80 Adorable Ankle Tattoos That All Deserve Oscars

There was a time when ankle tattoos were seemingly the only show in town. In fact, when I was growing up, if a girl walked into a tattoo shop there was a fifty percent chance she was leaving with a tattoo on her ankle. As times have changed, ankle tattoos aren’t quite as popular as they once used to be, but they are still one of the most commonly inked locations among women. And every woman interested in getting a tattoo has, at one point in time or another, considered getting a tattoo in this lowly location. As you’ll soon discover, the ankle is still a very attractive place to put a tattoo. And the design choices that most of these women have made will definitely convince you of just that. Ahead, 80 of the most adorable ankle tattoos that are all worthy of Oscars.

A heart

I love this design but was unable to get to the bottom of its meaning. From what I gather, it’s to honor the memory of someone that was special to the client. Any design that reminds us of someone we love is a good one.

A hand holding a rose

Now this is an interesting concept. The rose already looks three-dimensional on its own, but with the addition of a minimalistic hand it really jumps off the skin. Korean tattooists are well-known for their breathtaking floral tattoos and Silo is one of the best.

A watercolor feather

If you’re the type of girl that lives in her bare feet, take note—an ankle tattoo that spills onto the foot could just be your ticket to greatness. Oranges and pinks make for an attractive yet subtle combination of color that blends in with the neutral palette of the skin.

A cactus

I don’t know what it is about this particular design but it reminds me of a neon sign just begging to be noticed. It seems as though a cactus would be the last thing in the world that you would want tattooed onto your ankle and yet, I come across them on what seems like a daily basis. Bottom line, cactus tattoos are cooler than you think.

A branch of cherry blossoms

No list would be complete without about a bazillon cherry blossom tattoos. Ya, I tend to get sick of them too, or at least I think I do, but it’s then that I see something as beautiful as the design above and then it’s love at first sight all over again.


The tattoo industry sure has come a long way in the past few decades. And it’s designs like this that we take for granted everyday yet when you think about the creative genius that it took to envision something like this it tends to put things into perspective. Thirty years ago tattoos like this were simply unheard of.

A floral whale design

It should come as no surprise that tattoo artists are great at staging photos. After all, they are artists. Maybe it’s just a case of the eye seeing what it wants to see, but I swear sometimes that wardrobes are selected to go with the designs on many occasions.

A gradient crescent moon

If you asked me what the trendiest, most in vogue tiny tattoo was right now, I’d tell you that it’s the crescent moon without hesitation. Is it any of these things to me? No. Is it one of my favorite designs? No. But that probably has something to do with its unrelenting presence in my everyday life because IT IS an undeniably beautiful design.


Okay, now this has to be the hippest ankle tattoo I’ve ever seen. Aside from the heavy haze of Photoshop magic (on the feet), just about every other aspect of this image is perfect. Minimalistic leaves sporting bold and beautiful lines are everything I never knew I needed.

A watercolor fox

Some artists remove all the color from their photos to really make their designs pop. It’s a practice that I don’t love or hate, it’s just different. However, I do enjoy the way natural skin tones fill a composition with warmth, which seems to be missing here.