80 Sister Tattoos That Will Melt Your Friggin’ Heart

I’m not saying that sister tattoos will make your sisterly relationship any stronger, but it’s always worth a shot, right? Getting matching sister tattoos is a lot more popular than you probably think. Or maybe it just seems that way after going through thousands upon thousands of sisterhood tattoos in order to bring you the best examples. Instagram is loaded with talented tattoo artists, and this list definitely wouldn’t be possible without them. If you take a few minutes to scroll through this list I can all but guarantee that you’ll be sending your sister tattoo ideas before you’re finished. Happy scrolling, and don’t forget to save your favorites!

Watercolor hearts

Whoever inked the first watercolor tattoo is a genius. Watercolor tattoos are one of the most influential design trends of the last decade, and I don’t see that changing any time soon. It’s always nice to see black ink used in colorful designs as it produces a strikingly beautiful contrast.

Matching crescent moons

Tattoos like these always make me wonder what came first; the tattoo, or the sandal? Either way, I’m guessing that these sisters have more than a few pairs of these sandals. The subtle dotwork fade is as elegant as ever.


Rather than trying to be super creative, simply getting matching stand alone designs is just as meaningful. Sister tattoos are all about emotion and representation. The design itself is often of little importance.


These matching bird outlines are exactly what you dream about when you first start entertaining the notions of getting sisterhood tattoos. Minimalistic, beautiful, and as elegant as anything I’ve ever seen.

Big sis lil’ sis

It’s kind of fitting that the big sis in this photo is actually the bigger sister in the literal sense of things—it just makes for great composition.

Little ladies

If super cute is all that matters to you, then these little stick figure sister tattoos will get the job done. The best thing about this particular design is that it’s expandable should another expected or unexpected surprise make an appearance.


Looking to wow your friends and family members with matching watercolor designs? These ladybugs will do just that. Fun fact: There are about 5000 different species of ladybugs in the world. Who knew?


Made for at home moments and warm summer days of leisure, these matching floral tattoos are enough extra motivation to stay healthy and in shape. I bet you didn’t know a tattoo could be motivational, did you?

Custom hearts

Identical matching tattoos are the norm when it comes to sibling tattoos, but I love the individuality that these designs bring to the table. It’s a little difficult to make out the details of each design in this photo so I won’t even try.

An unspoken connection

The whole “tin can telephone” concept is a popular one in the world of sister tattoos. It’s something you did as a youngster, and the fondest memories you have with your sister are usually from your childhood. So it’s really easy to see why this design concept is so popular.