80 Sister Tattoos That Will Melt Your Friggin’ Heart

I’m not saying that sister tattoos will make your sisterly relationship any stronger, but it’s always worth a shot, right? Getting matching sister tattoos is a lot more popular than you probably think. Or maybe it just seems that way after going through thousands upon thousands of sisterhood tattoos in order to bring you the best examples. Instagram is loaded with talented tattoo artists, and this list definitely wouldn’t be possible without them. If you take a few minutes to scroll through this list I can all but guarantee that you’ll be sending your sister tattoo ideas before you’re finished. Happy scrolling, and don’t forget to save your favorites!


For all you mainlanders, Ohana means “family” in Hawaiian culture. But of course you probably know that if you’ve ever seen Disney’s Lilo & Stitch. A beautiful concept for sure, but what really catches your eye is that gorgeous cursive font.

Watercolor infinity symbols

One thing is for certain, your sister will always be your sister. She can become other things but you will never lose the ability to call her your sister. These infinity symbols illustrate that bond and boy do they do it with beauty. The soft pastel tones of the symbols go perfectly with the black cursive script.


I’m assuming these six triangles represent the fact that this family has six sisters. Which makes you think that six sisters is probably about the limit when it comes to sister tattoo designs of this nature.

Ankle tats

With initials in case you didn’t notice. While I don’t have a larger version for your viewing pleasure, I can tell you that crossed flowers and initials arranged to form a heart make for awesome sister tattoos.

A sun, moon, and star

As you’ve probably noticed or soon will, Playground inks a lot of sister tattoos. Actually in the spirit of full disclosure, many of the designs on this list are best friend tattoos, I just reappropriated them for this list because I felt that they would make great sister tattoos as well. After all, the point of this list is to inspire.

Dotwork hearts

Dotwork hearts

I always try to credit each artist for their work but sometimes I stumble upon a design so beautiful I feel compelled to use it even if I’m unable to find its original author. In this case, I searched high and low with no result. Please contact me if you are the artist of this design or you know who the original artist is. Yes, there is a prize in it for you!

Smiley faces

Just because you and sister want to get matching tattoos doesn’t mean you should have to take out a loan. Some tattoos can literally break the bank, but if you’re just looking for something fun and symbolic, then a set of tattoos like the ones above can be had for less than $50.

Geometric gradient deer

If you’re looking to impress anyone and everyone, then getting a pair of matching geometric stags will definitely accomplish that goal. Getting typical sister tattoos isn’t for everyone. Matching designs of any sort make for great sister tattoos.


So obviously this is a stand alone design, but you can see how a pair of these would be borderline magical. One of the most popular sister tattoo designs is a pair of flowers (identical to these) with a “sisters” text stem.

One of three

One of the main points of having sister tattoos is to put on display the strength of your sisterly bond. Most matching tattoo designs do not don’t quite accomplish that—what you really need is a way of illustrating to others that your sister tattoo is indeed a sister tattoo. These designs accomplish just that.