60 Gorgeous Tattoos Your Friends Will Hate You For

When most women think of tattoos, they think ew. But those in the loop that are exposed to the beauty and elegance of modern ink know that anyone who frowns on tattoos or views them in a negative light just doesn’t know what’s up. It’s okay. It’s not their fault. But if you do happen to fall into that “hater” category, this list will definitely win you over and have you planning your next—or first—tattoo before you’re done scrolling. Here are 60 stunning tattoo designs that have no doubt sent their fair share of casual onlookers into jealous fits of rage.

A mesmerizing pattern

If you have it in you to sport a tattoo as cool as this on your hand then I’d like to officially extend you an invitation to be my BFF. A mesmerizing pattern is always fun to look at.

A cat’s eyes

Are the eyes of cats shaped the way they are to mimic leaves? Maybe. Who knows. But these eyes really do blend into this grayscale branch of leaves well. Maksim is one of my favorite Bang Bang residents and his work is nothing short of inspirational.

A symmetrical design

Here we have another one of Lucas’s signature designs. Same amazing concept, different design. Even though Luca’s designs all share the same style and theme, each design is different which still makes them interesting to view.

A bird

Watercolor cherry blossom branches are truly asia. Malaysia’s promotional travel commercial theme song The Essense of Asia by Luna actually plays in my head whenever I see these artful cherry blossoms designs. That’s right. My subconscious has given a tattoo design a theme song.

A mandala flower

This mandala design looks like a wonderful misprint with its seemingly double stamped perimeter. Sasha Tattooing is full of talented artists, and aside from Sasha herself, Ira has got to be my favorite.

Another bird

Cool birdie, but let’s take a second to appreciate just how microscopic that little cherry blossom branch is. I mean, I feel like I need better glasses to be able to appreciate this piece fully.

A heavy heart

I’m not much for getting tattoos when you’re going through tough emotional periods in your life. But if you’re going to do it, this is how it’s done. This design is so clever and creative that even if you can’t remember why you got it, it still works well.

A floral anklet

I don’t care what anyone says, floral anklets will forever be in style. Any girl that walks out of a shop with a tattoo like this on her ankle has nothing to complain about and a million reasons to smile.

An floral band

From the front, this design is everything I look for in a tattoo design. In fact, if I could have one design from this list magically appear on my arm, this design would definitely be it without a doubt.

A cat

Pets are part of the family in a way that makes you want to ink them into your skin forever. My dogs are everything to me and a time will come when I get some sort of tattoo to remember them by. And I hope my little dog tattoos will be of a similar quality to the design above.