80 Reasons Why Every Girl Needs A Tiny Tattoo

A tiny tattoo is something every girl thinks about getting at least once during her lifetime. And now that the social stimga associated with tattoos is almost zero, we’re starting to see a lot more women turn their desires into realities. But with tiny tats being so cute, quick, and affordable, they have a tendency to be addicting. Really addicting. In fact, if you get a small tattoo, there’s an 76 percent chance you’ll get another. Okay, I just made that up, but there’s no denying the power that even the smallest tattoo wields. Here are 80, persuasive examples of why every girl needs a tiny tattoo.

A gradient heart

I know. I know. You’ve seen this tattoo before. It’s literally been everywhere and probably has millions of views on Pinterest alone but no tiny tattoo list would be complete without it. A perfect shade of pink fades into a tranquil shade of turquoise to give the world’s most affectionate symbol an undeniably cool paint job.

A Snoopy scene

Many of you are probably too young to remember Peanuts, but before the days of iPads, iPods, and iOnly watch $400 million dollar big budget movies, there was this thing called a newspaper and in that newspaper was a pretty funny comic featuring a dog and a bird. It was on TV as well, but not the smart ones, the ones where you actually had to turn a dial to change the channel.

A trio of sunflowers

Besides the fact that every girl loves flowers, there’s no denying that the yellow hue of the sunflower looks devilishly good set against any color skin tone. A popular trend I’ve been seeing lately is a flower in different stages of bloom. This sunflower trio bucks that trend and to be completely honest, I think it looks better.

A gradient bird

“That’s so pretty” is what you’ll be sick of hearing by day two if you decide to get this tattoo. But who cares! Tattoos this beautiful make me want to start a museum. “Can I have this when you die?” Okay. That would just be weird. Or would it?

A minimalistic wolf

In case you didn’t notice, this design was created using a single, unbroken line—as if the pencil never left the paper. It’s elegant for sure, and no doubt inspired by German tattooist Mo Ganji’s wonderful work.

A hummingbird

A perfect wrist tattoo if there ever was one. If you love hummingbirds, this one’s for you. Did you know that hummingbirds are the only birds that can fly backwards?

A funny convo

I’d like to see more text message tattoos ’cause this is funny! Although “I love you too” is what everyone wants to hear back, my love life is so pitiful that a “thank you” would be considered a win in my book.

A few micro birds

There are delicate, barely-there tattoo designs and then we have situations like this. I had to do a double take just to verify that there was indeed a tattoo here. These subtle dotwork birds blend into the landscape to a degree that makes these birds almost indistinguishable from the surrounding beauty marks.

A white ink whale

White ink tattoos are completely underrated. From their phosphorescent traits to their incognito nature, white ink tattoos have a lot of things going for them. Whatever tiny design you may be considering, take a minute to consider the benefits white ink has to offer.

A cute elephant

When it comes to the designs on this list, you have to understand that while some of these designs are out-of-this-world amazing, it’s the artist that makes them possible. The skill, vision, and experience it takes to create a design like the one above isn’t something your neighborhood tattoo artist is likely able possess.