60 Stunning Tattoos That May Just Change Your Life

As anyone with an internet connection knows, tattoos aren’t what they used to be. While the days of simple hearts and dolphin ankle tattoos are still very much with us, the designs we see today are far from what you’d see on someone’s skin who grew up before the internet was around. As technologies have advanced, so have styles and the way we approach tattoo design in general. New techniques have been developed, roofs have been raised, and some pretty unbelievable things are happening—which are even hard to believe when they’re sitting right in front of your eyes. But don’t take my word for it. Ahead,  60 tattoo designs that are guaranteed to impact your life in a positive way.

More roses

As this piece clearly illustrates, you can never have too many roses. What gives this design its unique style is the way the petals are colored with textured stripes. These textured stripes are something a number of different artists have adopted which makes their origin somewhat of a mystery.

A cosmic view

Eva Krbdk’s landscape designs always blow me away. Their beauty, depth, and grandeur make Eva’s ink more than just mere tattoos. They’re art. And art on a level that wouldn’t be out of place hanging on a wall in a museum somewhere.

A tree of life

The roots are one of the most interesting aspects of the tree of life design. However, they are almost never the focal point of the design and rarely get the attention they deserve. Which is why it’s so refreshing to see a design like this where the roots have been illustrated to command just as much attention as the leaves.

A wandering vine

If you’re looking for a statement piece that will send random onlookers into jealous fits of rage, then what Lindsay April has created on this woman’s leg will definitely be of interest to you. Wandering vines are a concept that you would think enjoys relative popularity and yet I rarely come across these types of designs.

A leafy design

This is one of those designs that you wouldn’t think would be so popular yet they most definitely are. Not quite palm fronds, these “branches with leaves” —for lack of a better name—have been all the rage this past year. However, this design stands out among the rest for its lovely transition of color.

A colorful x-ray lotus flower

The x-ray style of design is praised so highly for its display of detail and innovative characteristics. And while color isn’t something you never see incorporated into these types of designs, it’s far from common. However, the subtle violet hues used in this design were expertly assigned, making it one of the most beautiful color examples you’ll ever see.

A bouquet

Nando’s floral thigh bouquets are something any girl can get behind. As a particularly avid fan of his, I’ve always appreciated Nando’s work no matter what the subject. But it’s these stylish, yet so basic floral designs that have had me so captivated as of late.

A floral whale

Despite repeated attempts to get a still snap of this photo, I had to capture this still myself as a screenshot from a video, which is why the quality isn’t the best. This quasi-double exposure design is as beautiful as it is creative.

A floral strip

Sigak has done a few of these strip-sampler designs in the past few months and I have to say I’m loving what I’m seeing. This particular example features a harmonious collage of flowers done in varying complimentary shades.

A few birds

I’m not sure who this woman is, but I would bet more than a few wooden nickels that she has a fair amount of followers on social media—if not only for the fact that she is the proud owner of these gorgeous works of art.