60 Ridiculously Pretty Tattoos That’ll Finally Convince You to Get Inked

You’ve spent the time admiring from a far, but now that admiration is going to get transformed into action. That’s right, today you’re going to be so inspired by this gorgeous collection of tattoo designs that you’ll have no choice but to get inked ASAP. Behind every great tattoo is usually a significant investment of time. Money of course never hurts when it comes to quality either but taking the time to carefully plan out your design is paramount. Ideally, you’ll want to see a lot of different designs to get a good feel of what’s out there. You would be surprised how many times people get buyer’s remorse after discovering a more desirable design idea after the fact. The good news for you is that you found this site which is a literal gold mine for high quality and trendy tattoo designs. No matter what you’re looking for, we’ve got you covered. These are the designs that are finally going to convince you to get inked.


The world of animation is ever-changing, with new shows taking the place of old ones on a pace that makes even today’s biggest blockbusters practically irrelevant a year later. But there are a few classics, such as Winnie-the-Pooh that will certainly live on forever. Having your very own slice of history is something too good to pass up.

A floral jewel

It’s not too often that you come across tattoos of jewelry such as this. Floral tattoos yes, but shiny gems arranged to represent a flower, not so much. And as you know, floral tattoos are a dime a dozen, so if you were originally considering going that route, this particular design might be of interest to you if originality is something you’re after.

A watercolor book

Watercolor books, like the one seen here, are a lot more popular than you would think. I mean, a watercolor book? That’s not something you’d guess would be a popular design choice, yet I come across these designs on an almost daily basis.

An arrow

Often I get the urge to add an arrow tattoo to my list of future tattoo designs. It’s what I’ve been wanting to get for years, so when I see an actual arrow tattoo on a wrist all sorts of emotions start to swirl in my head. Tiny arrow tattoos which focus on unique feathers are really popular right now.

A heart-shaped rose

What do you get when you combine two of the most feminine objects in the world? This of course. Why get just a rose or heart tattoo when you can have the best of both worlds? This is one of those concepts that I’m sure will make the rounds sooner rather than later.

A finger tat

Out of all the finger tattoos I’ve seen this year, this little leaf design has to be my favorite. I still don’t have enough designs for a complete list of finger tattoos but I should have enough by the end of next month so stay tuned.


With the new Lion King reboot due to hit theaters next year, a large influx of related tattoo designs have started surfacing, which is of course expected. And out of all of those designs, this one in particular stood out to me as the most memorable.

A delicate floral bouquet

If a more delicate floral bouquet design exists, I’ve yet to see it. If you’re viewing this image on a mobile device then I apologize. Because the details which make this design so special may be too small for you to fully appreciate.

A bee

Seriously, what’s cuter than this little bumblebee tattoo? Everything from the detail in the wings to the orientation of the bee itself was executed with careful consideration. Bees and flowers go together like butter and popcorn, so it’s odd that we don’t see more bee tattoos given all the floral designs out there.

A heart-shaped gem

As embarrassing as it is, I have to admit that I only discovered the magnificent work of Heemee just recently. And what’s more embarrassing is that she works out of one of my favorite studios in Korea (Sol).  All of her work is remarkable but what really stands out are her tiny gem-like designs as see above.

I’ll go on

We’ve all felt like this. And while some days are better than others, sometimes we need a reminder that yes, life does indeed go on no matter what the current circumstances may be and time does heal all wounds.

An Eiffel tower

Paris is so friggin’ romantic. I mean, just the sight of this famous landmark is enough to cue the accordion music in my head even though I’ve never been to the city of light in person. Maybe that’s why out of all the world’s most iconic landmarks, the Eiffel tower is routinely among the most tattooed.

A rose

If you haven’t noticed already, this rose tattoo is quite unique. Do you see how the center of the rose appears more vivid than the rest of the flower? Obviously this was done on purpose, and I have to say it looks great. The subtle contrast between the bright and dull sections of the blossom adds an extra level of dimension to the design.

A paper airplane

It’s amazing how an artist can add such depth and beauty to such a simple design. When you hear someone say that they have a paper airplane tattoo, this is probably the last thing you would imagine. Dragon always surprises us in the most wonderful of ways.

Three heart jewels

Here we have a few more examples of Heemee’s killer gem game. Multicolored and faceted, these heart-shaped gems would be right at home on any girl’s body. If you like what you see here, don’t forget to check out her Instagram page for more designs like these.

A crescent moon

Incorporating birth marks into tattoo designs always makes for wonderful viewing. Instead of trying to conceal the mark, this design frames it in a way that makes it the center of attention.

And another

What can I say, crescent moon tattoos are incredibly popular among women, which makes it difficult not to overrepresent them on any given list. Which makes me wonder why I’ve yet to create a list dedicated solely to crescent moon tattoos?

A creative arrow

This design has so much detail packed into it that it’s barely distinguishable as an arrow. Arrow tattoos are undoubtedly cool by themselves, but when you create an arrow using so many fascinating smaller designs it really almost puts them into a different category altogether. If I were to copy any tattoo design (I don’t condone this sort of thing of course), this would be it.

Stay wild

If you’re looking for one of those tiny “cool girl” tattoos then you’ll definitely approve of this design. They say that some tattoos are “made for Instagram.” And after seeing this little design, I tend to agree.


It’s been a while since I’ve seen an acceptable set of antler tattoos. The whole antler concept is an interesting one that I’m surprised doesn’t get inked more often. These five-point antlers have a gorgeous gradient fade which transitions from purple to blue to turquoise.

A tiny tree

There was a time when a tiny tree tattoo was virtually unheard of. But luckily for us, the whole slim needle movement has opened many creative doors that leads to innovative and creative designs like this small red-leaved-tree.

An elephant

Tiny ankle tattoos are still as popular as ever. These types of tattoos are usually favored by first-timers looking to dip their toes into the world of ink. The ankle has a lot of balance as far as locations go—easy to display as well as conceal.

A tiny dancer

I like to think that Elton John has a similar tattoo somewhere on his body. Even if you’re not familiar with Elton’s iconic hit Tiny Dancer, this design is something that almost every girl can relate to in some way or another.


If you’re anything like me, then you’ll agree when I say that there’s no such thing as having too many flowers. In fact, I think all women would agree that two flowers are better than one and so on and so forth. So when I stumbled upon this collection of pansies I felt it my duty to include it on the list.

A constellation

We’ve all spent time staring up at the night sky wondering just what exactly is up there. An endless expanse of space? Countless alien civilizations? What’s unknown is always the most intriguing. And perhaps it’s this feeling of endless possibility that encourages so many people to get tattoos of their favorite constellations.

Cherry blossoms

And the award for the most creative cherry blossom tattoo goes to….drumroll….this person! Cherry blossom tattoos are unavoidable these days. Any artist who specializes in feminine designs will have more than a few cherry blossoms in their portfolio.

An argyle pattern

I promise that taking a risk and trusting an artist like Saegeem with your vision will pay off in the long run. Actually, let me rephrase that because there’s absolutely zero risk when you submit yourself to the genius of one of the world’s most talented tattoo artists. This little patch of argyle is both creative and innovative.


After showcasing about a million different types of floral behind-the-ear tattoos, I thought it only fair to show you some of the other types of designs out there. This design features the word “dream” written vertically, which couldn’t have been done any better.

A little elephant

For many of us out there, our minds never reach further than that of a tiny tattoo design like the one above. Tiny tattoos are something everyone can get, and are popular with both those looking and not looking to get inked. I mean, who wouldn’t want this tiny little elephant above their knee?

Phases of the moon

When it comes to tattoos, location and layout are just as important as the design itself. Not to take anything away from this design, but the location and the way the phases of the moon were staged as if hanging from a necklace make this piece an unforgettable sight.

Toy Story tattoos

The whole bottom of Woody’s boot concept is one you’ve probably seen before, but the bottom of Buzz’s boot doesn’t get nearly the ink time of Woody’s, which is why this design is so cool. In miniature of course, because, well, any larger and things start to go down hill in my opinion.

Mount Fuji

Japan’s most famous peak makes for a great tattoo don’t you think? What really stands out about this design is the location, which is probably one of the last places most women would think to put this little peak. Tiny tattoos in not-so-common locations are definitely my cup of tea.


The key to a good wrist tattoo is that it should look as if it belongs. I’m not saying you have to get a tattoo of a watch, but your design should look natural and compliment its surroundings. These two fish accomplish just that.

Delicate watercolor flowers

Many artists these days enjoy creating watercolor designs, and each artist has their own unique watercolor style. On one end of the spectrum you have tattooists who are known for their use of bright colors and bold strokes, while at the other end of the spectrum you have those who choose to embrace watercolor’s more delicate attributes. This designs incorporates the latter.

A red ribbon

As far as girly girl tattoos go, this design takes its place near the top of the list. A beautiful little red ribbon is a fun tattoo—I have to admit. But like any tattoo design, quality is key.

A small ornamental design

This is one of those times again where I wish I had a close up shot for you guys to view. If you’re viewing this on a mobile device then all you’ll get is an abstract concept at best, but on a desktop the amazing details of this design are visible.

A tropical fish

There are fish tattoos, and then there are fish tattoos. This design is the latter. Tropical fish are some of the most spellbinding creatures in the world in terms of visual splendor. And when you have the right artist, those colors and patterns can be captured in a way that will actually do the fish justice.


Again, when you’re working with an artist as talented as Nando, literally any design you choose is going to be a work of art. These parrots are an excellent example of photorealism tattoo art.

Three cats

In case you missed it, I published an article dedicated to cat tattoos last month that I believe is the best single collection anywhere. It’s at least worth checking out even if you find it hard to get past my less-than-humble brag. This tattoo, however, slipped through my net and definitely belongs on that list.

A pink crescent moon

Here we have another repost. I haven’t seen this little pink moon in a while but it’s one of those designs too good to just post once (new readers and all). Moons don’t have to be black. They can be pink, blue, or any color you want. In fact, adding a little color always makes things more interesting when it comes to crescent moons.

A slice of fruit

If there’s a tattoo that screams summertime more than this delicious looking slice of watermelon, please let me know. Because from where I’m sitting right now, I’m thinking Slip ‘N Slides and watermelon-infused adult beverages. Isn’t it amazing how a tattoo design can literally make your mouth water?


I know what you’re thinking. Really? Another poppy tattoo? Sometimes I feel the same way, but the quality of a design always convinces me that it deserves to be put before your eyes as to waste such a beautiful thing would be a travesty.


When a design is as crisp and clean as this, it’s almost impossible not to like it. 99 percent of the time, what separates a good tattoo from an average or below average design is the lines and how clean they are. Hector Daniels = uber talented.

An ankle tat

Nothing says I like to have fun more than a tiny tropical scene on your ankle. Seriously though, who doesn’t love watching the sunset in a tropical locale?


I started this list off with three different cherry tattoos. It wasn’t until I was finished that I noticed the mistake. Well, not a mistake, but cherry tattoos aren’t exactly common so featuring three different examples on one list definitely would have been overkill and something that I have always tried to avoided. I felt this particular example was the best so behold, the best and only surviving cherry tattoo on the list.

An x-ray flower

At the height of the x-ray flower movement we were seeing some pretty amazing examples but most of them were what I would consider large designs. However, lately a lot of these smaller examples have been popping up and I have to say that I’m enjoying the trend.

Tears dry on their own

Nothing plays quite as well with social media as these inspirational/philosophical type tattoos. These types of tattoos are getting more and more popular and the font is just as important as the meaning behind the words.

A jewelry design

Don’t worry—this tattoo is so delicate and ornate that your employer won’t even mind. Ink a bit of jewelry on your hand and you’ll never have to worry about losing it or having it stolen. Joking of course, but on a serious note, if this tattoo doesn’t inspire you then nothing on this list will.

A crane

In Korea, the red-crowned crane is a symbol of purity, longevity, and peace. This particular crane is sort of like Korea’s bald eagle (as we may compare it to in America, as it plays a strong symbolic role in Korean culture.

A sunny ankle tat

Small minimalistic tattoos like the one above are both affordable and chic. Get your very own tiny ankle tattoo and never have to worry about buying socks again.

Various thigh pieces

If cute is what you’re after, then several tiny flowers will definitely get the job done. But once you have your own set tiny tattoos, you’ll quickly realize that the rest of your skin is starting to look a little bare.

An adorable floral arrow

Again, this is another one of those designs that I should probably have zoomed in on a little for you. Mobile users I apologize, but it’s always a toss between zooming in and keeping the overall composition of the original photo intact.

Praying hands

Praying hands are perhaps the most popular religion-related tattoo design in existence. This ultra minimalistic example is exceedingly beautiful, and much more elegant than any of the more detailed designs I’ve seen before.


Artists are always finding new ways to ink rose tattoos. Many of our favorite Korean artists specialize in floral designs, and they always manage to surprise me with new and exciting work that no doubt sets trends throughout the industry.

This colorless blossom

Here we have a colorless cherry blossom which puts my personal cherry blossom tat to shame. But before you go out and get your own rib cage tattoo, you should know that this particular location is one of the most painful.

A gem

These gem tattoos have been occupying my dreams since the very first time I laid eyes upon one. There are a few artists (River & Doy) who completely crush these designs in a way that few others are capable of.


Heart-shaped contrails are a trend that’s enjoying the peak of their popularity right now. This design, with its three strategically stacked hearts, is undoubtedly unique.

A gorgeous crescent moon

Just when you think a crescent moon can’t get any more beautiful, a design like this comes along and makes me rethink my no-more-ink policy. This example is full of detail and contains a beautiful combination of color and texture.


Mini Lau consistently over-delivers when it comes to gorgeous girly floral tattoos. This lavender design with a “Fearless” stem is no exception. If you’re completely impressed with this design, you should do what you can to get an authentic design from Mini herself. Imitations rarely meet expectations.

Watercolor roses

Flower is loved for her diverse body of floral designs. She goes by “Flower,” and personally I can’t think of a more fitting moniker for her to go by—even if it is a little confusing.