80 Sister Tattoos That Will Melt Your Friggin’ Heart

I’m not saying that sister tattoos will make your sisterly relationship any stronger, but it’s always worth a shot, right? Getting matching sister tattoos is a lot more popular than you probably think. Or maybe it just seems that way after going through thousands upon thousands of sisterhood tattoos in order to bring you the best examples. Instagram is loaded with talented tattoo artists, and this list definitely wouldn’t be possible without them. If you take a few minutes to scroll through this list I can all but guarantee that you’ll be sending your sister tattoo ideas before you’re finished. Happy scrolling, and don’t forget to save your favorites!

Heart sister tattoos

When it comes to girly tattoo designs, nothing even comes close to challenging the feminine supremacy that heart tattoos enjoy. As far as creative sisterhood tattoos go, this concept isn’t exactly groundbreaking, but it is undeniably cute.

Matching flowers

Sister tattoos don’t have to have a theme. They don’t have to be instantly recognizable as “sister tattoos.” Instead, they can just be a pair of matching designs, which have the advantage of functioning on their own as individual designs. These two pink blossoms are gorgeous, and make for wonderful matching tattoo designs.

Creative clovers

When you have five sisters, sometimes you have to add a few leaves to a clover in order to fit your needs. While matching shamrock and clover sister tattoos are something I’ve seen a lot of before, this creative clover symbol with its single-line nature is a breath of fresh air.

Floral crescent moons

These matching floral moons are all pretty much identical. What probably was a long day for the artist, must have been a super special one for these sisters. I love that they’re natural looking and not too colorful.


Made with an adorable illustrative quality, these sisters chatting via the most basic of all communication devices is so lovely that it makes me wish I had a sister. Maybe I’ll just get one of these wrist tattoos and pretend I have a sister. Would that be weird?


These gorgeous wrist decorations are a cute and creative concept. Heart-shaped contrails are super popular right now but these are the first sister tattoos I’ve seen using the design. If you and your sisters love to fly, then these designs make even more sense. I have a feeling that these sisters got inked while on vacation together.

Lil sis big sis

It’s probably the last place you would ever think to get matching sister tattoos, but I have to say, I really love the placement of these designs. Big sis and lil sis tattoos are a common sight, but the polished look of these designs make them truly unique.


If there was an olympics for cute matching sister tattoos, these two siblings would definitely walk away with the gold. An amazingly creative way to illustrate the big sis lil sis bond, a small elephant holding the tail of a bigger elephant is enough to bring you to tears when remembering those special times growing up together.

Red poppies

The poppy is one of those flowers that you see in the design world a lot but not too much in person. They do make for very nice visuals though which is why they are so popular. Matching poppies are perfect for sister tattoos if you ask me.

Mini hearts

For those of you not really into tattoos, a couple of matching micro hearts might just be what you’ve been looking for. As I often say, tiny tattoos can be just as powerful as their larger counterparts. In fact, their small size can make them even more special.


For all you mainlanders, Ohana means “family” in Hawaiian culture. But of course you probably know that if you’ve ever seen Disney’s Lilo & Stitch. A beautiful concept for sure, but what really catches your eye is that gorgeous cursive font.

Watercolor infinity symbols

One thing is for certain, your sister will always be your sister. She can become other things but you will never lose the ability to call her your sister. These infinity symbols illustrate that bond and boy do they do it with beauty. The soft pastel tones of the symbols go perfectly with the black cursive script.


I’m assuming these six triangles represent the fact that this family has six sisters. Which makes you think that six sisters is probably about the limit when it comes to sister tattoo designs of this nature.

Ankle tats

With initials in case you didn’t notice. While I don’t have a larger version for your viewing pleasure, I can tell you that crossed flowers and initials arranged to form a heart make for awesome sister tattoos.

A sun, moon, and star

As you’ve probably noticed or soon will, Playground inks a lot of sister tattoos. Actually in the spirit of full disclosure, many of the designs on this list are best friend tattoos, I just reappropriated them for this list because I felt that they would make great sister tattoos as well. After all, the point of this list is to inspire.

Dotwork hearts

Dotwork hearts

I always try to credit each artist for their work but sometimes I stumble upon a design so beautiful I feel compelled to use it even if I’m unable to find its original author. In this case, I searched high and low with no result. Please contact me if you are the artist of this design or you know who the original artist is. Yes, there is a prize in it for you!

Smiley faces

Just because you and sister want to get matching tattoos doesn’t mean you should have to take out a loan. Some tattoos can literally break the bank, but if you’re just looking for something fun and symbolic, then a set of tattoos like the ones above can be had for less than $50.

Geometric gradient deer

If you’re looking to impress anyone and everyone, then getting a pair of matching geometric stags will definitely accomplish that goal. Getting typical sister tattoos isn’t for everyone. Matching designs of any sort make for great sister tattoos.


So obviously this is a stand alone design, but you can see how a pair of these would be borderline magical. One of the most popular sister tattoo designs is a pair of flowers (identical to these) with a “sisters” text stem.

One of three

One of the main points of having sister tattoos is to put on display the strength of your sisterly bond. Most matching tattoo designs do not don’t quite accomplish that—what you really need is a way of illustrating to others that your sister tattoo is indeed a sister tattoo. These designs accomplish just that.

Watercolor hearts

Whoever inked the first watercolor tattoo is a genius. Watercolor tattoos are one of the most influential design trends of the last decade, and I don’t see that changing any time soon. It’s always nice to see black ink used in colorful designs as it produces a strikingly beautiful contrast.

Matching crescent moons

Tattoos like these always make me wonder what came first; the tattoo, or the sandal? Either way, I’m guessing that these sisters have more than a few pairs of these sandals. The subtle dotwork fade is as elegant as ever.


Rather than trying to be super creative, simply getting matching stand alone designs is just as meaningful. Sister tattoos are all about emotion and representation. The design itself is often of little importance.


These matching bird outlines are exactly what you dream about when you first start entertaining the notions of getting sisterhood tattoos. Minimalistic, beautiful, and as elegant as anything I’ve ever seen.

Big sis lil’ sis

It’s kind of fitting that the big sis in this photo is actually the bigger sister in the literal sense of things—it just makes for great composition.

Little ladies

If super cute is all that matters to you, then these little stick figure sister tattoos will get the job done. The best thing about this particular design is that it’s expandable should another expected or unexpected surprise make an appearance.


Looking to wow your friends and family members with matching watercolor designs? These ladybugs will do just that. Fun fact: There are about 5000 different species of ladybugs in the world. Who knew?


Made for at home moments and warm summer days of leisure, these matching floral tattoos are enough extra motivation to stay healthy and in shape. I bet you didn’t know a tattoo could be motivational, did you?

Custom hearts

Identical matching tattoos are the norm when it comes to sibling tattoos, but I love the individuality that these designs bring to the table. It’s a little difficult to make out the details of each design in this photo so I won’t even try.

An unspoken connection

The whole “tin can telephone” concept is a popular one in the world of sister tattoos. It’s something you did as a youngster, and the fondest memories you have with your sister are usually from your childhood. So it’s really easy to see why this design concept is so popular.


Micro tattoos are the rage as of late. And “as of late” means the last few years. I’ve still yet to witness one of these designs being created but then again, I don’t spend that much time in studios. The detail artists are able to achieve these days has really done a lot for the industry as a whole.

Sequence hearts

These sequence hearts are not a new concept, but they do their job well, instantly reminding you of your sisters every time you gaze upon them. And of course your sisters are people you remember with fondness, or you wouldn’t be getting sister tattoos in the first place.


Some people love to read. And incorporating a shared passion into a pair of sisterhood tattoos makes them all the more special. A minimalistic approach to things will pay dividends as these designs age.

Puzzle pieces

A cool concept if there ever was one, but having the puzzle pieces actually coincide would have been a nice touch. However, that’s of little importance as these designs look amazing together as well as apart. In regards to fine art, Van Gogh’s work is definitely the most represented in the world of tattoo art.

Hand in hand

Sisters spend a lot of time holding hands growing up. So what better way to remember the most familiar type of intimacy than with an image of just that. Again, we have bigger and smaller designs which illustrate that “big sis lil’ sis” dynamic perfectly.

A fun illustrative design

I’m not exactly sure what the red string is supposed to illustrate but I have a feeling that we’re not getting the whole picture here. But of course that doesn’t matter, especially when you can create characters as cute as these two little sisters.

Initial floral tattoos

For the sake of likes on Instagram, you almost owe it to yourself to at least get something as stunning as these two poppy sister tattoos. These lightly-drawn poppies have wonderful text stems that feature large initials which give each design a more fluid appearance.

Floral hearts

If you didn’t fall in love with these designs the second you saw them, then you should probably x out of this page right now because your taste and my taste are so far off you’ll probably hate the rest of this list as well. A new way to ink floral hearts, this is.

Colorful palm trees

Yar Put is all about those bright eighties pastel colors. Her style is instantly recognizable and can only be described as “fun.” In fact, if you visit her Instagram page you’ll notice that almost all of her designs would make nice sister tattoos.


Beach-themed tattoo designs are a popular concept, and since many people get tattoos in concealable locations to begin with, they only see the light of day in when at the beach or around the house. 


For those of you that noticed, yes these are couple tattoos but they would make great sister tattoos as well. So for the sake of the concept and inspiration in general, I decided to include them on this list. Crosses made of numerous smaller designs are fun to look at. Sometimes it’s not about details themselves, but more about details in general.

Sisterhood stems

These sisterhood stems are something you may have seen before. They’re a fairly popular concept and I’ve seen them executed with varying degrees of quality. When I think of sister tattoo, these designs are usually the first to come to mind.

Black ink roses

You know what they say: Location, location, location! These tattoo designs make for a great photo, but don’t make the mistake of falling in love with a photo without considering the style, feel, and consequences of living with the design on a day-to-day basis. With that said, if I had a sister, these two roses would get some serious consideration.

Travel tattoos

With or without color? Which do you prefer? To me they both look equally amazing but I’d probably stick to black ink if I had to choose. Color is more beautiful to me but the fact that those colors change as the piece ages make me more of a black and white type of gal. It should be noted that black inks also shift color as they age.

Sister stars

Shooting stars are one of the most memorable and magical things you can witness. You don’t see them often, but when you do, they are exceptionally exciting and unforgettable. A shooting star is a perfect way to remember your sister.


Show everyone how original you are by getting sister tattoos with a little edge to them. Although at different ends of the spectrum, flowers and skulls always look so elegant when paired together.


It doesn’t get much more simplistic than these matching capital letters. These are the type of tattoos you get if you’re not really a tattoo person but the concept of matching sister tattoos is just too good to pass up. These tattoos are virtually undetectable. Only those who are worthy will know of their existence.

Pinky promises

Your first pinky promise was likely made with your sister. So why not celebrate that monumentous occasion by capturing that moment forever in ink. Secrets between sisters are often the most special. If you can find an artist who is even halfway decent at illustrating hands then this particular concept is something you should at least consider.

Paper airplanes

If you’re looking for designs that are just flat out fun, then Playground has a portfolio that will keep you busy for the rest of the day. Specializing in tiny, cute, and creative designs, Playground is one of my go-to artists when creating almost any type of list.


If faith is a big part of your life, then getting a pair of matching crosses is a great way to showcase both your commitment to each other as well as your faith at the same time. It’s also insanely affordable and any artist will be able to do it.

Lotus flowers

Here’s another example of just how good Playground is at putting together tiny designs that are both creative and cute. Tiny tattoos of course appeal to a larger audience and I always take that into consideration when creating a list, which is why the majority of the designs on each list are of smaller works.

Matching travel themed tattoos

Currently the whole world is infected by the travel bug thanks in large part to social media. That really is what explains the vast amount of travel related tattoos we’re being exposed to as of late. Luckily for me, I happen to absolutely love the concept and embrace it at every turn. More travel tattoos please.

Beach tats

Most people get tattoos in the summer months when the weather is warmer and skin is on full display. This often leads to more summer concepts like the beachy scene above. However, if you’re smart, the winter months when shops are less busy is the best time to get a tattoo. You’ll also have time for your ink to heal properly so it’s ready to shine come summer.


Sister tattoos can literally be of anything. In fact, they don’t even have to match. All they have to do is remind you of your sister, and vice versa. Although the reasoning behind these two designs is unknown, my guess is that there is some underlying meaning as the whole “one door opens and another one closes” vibe is there.

Matching finger tats

Inner finger tattoos are something I’ve always appreciated with the intention of one day getting one of my own. That day hasn’t come yet, but I have an embarrassingly large collection of them. These hearts with a visual breaks inside of them are now also part of that collection.

Simpson TVs

Certain things remind us of each relationship we’ve ever had. Whether it be a certain type of food or an item like the one above that reminds us of a TV show that we used to watch, almost anything can be a powerful reminder that instantly brings up fond memories of a cherished relationship.

Floral sister tattoos

Here we have another example of the sisterhood stem tattoos featured earlier on the list. These black ink examples are a little more reserved but every bit as impressive. In fact, I’m more partial to these examples than the larger ones we saw earlier.

Simple hearts

When it comes to sentimental type tattoo designs, I’m a big believer that less is almost always more. As evident in the example above, these tiny hearts can serve as a powerful reminder of someone special in your life.

Basic dots

Now these aren’t sister tattoos or even tattoos belonging to two different people, but I decided to include them on the list simply for their enormous potential to possibly become the coolest sister tattoos three siblings could ever share.

Matching lightning bolts

These may seem like simple tattoos that have nothing to do with being sisters, but in reality, not many sister tattoos look like sister tattoos. It’s all about getting the same tattoo designs, so that every time you see it, you think of your sister.

Cute animals

Usually sisters have their own unique traits, and reflecting those traits in individual characters that represent each sister is a cool concept. Here we have a triceratops, an elephant, and a panda. Each one equally adorable.

Pink hearts

Subtle yet oh-so-sweet. Pink hearts are so cliche but that doesn’t make them any less perfect to represent that special bond that sisters share. Their casually illustrated appearance gives them a more playful vibe than if they were perfect examples of symmetry.

Matching wrist tats

For those of you who hold your sisters in the highest of regards, then it doesn’t get much loftier than the sun and the moon and the stars.

Ohana wrist tats

Whether you’re from Hawaii, love the movie Lilo & Stitch, or just like exotic sounding words, the word “Ohana” looks better than better than the word “family” in my opinion. And of course you’ll need a compact cursive font.

A trio

Let’s revisit a familiar concept, but this time we’ll take a look at a different location. Perfect for staging photos like the one above, this bottom-of-the-wrist location is also ultra concealable. Which location do you prefer?

Ornamental hearts

If sending your friends into uncontrollable rages of jealously is something you don’t mind, then getting matching tattoos similar to these two multidimensional hearts is always an option.

Tiny ankle tats

Not going to lie, I have no idea who these adorable little balls of black are supposed to represent, but they’re so cute that they deserve their own animated movie. That is, if they don’t already have one.

Big sister little sister

This artist deserves an award for these sister tattoos. Initially you think these designs are a little cheesy, but the longer you look at them the more you appreciate them. I’ve seen a lot of designs in this exact format, but these are far and away the best.


It’s only a matter of time before most of the people reading this list won’t even know who Charlie Brown is. And in case you already happen to fall into that category, Charlie Brown is the protagonist in the comic strip Peanuts, which can be found in numerous newspapers while they still exist.

Finger hearts

It’s not often that you see finger tattoos in these particular locations. Points for originality of a not so original design. And if you’re wondering, finger tattoos are a lot more painful than most other locations.

Colorful guns

As you can see, Zihee has a unique style that uses color in the most fascinating of ways. Guns are kind of a touchy subject right now but I don’t think anyone has anything negative to say about these two elegant designs.


Whether you fancy flowers, cacti, or tropical palm trees, plants can often symbolize relationships as they also grow and mature. Common flower tattoos are obviously more popular but their more drought tolerant relatives are definitely more quirky.


Take a slice of tropical paradise with you wherever you go. Matching palm tress smell like vacation tattoos to me. Some of my fondest memories are from vacations I’ve taken with friends and family so I completely see how these designs happened, even if I am just guessing.

Sister scripts

This font is barely visible but it still is to die for. Almost certainly a copy of the client’s own handwriting, this script looks like it was made specifically for Instagram. These are definitely sister tattoos is the most literal sense of things.

Bumble bees

These adorable bumble bee tattoos belong on everyone come summer time. Bees are great design choices because they always provide a lot of opportunity for detail. These are pretty basic bees, but many artists get creative and put together some really spectacular examples.

A moon and a star

A tiny sun and moon are just enough to let the world know that nothing can come between two sisters. After all, a sister’s love is a sister’s love, and what goes together better than a moon and the stars.


Unalomes have been part of Buddhist art for almost as long as Buddhism has been around. The symbols can still be found on certain temples and in ancient documents but I think it’s safe to say that most of the examples floating around today can be found on people’s skin.


I’m in love with this pair of matching arrows, which are anything but ordinary, and definitely the most sisterly of all the segmented designs on the list. I’ve always had a thing for arrows and these two are just so adorable.

Four-leaf clovers

People are getting so savvy when it comes to staging photos these days. I guess it’s just the day and age that we currently live in, but seriously these two sisters must have had a little direction. Another pair of dotwork clovers, another great idea for a couple of sister tattoos.

Two hearts

When I see people smiling it’s contagious. These two women look so happy with their little matching heart tattoos that it almost makes you believe that you would be just as happy with them as well.