60 Girly Tattoos That Are The Epitome of Perfection

Spring is almost upon us which means it’s time to start accessing your summer time game. Bikinis, shorts, crop tops, skin will soon be in and that means any tattoo plans should be in motion like now. Your new ink is going to need time to heal, so better now than later, feel me? But please, do us all a favor and actually put a little time and effort into the design process. The following 60 ink ideas are all exceptional, so get inspired, get creative, and get inked!

A cat and crescent moon

Contrast can be a powerful tool during composition. This little kitty wouldn’t be quite as cool on its own, and the same goes for the crescent moon. But when paired together, the lightly illustrated crescent moon creates a beautiful context for the small black cat.

A sunset

There was once a time when sunset tattoos were far more rudimentary. It’s almost difficult to believe that someone would even attempt to create an image where so much detail is required with a needle and ink, but yet here we are. Sol’s sunset is nothing short of magical, I just wish we had a close up to appreciate.

A bicycle

There are bicycle tattoos and then there are bicycle tattoos. This is the latter. I’ve been collecting bike tattoos for quite some time now in the hopes of one day creating a list. As you can imagine, high quality bicycle tattoos aren’t easy to come by but hopefully I’ll have enough for a list by the end of the year.

A floral shoulder piece

Crescent moons and beautiful florals go together like Frank Sinatra and Las Vegas. You can have one without the other but it’s just not the same. The talented Korean tattooist Grain is one of my favorite artists and the first I followed on Instagram.


This grayscale cluster of roses is everything you could possibly hope for in a floral tattoo design. If you like this design, then make sure to check back in a few weeks as I’m in the final stages of releasing a list of some truly fantastic rose tattoos.

Lavender fields

Banul took a page out of Eva Krbdk’s book and graced us with this gorgeous and super colorful circular landscape. Lavender fields are every photographer’s dream. In fact, there’s a lavender field in Japan thats sole purpose is to be photographed in background of visitors photos.

Creeping branches

Here’s a little more of that Lindsay April wandering botanical goodness for you. This is a great example of how you can make almost any subject matter look great as long as you put a little thought and effort into it.

Blooming blue roses

The whole “blooming flower” concept has been done to death, but that doesn’t mean I don’t stop to stare every time I see one. And I have to say, this is one of the better examples of the concept you will ever see.

A minimalistic wine glass

Okay, so you’re out with your besties and you’ve all decided to get matching tattoos. But what should you get? Something quick, affordable, and of course fun. Oh. I know! This!

An x-ray magnolia

The thing I love most about x-ray floral tattoos is that it shows you a completely new perspective of one of nature’s most beautiful creations that otherwise would go mostly unseen. The lines of this magnolia are beautiful, elegant, and almost magical in nature.