes without saying, but these two hands were drawn perfectly.


The side of the finger is my absolute favorite tattoo location. It’s there, but only if you want it to be. Catch my drift? Playground is all about tiny tattoos: from simple designs to more detailed yet still compact works of art.

A snowflake

Winter is coming. And no that wasn’t a Game of Thrones reference. Winter is literally coming, and unless you like to ski or have a certain fondness for scraping the ice off your windshield, then the beauty of a snowflake is about the only good thing that comes with winter.

A crescent moon

Let’s talk about location. The wrist is of course every girl’s favorite tattoo location. But for most women, this means the bottom of the wrist, and no, not the bottom in the sense of the photo above. However, we’re starting to see a lot more women getting inked in the same location as this crescent moon and we’re absolutely loving it.


Here we have another unique location that falls into the category of “super incognito.” This is one of those locations that you could literally conceal a tattoo for years in before even those closest to you noticed it was there.

Love always

Compact cursive font alert. You probably are aware of my obsession with this particular style by now so I’ll save you the three sentences of mindless praise. Love always, love often, love deeply.

A bouquet

This naturalistic bouquet is the furthest thing from the vibrant and colorful flowers I usually post, but sometimes girls are looking for something a little more reserved. Personally, some of my favorite floral tattoos lack color completely.


When it comes to getting a tattoo this delicate, it’s almost like you’re not getting a tattoo at all, in a good and I’m-not-so-sure-about-this-whole-tattoo-thing way. Many girls love the idea of a tattoo, but just aren’t sure if they’re ready to commit on the level that permanent ink demands. This design is the perfect “starter” tattoo if you will.

A red ink heart

Tattoos done solely in red ink aren’t that popular but I do come across them from time to time. While I usually don’t have an opinion either way, an anatomical heart done completely in red does make sense.

A simple heart

Here we have another heart tattoo, but this time done in the most minimalistic fashion imaginable. A well-thought-out tattoo should complement your overall look. And if you like to wear short shorts, you may want to save this image for later. Just sayin’.


I would also like to always live in a tropical paradise. One thing that you can always count on with Turkish artist Cagri Durmaz is that your tattoo will be extremely photogenic. All, and I’m not exaggerating here, all of his work is super Instagramable.

A love for the sea

Minimalistic tattoos are something you would never have considered 20 years ago. The single needle trend has taken the industry by storm, allowed artists to achieve a greater level of detail, and helped pave the way for the whole minimalist movement. Take advantage and embrace the movement!

A peach

Absolutely stunning. Notice the gradual shift in color from a pinkish red to a soft orange? We first saw this behind-the-ear peach a few years ago, and since then it’s been replicated by numerous different artists. Imitation is truly the sincerest form of flattery.

A fun ride

Here’s more cuteness from Mini Lau in case you were getting a little thirsty. Ms. Lau has a soft spot for cute creatures holding onto balloons, and judging by the pure genius of this design, she probably won’t be giving them up any time soon. 

A smiley

If you’re in a hurry, and I mean a hurry, then you could probably be in and out of your local shop with this smiley face in about a minute flat. Just kidding of course, but on a more serious note, if you’re thinking “I can do this myself,” please don’t.

An entire universe

If the universe was created by a 6-year-old girl, the big bang probably looked something like this.

A sunflower

Tattoo ideas are easy to come up with, but not easy to settle on. So if you’re having trouble with the latter, you really can’t go wrong with a beautiful little flower.

A pineapple

While geometric tattoos have been around since the beginning, geometric objects, like this little pineapple, are a relatively new trend. Crisp and precise lines emit a certain type of satisfaction that can only be described as “nice.”

A floral ring

Another floral type ring, also positioned on the top of the finger—as opposed to spanning the entire circumference. Finger tattoos use to be strongly associated with gangs and the like. Luckily that taboo is done and gone with.

An origami bunny

Origami tattoos are neat. But add a splash of watercolor to the mix and the minimalistic design morphs into a beautiful attention-grabbing work of art. I run into countless examples of watercolor tattoos everyday, and I have to say: Mini Lau—although she doesn’t use it often—has the best watercolor technique I’ve ever seen.

A space filled with space

See what I did there with the title? Sometimes I’m too clever for my own good. Or at least that’s what I tell myself.

A hanger

Because why not? When it comes to tattoo ideas, everyday objects have always been a favorite of mine. This is one of those locations (for women at least) that can easily be concealed should the need arise.


Not sure if you guys did that on purpose or just so you can see the tattoo but the unzipped pants really plays well into the meaning of this tattoo. This small cursive font is absolutely perfect for anyone looking for small and elegant lettering.

A plane

And its contrail to be exact. In case you didn’t know, those white trails you see behind planes in the sky are simply concentrations of condensation in the air. Sometimes I feel like people plan their tattoos out with only Instagram in mind. Placement, execution, design, all amazing.