60 Gorgeous Tattoos Your Friends Will Hate You For

When most women think of tattoos, they think ew. But those in the loop that are exposed to the beauty and elegance of modern ink know that anyone who frowns on tattoos or views them in a negative light just doesn’t know what’s up. It’s okay. It’s not their fault. But if you do happen to fall into that “hater” category, this list will definitely win you over and have you planning your next—or first—tattoo before you’re done scrolling. Here are 60 stunning tattoo designs that have no doubt sent their fair share of casual onlookers into jealous fits of rage.

Stunning black and grey ink peonies

Speaking of floral trends, the peony has become something of a mainstay so I think it’s fair to say that it has escaped the trend phase and become a mainstay in the wide world of ink. In the design above, the bold outlines and textured dotwork fill give the peonies tons of visual impact and appeal.

A botanical heart

It doesn’t get much more girly than a heart made out of flowers. Floral wreaths are a popular concept but heart-shaped wreaths are something that you don’t see too often. But judging by the design above, I really do hope that changes.

A giraffe

Well, this is cool. You know it’s a female giraffe, because, well, what male giraffe would be caught dead with flowers in his hair? Do giraffes even have hair? I don’t know, but they do have blue tongues and fight with their necks so there’s that.

A floral moon

Take a minute to digest this design in its entirety because there’s a whole lot going on here. A crescent moon with a delightful detailed pattern. Flowers of various colors, shapes, and sizes. Dangling jewelry. Stars. It’s literally got everything you could ever possibly want in a tattoo design.

A rosebud

At first glance I thought this was just a random cluster of leaves, which I still thought looked amazing. After reading the artist’s description that accompanied the piece I discovered there was a rosebud somewhere amongst the greenery which made a lot more sense.

A family meeting

Cute? Check. Pretty? Check. What’s not to love about this adorable and fun little family of birds? Nadya has her own unique style that puts color front and center. Her somewhat abstract style is a breath of fresh air in an industry full of hyperrealism designs.

A Sunday Afternoon

A creative reproduction of Georges Seurat’s most famous painting A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte. Eva Krbdk is always pushing the envelope and while I’d like to say she outdid herself this time, works of this caliber are becoming the norm for Ms. Krbdk.

A red peony

Just when I thought I’d seen every peony design possible, something like this comes along and reminds me that no matter how many ways an object has been designed, there’s always a new and unique way to illustrate it that’s never been done before.

Another hummingbird

It’s designs like this that tempt people that never really considered getting a tattoo before to seriously contemplate the idea of a little ink. Hummingbirds come in a myriad of beautiful color combinations. My favorite being the ruby-throated hummingbird.

An ornamental piece

Gorgeous scrolling patterns are the main features of this creative decorative piece. For thousands of years many tribes and groups of people used designs similar to the one above as rites of passage or identifying marks that nearly every member possessed.