Girls, These 30 Tattoos Are Straight-Up Magical

Summer’s in full swing. You just got back from a long day at the beach but you can’t stop thinking about that girl in the white one piece with the gorgeous tattoo on her back. It was beautiful. Magical even. The colors were so vivid, the lines so clean. In fact, you now realize that you need some ink in your life. Your skin has now become too plain for your liking. You wish you got a photo of that girl’s tattoo but you were too embarrassed to secret a snap. So what do you do now? Me to the rescue! You’re here now so everything is going to be okay. You’ll scroll this article. Then another. And another. Until you’re so inspired that one tattoo is no longer the game plan. You’re now planning a full upper body mural. You’re welcome. Enjoy!

A little goldfish

Sometimes the right combination of color is all that’s needed to create a eye-catching design. Simple designs like the one above are perfect for those looking for something cute and modern.

A painted blossom

Floral tattoos are a dime a dozen. So it’s style that usually separates the good from the bad, and the memorable from the unmemorable. Anastasia’s floral designs are, well, memorable.

A little butterfly

When was the last time you saw a butterfly tattoo that actually made you cry ’cause it was so good? Every girl who quietly dreams of butterflies aspires to get what this lucky individual has tattooed on her lower bicep.

A bluish purple branch

There are a few Korean tattoo artists that have been inking these specific style of leaves/branches. Usually they are green, but purple and blue looks even better.

A sea turtle

Sea turtles are a popular design choice, but rarely do I come across examples this good. Victoria did an amazing job as always and the flowers on the shell are a nice touch which gives the piece a little more to look at.

Pink peonies

Here’s to people that look like they were born with their tattoos. Vivid colors and bold lines are eye-catching and make for great photos. But subtle designs with soft colors that compliment their environment (skin tone) are just as beautiful.

An anatomical heart

The longer you stare at this design, the more impressive it becomes. It should come as no surprise that one of Bang Bang’s resident artists is responsible for this symbol of love and beauty. Everyone knows how skilled Korean tattoo artists are, and Dragon is definitely one of the reasons why.

A floral heart

Whoever thought such small flowers could be packed with so much detail? These flowers arrange to form a beautiful heart that I’ve decided I desperately need. Zihee? Help?

A koi

If you’re not familiar with Nastya’s work, she does these amazing koi fish, all in different colors, all beautiful, and all in her signature style that looks amazingly crisp and clean.

A pair of palms

These palm tress definitely couldn’t have been done any better. Their lightly-drawn nature makes them almost sway in the wind if you stare at them long enough. At first glance you would think this came from Balazs Bercsenyi’s portfolio. But nope. Brazilian inksmith Tiago Oliveira┬ádid the honors and man is it good.