60 Girly Tattoos That Are The Epitome of Perfection

Spring is almost upon us which means it’s time to start accessing your summer time game. Bikinis, shorts, crop tops, skin will soon be in and that means any tattoo plans should be in motion like now. Your new ink is going to need time to heal, so better now than later, feel me? But please, do us all a favor and actually put a little time and effort into the design process. The following 60 ink ideas are all exceptional, so get inspired, get creative, and get inked!

Mermaid scales

Fancy yourself a mermaid? Then you should know that the transformation from homo sapien to mermaid begins like this. Mermaid scales aren’t a rare design concept by any means, except when they’re executed like this.

A bracelet

Elegance isn’t something that everyone’s familiar with. But you can just picture the champagne lunches and lavish lifestyle that must accomplish a design as tasteful as the one above. The contrasting styles of design mesh beautifully when done in the same weight.

An embroidery design

Cross stitch tattoos are something Eva Krbdk introduced us to a while back, but this iron-on style of embroidery design is truly a sight to behold. This design is still so vivid and crisp that it appears as if you could reach out and peel it off.

A peacock feather

As far as birds go, peacocks are extra. Perhaps the most well-placed feather tattoo I’ve yet to come across, this top-of-the-shoulder peacock feather is packed with exquisite little extras that make things even more special.

A dragon

If it’s a dragon tattoo you’re after, then make sure that your next stop is Yintat’s Instagram page. Out of all of the dragons Yintat has created, this central back piece is definitely my favorite. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t oodles of excellent designs still to be discovered.

A lotus flower

When it comes to lotus flowers, there isn’t much that can be said about their beauty that this image doesn’t summarize by itself. Banul does gorgeous floral tattoos with the best of them, and this might just be her most beautiful creation to date.

A floral band

Ann Bravo has been creating beautiful black ink floral masterpieces for as long as I can remember. Gorgeous clusters of flowers are what she does and each of her designs have a soft and elegant completeness to them that just ooze feminine appeal.


How clean is this little video game character? Mario is without a doubt the coolest brother, but what you may or may not have known is that his name was almost “Jumpman.” That’s right, during the early stages of development, Mario was Jumpman before he got his iconic moniker.

A star

Stars make for great sternum tattoos, and powerful symbols of inspiration. This star is reminiscent of a compass—with its many sub points. And the wiggly lines lend it an air of originality.

Narcissus flowers

“Daffodil” is often used to describe any flower which falls into the narcissus family. Daffodil also happens to roll off the tongue a lot easier than “narcissus,” which is why daffodil is used so frequently that many people have no idea what a narcissus is.