Girls, These 30 Tattoos Are Straight-Up Magical

Summer’s in full swing. You just got back from a long day at the beach but you can’t stop thinking about that girl in the white one piece with the gorgeous tattoo on her back. It was beautiful. Magical even. The colors were so vivid, the lines so clean. In fact, you now realize that you need some ink in your life. Your skin has now become too plain for your liking. You wish you got a photo of that girl’s tattoo but you were too embarrassed to secret a snap. So what do you do now? Me to the rescue! You’re here now so everything is going to be okay. You’ll scroll this article. Then another. And another. Until you’re so inspired that one tattoo is no longer the game plan. You’re now planning a full upper body mural. You’re welcome. Enjoy!

A pair of geometric swirls

Top-of-the-foot tattoos aren’t very popular. But after this photo gets out, their stock will definitely be on the up and up. Just the right spaces were left to give these swirls a mesmerizing geometric pattern and a valid reason to never wear shoes again.

An X-ray magnolia

When the first X-ray flowers were tatted, people lost their sh**. The ohh’s and ahh’s were completely understandable as these particular designs blew the socks off everyone and anyone who laid eyes upon them. They. Are. Beautiful. And rare, which is due to the extraordinary amount of skill it takes to actually pull one off.

Sashimi anyone?

Whether you fall asleep dreaming of conveyor belts full of sushi, or simply like to be quirky and cute, this sushi-lovers tattoo is just what you need. I mean seriously, who doesn’t love sushi? Even fish love sushi—but in a completely non-narcissistic way

A cherry blossom band

These blackwork style of floral patterns always reminds me of floral wallpaper for some reason. Having flowers set to a deep black band makes for a strong visual statement.

A honey pot

I guess when you’re as good as Bang Bang’s Victoria Do, you can literally make anything look good. Which includes this honey pot with a few circling bees overhead. So for all of you beekeepers out there who can’t decide what tattoo you should get, all you need to do is look up.

A floral forearm piece

Everyone loves flowers. Which means there aren’t many ways to do flowers that haven’t already been done before. That’s why every time I see a new and creative design I get a little excited inside.

A unicorn

Who said unicorn tattoos aren’t cool?!? Okay. No one said that but I have seen more than a few artists execute an eye roll or two when the topic of unicorns came up. But when you’re exposed to designs like the one above, it’s tough to say anything negative about the rarest four-legged creature in the world.

An ornamental sleeve

I know what you’re thinking: Is that even a tattoo? Ya, it’s that good. Aside from originally thinking it was part of this woman’s shirt, this sleeve stands out as one of those pieces I feel every woman should see.

A cluster of cherry blossoms

Maybe you’ve been dying to cover your ankle with flowers this summer. Maybe you think color is the only way to go. Maybe you should take a page from this lovely woman’s book and get a beautiful cluster of cherry blossoms on your ankle that you will no doubt cherish for the rest of your life.

A hand poked cross

Handpoked, hand poked, there’s no official spelling yet so you may see us wander back in from depending on our mood. In the spirit of the oldest tattoo technique known to man, this cross was meticulously poked to create a truly beautiful cross.