60 Gorgeous Tattoos Your Friends Will Hate You For

When most women think of tattoos, they think ew. But those in the loop that are exposed to the beauty and elegance of modern ink know that anyone who frowns on tattoos or views them in a negative light just doesn’t know what’s up. It’s okay. It’s not their fault. But if you do happen to fall into that “hater” category, this list will definitely win you over and have you planning your next—or first—tattoo before you’re done scrolling. Here are 60 stunning tattoo designs that have no doubt sent their fair share of casual onlookers into jealous fits of rage.

A floral lion

Men are more likely to get a lion tattoo than women, but adding florals to the mix instantly makes any design decidedly feminine. Which is exactly what happened in the this case. Bryan Gutierrez has a beautiful and unique illustrative style that adds a special aura to anything he touches.

An ornamental masterpiece

I’m relatively young, so I never thought the time would come where I actually wish that I had a magnifying glass handy. The details of this design are so intricate that they’re almost impossible to see with the naked eye. According to the artist, what we are seeing here is a work in progress. However, I think it looks absolutely perfect and completely finished the way it currently sits.


When it comes to beautiful over-the-top opulent tattoo designs, something along the lines of these gorgeous florals are usually what comes to mind. I mean, if there is any tattoo design that could legitimately claim to make you more beautiful, this would be it.


It’s birds on shoulders like this that make me wish I had a blank canvas to start all over again. While the concept of a small flock of birds gracing the collarbone area is anything but new, lately some pretty spectacular examples have been showing up in qualities never seen before.

A floral anklet

Ira’s smooth and satisfying style is elegance personified. While I had a thing for dainty little anklet designs for most of my life, designs like the one above are slowly winning me over.

An iris

The iris flower is a beautiful one indeed. In nature, the iris often displays hues of blue, purple, and even pink, all which are expertly represented in the example above by the talented Aleksandra Katsan. Flowers are perhaps the best suited subject for the watercolor style of design.

A hummingbird

Just to let you know, there are more than a few hummingbird tattoos on this list, something I didn’t notice until I was putting the finishing touches on the list. Nevertheless, each hummingbird tattoo design is equally impressive, which means you’ll definitely approve.

A floral bow and arrow

Okay girls. Launch this design into the stratosphere because I know you want to. Some of our most shared and saved designs on this site have been of floral bow tattoos like the one seen above. Seriously, how beautiful is this?

Magical flowers

We’ve got some Avatar level botanical magic going on over here. I don’t know what’s more impressive; the mysterious detail of these flowers or the twinkling colors that seem to be creeping up from the base of the petals like new life being injected into the flower.

A camellia flower

I’m not going to lie, I had no clue what a camellia flower was until I started seeing them pop up as tattoo designs these past couple years. Floral trends in the tattoo community are definitely a thing. And the camellia flower is enjoying a noticeable rise in popularity.

Stunning black and grey ink peonies

Speaking of floral trends, the peony has become something of a mainstay so I think it’s fair to say that it has escaped the trend phase and become a mainstay in the wide world of ink. In the design above, the bold outlines and textured dotwork fill give the peonies tons of visual impact and appeal.

A botanical heart

It doesn’t get much more girly than a heart made out of flowers. Floral wreaths are a popular concept but heart-shaped wreaths are something that you don’t see too often. But judging by the design above, I really do hope that changes.

A giraffe

Well, this is cool. You know it’s a female giraffe, because, well, what male giraffe would be caught dead with flowers in his hair? Do giraffes even have hair? I don’t know, but they do have blue tongues and fight with their necks so there’s that.

A floral moon

Take a minute to digest this design in its entirety because there’s a whole lot going on here. A crescent moon with a delightful detailed pattern. Flowers of various colors, shapes, and sizes. Dangling jewelry. Stars. It’s literally got everything you could ever possibly want in a tattoo design.

A rosebud

At first glance I thought this was just a random cluster of leaves, which I still thought looked amazing. After reading the artist’s description that accompanied the piece I discovered there was a rosebud somewhere amongst the greenery which made a lot more sense.

A family meeting

Cute? Check. Pretty? Check. What’s not to love about this adorable and fun little family of birds? Nadya has her own unique style that puts color front and center. Her somewhat abstract style is a breath of fresh air in an industry full of hyperrealism designs.

A Sunday Afternoon

A creative reproduction of Georges Seurat’s most famous painting A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte. Eva Krbdk is always pushing the envelope and while I’d like to say she outdid herself this time, works of this caliber are becoming the norm for Ms. Krbdk.

A red peony

Just when I thought I’d seen every peony design possible, something like this comes along and reminds me that no matter how many ways an object has been designed, there’s always a new and unique way to illustrate it that’s never been done before.

Another hummingbird

It’s designs like this that tempt people that never really considered getting a tattoo before to seriously contemplate the idea of a little ink. Hummingbirds come in a myriad of beautiful color combinations. My favorite being the ruby-throated hummingbird.

An ornamental piece

Gorgeous scrolling patterns are the main features of this creative decorative piece. For thousands of years many tribes and groups of people used designs similar to the one above as rites of passage or identifying marks that nearly every member possessed.


I’m not exactly sure what’s going on here but the leaves themselves are things of beauty. Birch leaves reversed is the title of this connecting design and perhaps I’m overthinking things and it’s literally just a section of missing leaf placed on the opposing leaf.


Gradient color swatches are a fun and creative way to instantally transform even the simplest of designs into complex works of art. It’s like you’re getting the best of both worlds when you go this route. Simply divine.

A skull

Lucas Lua de Souza creates these complex works featuring symmetrical patterns which always get a small infusion of gradient color. It’s a style that’s as unique as it is interesting and you know how much I love an artist with their own individual style.


The blossoming flower concept is an interesting one that can have stunning appeal when done correctly. I’ve seen my fair share of these designs over the past few years (some good some bad) but I have to say I’ve never seen one done on a scale of this size before.

A dragonfly

Ever since a massive dragonfly made its way into my hoodie while riding my bike, I’ve been absolutely scared to death of them. Even a design as beautiful as this still sends chills down my spine but believe me, it was quite a traumatic incident.

A cosmic swirl

Evgenymel loves this particular turquoise shade of ink. I don’t know if it was on sale or if he just has a thing for turquoise but I’m grateful either way as these designs are really fun to look at.

A fox

Bryan Gutierrez at it again, creating breathtaking works of art that look as if they may just be temporary tattoos spit out in mass somewhere by some expensive printer. Actually I wouldn’t mind purchasing a few of these. Bryan?

A pink rose

This design is obviously so much more than merely a pink rose, but I’m trying to make my titles short and to the point these days. Playing off the rounded nature of the bottom of the fibula bone, this naturalistic string of pearls is something you don’t see everyday.

An ornamental broach

Gorgeous and elegant, this ornamental broach is one of the most beautiful and creative jewelry themed tattoo designs I’ve ever laid eyes upon. Cara, you girl are a triumph of modern tattoo ingenuity.

A clock

Tina Choi likes to do these clocks that really make you wish you lived closer to Hong Kong (where she’s based). I don’t know if it’s the subtle watercolor border or the sophisticated roman numerals but I always find myself swooning over these designs.

A mesmerizing pattern

If you have it in you to sport a tattoo as cool as this on your hand then I’d like to officially extend you an invitation to be my BFF. A mesmerizing pattern is always fun to look at.

A cat’s eyes

Are the eyes of cats shaped the way they are to mimic leaves? Maybe. Who knows. But these eyes really do blend into this grayscale branch of leaves well. Maksim is one of my favorite Bang Bang residents and his work is nothing short of inspirational.

A symmetrical design

Here we have another one of Lucas’s signature designs. Same amazing concept, different design. Even though Luca’s designs all share the same style and theme, each design is different which still makes them interesting to view.

A bird

Watercolor cherry blossom branches are truly asia. Malaysia’s promotional travel commercial theme song The Essense of Asia by Luna actually plays in my head whenever I see these artful cherry blossoms designs. That’s right. My subconscious has given a tattoo design a theme song.

A mandala flower

This mandala design looks like a wonderful misprint with its seemingly double stamped perimeter. Sasha Tattooing is full of talented artists, and aside from Sasha herself, Ira has got to be my favorite.

Another bird

Cool birdie, but let’s take a second to appreciate just how microscopic that little cherry blossom branch is. I mean, I feel like I need better glasses to be able to appreciate this piece fully.

A heavy heart

I’m not much for getting tattoos when you’re going through tough emotional periods in your life. But if you’re going to do it, this is how it’s done. This design is so clever and creative that even if you can’t remember why you got it, it still works well.

A floral anklet

I don’t care what anyone says, floral anklets will forever be in style. Any girl that walks out of a shop with a tattoo like this on her ankle has nothing to complain about and a million reasons to smile.

An floral band

From the front, this design is everything I look for in a tattoo design. In fact, if I could have one design from this list magically appear on my arm, this design would definitely be it without a doubt.

A cat

Pets are part of the family in a way that makes you want to ink them into your skin forever. My dogs are everything to me and a time will come when I get some sort of tattoo to remember them by. And I hope my little dog tattoos will be of a similar quality to the design above.

A whale

I don’t know what it is about whales but they’re an ever-popular design choice in the tattoo industry. This humpback whale is a clinic of shading and smooth texture which does a great job illustrating just how difficult the art of tattooing at a high level like this can be.


Lucas strikes again with this fearless text stem piece that features one of the most beautiful color gradients on the list. These two colors have a soothing and romantic quality to them when paired together.

A playful floral back piece

I’m not sure if the photo is a little blurry or if Nadya’s unique style of design is responsible for the soft edges of each shape. Or perhaps the design has had time to heal. Either way, I feel like this this design would be a lot more satisfying with sharper edges.

A leaf anklet

Leaf anklets are so 2019. In fact, I’m going to go on the record and say that “leaflets” I guess that word is already taken, let’s just say that leaf-themed anklets will be everywhere this year.

A sword

Sometimes you come across a tattoo that’s so cool you find yourself wondering if you could even pull it off. I mean, my mom thinks I’m cool but I think even she would have doubts about me pulling off something so edgy and hip like the floral sword featured above.

A sunflower

Nothing screams summer more than a bright yellow sunflower. And since the sunflower looks like a sun, is the color of the sun, and is at peak bloom during the middle of the summer, it’s easy to understand why it’s so often associated with summer.

A forearm piece

There’s so much going on here that I’m not even going to attempt to describe the events unfolding in this design. Let’s just call it a beautiful collage and leave it at that.

A watercolor constellation

A snowflake? Hearts? Okay, this constellation is just too adorable for its own good. The watercolor style goes with constellation designs like peanut butter goes with jelly. You can have one without the other, but really, what’s the point?

A watercolor moon

Isn’t it nice to see a woman on the moon for a change? There’s a number of Korean tattooists who are simply obsessed with the watercolor crescent moon. And if I could create works of ink like this, I would be too.

A mimosa flower

I have to say, the flower is beautiful, but I much prefer the drink. Ana Abrahao has this whimsical style that can only be described as magical. If you’re ever in Brazil, do look her up.

A wonderful ornamental floral piece

This is perhaps a better example of Ana’s whimsical and magical style. She takes an ordinary design and puts extras on it until it seems as if it could grant you three wishes. I was thinking, how wonderful would an entire sleeve of this style be?

A rose

A tattoo like this will seriously influence the type of shoes you keep in your closet. Roses are beautiful, elegant, and timeless. There’s no harm in sticking with what works.


So I’m not even remotely familiar with the Japanese coming-of-age film Kiki’s Delivery Service. But based on what I’ve been reading over the last 10 minutes, I think I’ll make it a point to give it a watch. Having said that, this design is undeniably beautiful—even if the subject matter is unfamiliar.

Pink roses

I’m not crazy about this design but I included it on the list for the gorgeous way the flowers have been colored. I want to say this design has had time to heal and soften, which gives it an ever-so-elegant vibe.

An arrow

One of the most popular tattoo designs year in and year out is the arrow. So to keep all of my readers happy (I have a few), I try to include the fan favorites as often as I can find quality examples. This arrow was inked by IDA, so of course it’s of the highest quality.

Botanical whales

Out of all the whale tattoos I’ve ever seen in my life (trust me, it’s a lot), this example is by far my favorite. Botanical themed whales = yes please!

A sword

Swords aren’t something you see on women too often. These shafts of sharpened steel don’t command the same level of attention among the female population as they do with the male population for obvious reasons. This sword is yet another example of how any design can be made feminine with just a few flowers.

The sun always rises

Inspirational tattoos are always a good idea. Having a tattoo that’s actually good for your health is something that most people never thought possible. I know it sounds silly, but having these four words tattooed onto your skin can be just the bump you need on those less-than-sunny days.

White leaves

White ink tattoos are oh-so-awesome. Perfect for the introvert or person who likes the idea of getting a tattoo but isn’t sure they always want a tattoo, an incognito white ink design can be the perfect compromise.

A cat in a box

It doesn’t get much cuter than a kitten playing inside a small box. And the fact that this tattoo was done almost entirely in white makes things even more interesting. Not to be confused with a white ink tattoo, this expertly crafted design uses negative space and a little creative shading to illustrate the white sections of the design.