60 Gorgeous Tattoos Your Friends Will Hate You For

When most women think of tattoos, they think ew. But those in the loop that are exposed to the beauty and elegance of modern ink know that anyone who frowns on tattoos or views them in a negative light just doesn’t know what’s up. It’s okay. It’s not their fault. But if you do happen to fall into that “hater” category, this list will definitely win you over and have you planning your next—or first—tattoo before you’re done scrolling. Here are 60 stunning tattoo designs that have no doubt sent their fair share of casual onlookers into jealous fits of rage.


I’m not exactly sure what’s going on here but the leaves themselves are things of beauty. Birch leaves reversed is the title of this connecting design and perhaps I’m overthinking things and it’s literally just a section of missing leaf placed on the opposing leaf.


Gradient color swatches are a fun and creative way to instantally transform even the simplest of designs into complex works of art. It’s like you’re getting the best of both worlds when you go this route. Simply divine.

A skull

Lucas Lua de Souza creates these complex works featuring symmetrical patterns which always get a small infusion of gradient color. It’s a style that’s as unique as it is interesting and you know how much I love an artist with their own individual style.


The blossoming flower concept is an interesting one that can have stunning appeal when done correctly. I’ve seen my fair share of these designs over the past few years (some good some bad) but I have to say I’ve never seen one done on a scale of this size before.

A dragonfly

Ever since a massive dragonfly made its way into my hoodie while riding my bike, I’ve been absolutely scared to death of them. Even a design as beautiful as this still sends chills down my spine but believe me, it was quite a traumatic incident.

A cosmic swirl

Evgenymel loves this particular turquoise shade of ink. I don’t know if it was on sale or if he just has a thing for turquoise but I’m grateful either way as these designs are really fun to look at.

A fox

Bryan Gutierrez at it again, creating breathtaking works of art that look as if they may just be temporary tattoos spit out in mass somewhere by some expensive printer. Actually I wouldn’t mind purchasing a few of these. Bryan?

A pink rose

This design is obviously so much more than merely a pink rose, but I’m trying to make my titles short and to the point these days. Playing off the rounded nature of the bottom of the fibula bone, this naturalistic string of pearls is something you don’t see everyday.

An ornamental broach

Gorgeous and elegant, this ornamental broach is one of the most beautiful and creative jewelry themed tattoo designs I’ve ever laid eyes upon. Cara, you girl are a triumph of modern tattoo ingenuity.

A clock

Tina Choi likes to do these clocks that really make you wish you lived closer to Hong Kong (where she’s based). I don’t know if it’s the subtle watercolor border or the sophisticated roman numerals but I always find myself swooning over these designs.